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At The Fair
by Gypsy Gray

There was a fair in Sunnydale. An honest to goodness carnival. With rides and games and deep fried sugary artery clogging delights. With the initiative around the place was demon free. And since a heat wave had rolled in with the carnies, they whole thing had been set up on the beach in order to catch the marvelous ocean breeze.

The Scooby-gang of course made an appearance. Willow and Tara were having a grand time riding up and down the beach on a two person bike. Buffy and Riley were smooching on the benches in front of a stage. They didn't even notice the polka music, complete with authentically customed dancers, pounding out of the speakers next to them.

Xander was wondering around from one booth to the next, enjoying the night and the people. A flashing strobe light caught his attention and he found himself in front of the Himalayan. It had been his favorite ride as a child, but he hadn't been on it since the last time Jesse's parents had taken them all to the fair. In a moment of nostalgia he handed over his tickets and settled in to the seat. After a moment, another rider settled in beside him. Xander looked over at the new arrival and felt his mouth hit his chest.


"Hello brat."

"What are you doing?"

"Riding. What are you doing?"


"Look, I happen to like carnivals. And not just for the new blood they bring in. I'm not here to cause trouble, couldn't if I wanted to. So let's just leave the Slayer out of this, ey pet?"

"Fine. Just keep your demonyness to your self."

"Thought you liked demons?"



"We broke up this morning. I wanted to come here and she said I was childish and immature."

"How warm and fuzzy of her."

Before Xander could rely the ride started. "Magic Carpet Ride" blasted them from every direction. The operator called for them to scream to go faster. Xander was surprised to hear Spike's voice join his own. The ride moved faster. The riders threw their hands in the air. Wind buffeted them on all sides. Xander couldn't stop the laugh that bubbled up in his throat. Centrifugal force kicked in and he wasn't fast enough to keep from sliding into Spike. He laughed harder when he felt one of the other man's arms come around his waist to hold on for both of them. The ride slowed and them went backwards. The riders screamed louder. Xander slid further into Spike and the blonde held him tighter. They were both laughing now. One of Xander's arms came down to hold onto Spike. The ride slowed again, but they didn't let go of each other. When they stopped spinning Spike helped Xander out of the car. 

A wave of dizziness hit the mortal and when he staggered forward strong arms encircled his waist and held him against a firm chest. When he opened his own eyes he was looking into another set as blue as the sky in a painting. They were full of laughter, but not at him. It was laughter at their shared joy. Spike was happy because of something they had done together. Spike had enjoyed his company. Xander couldn't stop the smile that crept onto his face. He was shocked into compliant silence when a soft kiss was pressed on his lips. A stunned little "oh" escaped him when Spike drew back.

A hand pressed into his waist led him down the ramp and off the ride. Then he was led to a shadowed corner away from the crowd. One arm around his waist held him close to the older man and a gentle hand on the side of his face guided him to more kisses. Soft and slow and sweet, and the most wonderful kisses he had ever had. He couldn't stop the happy little sigh that escaped him anymore then he could stop his arms from wrapping around Spike's neck or his lips from kissing back.

"I've been waiting for you pet."


"Xander, you're beautiful. You may well be the loveliest man I've ever met. It took everything I had not to change you the first chance I got."

"Why didn't you? I mean not that I want to be all vampy, but..."

"Dru. And then Angelus. If I'd turned you Dru would've staked you out of jealousy. And Angelus would've taken you from me."

"Why? I mean, why would Dru be jealous?"

"Women tend to get that way when you dump them for someone else. And Angelus always takes the most beautiful one's. As my sire it was his right. I couldn't stand the thought of him touching you. But he won't be coming back. Dru is gone, hopefully for good. And you aren't afraid of me anymore. Never thought I'd be grateful to the soldier boys for anything."

They were kissing again then. And after that they were walking around the carnival with their arms around each other. They stopped at the crossbow booth and Spike won Xander a pinwheel.There was more laughing and more kissing. And neither of them gave a damn when a woman hurried her gameboy playing son away from them in shock. They kept on walking and kissing and laughing. Eventually a ringing phone got their attention and they looked around to find themselves being watched by the entire Scooby-gang.

"It's up to you pet. What do you want to do?"

"I want you to take me home....and spend the night."

"Brilliant idea." 

They left the slayerettes standing there. The walk to Xander's house was slow, there was many kissing delays. And when they finally got there, Xander found himself sitting in Spike's lap while the vampire leaned against the headboard. There were more of those wonderful kisses. And then Spike pulled back to whisper in Xander's ear.

"Wanna see what I can do?"

Xander watched as Spike pulled a unicorn lollipop out of one of his coat pockets. The wriggling eyebrows and teasing grin that accompanied it were too much for Xander and he found himself laughing again. When he stopped this time he was back in the other man's arms and as his new lover leaned down for more of those miraculous kisses he couldn't stop the words from slipping out.

"And still, more romantic then Faith."

The End