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by Gypsy Gray


The rage in Xander's voice was horrible. It froze everyone. The demon that had been about to impale Spike on a broken plank was the first to move. It crumpled like a puppet with it's strings cut. The room came to life then. The remaining demon's fled, while the Scooby-Gang looked at each other trying to figure out what happened. 

Xander dropped his cross-bow and ran to the fallen demon. He heaved it's arrow filled corpse aside and pulled Spike into his arms. Sitting on the ground with the vampire in his arms, Xander began to run his hands over the prone form; looking for any injury the blonde might have suffered. He was completely unaware of the words coming out of him. 

"Spike? Come on Spike, open your eyes. Please? Please William, open your eyes for me. Please?" 


"Yeah, yeah I'm here." 

"Are you alright, luv?" 

"I'm fine. Are you alright?" 

"Mmm, I' great. Let's go home. Leave the clean up to them, eh luv?" 

"Sure. No problem." 

With Xander's help Spike got to his feet. the two stumbled out of the building and toward Xander's car. they were so absorbed with each other that neither of them noticed...for once, not everyone was ignoring them. 

The ride back home seemed to take days and Xander thanked everyone he could think of when his parents weren't home to see him carry Spike's unconscious body into the basement. The vampire had passed out in the car and Xander was in a panic. All he could think of was blood, human blood. He had read in one of Giles' books that vampire's had to have human blood when they were hurt. Something in it kick-started the healing process. 

When Spike had moved in Giles had sent a bottle of human blood. Xander yanked it out of the fridge and stuck the whole thing in the microwave. Ten seconds later he was sitting on the bed, completely unaware that he had burned his left hand. He tried to get Spike to wake up but there was no response. In the end he acted out of desperation. 

He straddled Spike's body, and took a mouthful of blood. Ignoring the coppery tang, he leaned over and put his mouth over the other man's. Slowly, he let little drops fall into Spike's open mouth. Spike moaned softly and ran his tongue over Xander's lips. The boy let his mouth open and allowed the blonde to drink from it. This process was repeated over and over until half the bottle was gone. 
By this time Xander was laying on top of Spike with his hips cradled between the other man's legs. Spike's arms were around his waist and they were both moaning softly. Neither was really sure when they had started kissing, but the vampire's tongue was mapping every surface of the mortal boy's mouth. Somehow what remained of their torn and blood covered clothing was removed and then they were naked. 

Xander found himself on his back with Spike on top of him. He ran his hands up and down the vampire's body touching and caressing anything he could reach. Spike's hands and mouth seemed to be every where, and the only thing either of them was sure of was that they never wanted it to stop. Slowly their hips found a rhythm. A sort of slow roll that pressed all the surfaces of their bodied together. Moans and gasps filled the air, and both bodies began to shudder. Release found them both in the same moment, and they drifted into oblivion wrapped in each other's arms.