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And so it begins...
by Gypsy Gray

If two people hold on to each other tight enough it can become impossible to tell where one begins and the other ends. To some this can be frightening, to is the realization of their heart's desire. To Xander Harris, it is waking up in lover's arms. 

Strong arms held him close to a cool body. The lack of a heart beat in the chest beneath him was familiar and comforting. The gentle hands running through his hair were more than welcome, the cigarette smoke on the other hand... 

"You know some of us can still die from second hand smoke." 

"Good morning to you too my heart." 

That was another familiar thing, Spike's voice. It was the chuckly happy voice that had greeted him every time he woke since they became lovers. Two months of more happiness and joy than Xander had ever hoped of having. It was a sound that made all right in the mortal's world. And for this wonderful gift, he rewarded Spike with his usual gesture of appreciation....He kissed him until he had to pull up for air. Then he kissed him some more. 

The vampire knew from previous experimenting that they could and would go on kissing until they A) were interrupted at the worst possible moment by one of the Slayerettes calling or B) exhausted each other with sweaty, sticky, just waking up sex, and went back to sleep. It was A. 

"Don't answer it." 

"It's obviously a come help kill the bad guys call." 

"Right. Just like it's a come stand here and be the butt of all our jokes cause we're so bloody witty and clever call." 


"I hate that." 


"I hate that even when you know I'm right you defend them." 

"They're my friends." 

"Are they?" 

"Look, I know they aren't the nicest people in the world, but..." 

"But what? Alex, you don't like them any more then they like you. Why do you let them treat you like this?" 

"I need to be doing something. I only get to do that when I help them." 

"Answer the phone." 

"Hello? Sure. We're on the way. Wha...? Oh. Yeah. Yeah I'll tell him. Bye." 

"What is it?" 

"Buffy. She needs you to come translate something for her. Something about a Ferrari demon?" 

Spike made more chuckly sounds and kissed Xander again. He hated the way his lover's supposed friends treated him, but if Xander needed to help fight the forces of evil...then Spike would help. Although he would still prefer to be fighting for the forces of evil. A fight was a fight after all. And besides, Xander was what mattered most to Spike now, everything else was just an aside.