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by Gypsy Gray

"Spike. Spike wake up. Somebody's in the house."

They were both on their feet and moving toward the noise before Xander finished talking. There were strange scratching sounds coming from the living room. Two weeks ago they'd been forced out of their self-imposed seclusion by a nest of Escren demons. Nasty, smelly little ratlike creatures that were overfond of housepets and small children. It was possible that they'd missed a few when they flushed out the nest. And while one or two weren't much of a threat, a group of them could strip a grown man to the bone faster then a hungry school of piranha.

Moving silently and in almost perfect harmony they descended the steps. Spike was armed with a machete and in full vamp mode, while Xander was silently chanting the incantation for a lightening summoning spell. If something was in their home it was in for a nasty surprise. They reached the door at the same moment and both stood to either side. Xander waved his hand and the door opened soundlessly. Nothing happened. Slowly they inched there way into the room, and found...


The man had been asleep on the couch, but at the sound of Xander's voice he woke and tried to set up so quickly he wound up tangled in his own legs and landed on the floor.

"Oh, dear. You startled me."

"What are you doing here?"

"Well, I was sent."

"Who the bloody hell sent you here? And what for?"

"Good evening Spike. You're looking well. As are you Xander, or would it be more appropriate for me to call you Xavier?"

"It would be appropriate for you to get your arse up and tell us what the fuck your doing here Watcher!"

"Spike. Let him talk."

"Thank you. I, um, you see, well..."


"I was sent by The Powers That Be. You two have been working for them recently, battling the forces of evil and what not. Apparently, they decided you needed an ex-watcher with newly acquired prophetic abilities."

"What are you goin on about?"

"Could we discuss this with me not on the floor?"

Two hours later they were sitting in the kitchen sipping tea, coffee, and blood. They had heard the story of Angel in L.A., Doyle, Cordelia, the scourge, Doyle's death, Cordelia's visions, Wesley's arrival and acceptance by the others, Doyle's amazing resurrection complete with visions, Cordelia deciding they didn't need her abilities, her giving them to Wesley after finding a spell that would let her do it, and TPTB sending him here to help them.

"Spike could you go get my book, I want to write down that spell while Wesley still remembers it?"

The vampire was silent for a moment, then he leaned over to give Xander a soft kiss and quietly left the room. Xander waited until he heard his lover's feet in the stairs then turned his attention back to their guest.

"What aren't you telling us?"

"What, I don't..."

"Wes, I can tell when people are lying to me. I really don't want to use a compulsion spell to get the truth out of you."

The other man was quiet for a long moment. Finally, he lowered his head and stared at his hands. When he spoke Xander recognized his voice. It was the same one he'd used himself so many months ago...with Giles.

"I should've known. I did know. But I didn't want it to be true. Still, when he called me Doyle. And he would never let me sleep there. It was so obvious. But, I just...I just wanted to be happy. Just for a little while. And the few times that he held me, I was. I knew it was I was a fool to let myself think there could be more. But I thought...he was dead. I never thought he could come back. I was sure that eventually, Angel would be able to let him go. And then we could...I'm so stupid. So fucking stupid."

When Spike came back he found his lover holding a sobbing Wesley. He'd heard everything. Sometimes his Sire could be such an ass. It was obvious the ex-watcher was in love with him, there was no way Angel could've missed that. He'd used Wesley's love to comfort his own grief at losing his precious Doyle. And now thanks to the hero, the other man's already fragile ego was crushed. Well, the Powers had sent him to the right place. New Orleans was where he and Xander had remade themselves, why not Wesley too?