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I loved to watch Bonanza as a child and when I saw the promos for The Ponderosa I knew this was a must watch show. I came across the Tales of the Ponderosa Yahoo group and the wonderful world of fan fic. My day job is a mystery writer (my first novel was released in July 2002) and I decided to write some fan fic as a break between novels to contribute to a wonderful list that gave me a lot of enjoyable reading.

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I really enjoy the character of Adam Cartwright, the one from The Ponderosa and the one from Bonanza. He's a wonderful character to write for. I can always picture Matt Carmody's terrific portrayal of Adam when I do Ponderosa stories, which makes it easy to write them.

If you enjoy reading any of my stories, I'd love to hear from you.


Jess Cartwright

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My name is Jess, I'm 19 and I'm from New York. When I first watched The Ponderosa in September, I just had to see what Bonanza was all about. I fell in love with both shows immediately. My fave Ponderosa character is Hoss and my fave Bonanza character is Little Joe. I love writing all types of stories. Most are short stories, although I have worked on a few longer ones and a Ponderosa/Dr.Quinn crossover as well as a Ponderosa/Little House on the Prairie crossover series. I would really enjoy any feedback on my stories. (Please just don't be too mean. Fanfiction writers are people too:) )

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Kate O'Neill

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I am from Texas and was raised around ranch and farm work. I am a horse enthusiast, artist and guitar player/singer. Writing has always been something I enjoyed but I never shared with anyone. It is fun to be able to venture into that with all the kind readers and writers here and at Tales of the Ponderosa. I thoroughly enjoy getting feedback and suggestions, because I meet great people and I grow as a writer! I hope you enjoy my stories.



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Reruns of Bonanza first got me interested in the Cartwrights, and it became one of my favorite shows. Out of curiosity, I watched the pilot of the prequel, The Ponderosa, and fell in love with that program, as well. At about the same time, I discovered fan fiction, and after reading many wonderful stories, decided to try writing some myself. Feedback is welcome.



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I am 44 and the mother of two teenagers, a boy 17 and a girl almost 16, and I have three dogs. I love to read and write for a hobby. I finally got up the courage to send something in, thanks to my daughter's encouraging. So I hope I can write more stories for you all to enjoy.



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I watched Bonanza in reruns when I was in high school, and I got hooked again when I came across Bonanza fan-fic on the internet. I especially loved the stories set when the boys were younger, so I was happy to hear there was going to be a prequel. Even if Ponderosa's off the air I'm glad to see it's alive and kicking in the land of fan-fiction! The character of Annie came about because I always wondered what would happen if Ben had a daughter to temper all that macho maleness, but I couldn't bring myself to write a girly character.


Nancy (Texas2002)

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A native Texan, I'm a Bonanza fan from "way back." :-) I was influenced by "Pa" especially and got a little nervous when Joe or Hoss was in trouble for something - Adam always seemed to be able to handle himself pretty well. I can't remember a time when I wasn't writing and have worked for two different small newspapers including writing a sporadic column for one of them. I now work on my writing craft at home. I welcome your responses to my fan fiction.



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I grew up watching Bonanza - reruns. I've always had a thing for Adam, unless I was having a thing for Joe. When I started watching The Ponderosa, things got completely out of hand and I fell for Pa . . . I mean, Ben. Seriously, I love both shows and how they portray the importance of family and strong morals, values, and convictions. I hope to keep with that spirit when writing about the Cartwrights. I welcome any comments.



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I accept any comments about my stories—just be nice about it, because this is just a hobby for me. I just finished my 2nd year of college, but unsure of a major at this point. I am 20 years old and enjoy writing and acting in plays. I am getting ready to start an acting class soon. If I feel good about it, I might even consider a career in acting. I love travelling but have only traveled around the Midwest (except for a trip to Texas). I grew up in a small town in Kentucky, but I am out of state going to college. As far as The Ponderosa goes, I love that show. I grew up watching reruns of Bonanza with my dad and grandpa. My favorite character is Adam, but Hoss is a close second. I have only been writing fanfiction for the past few months.



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Virginia City Gal

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I was a fan of original airings of Bonanza from the late 1950s.  It was and is an all-time favorite of mine.  Adam was my heartthrob character in those days and Pernell Roberts my favorite cast member.  When I saw promos in the fall of 2001 for the prequel, The Ponderosa, and saw that Daniel Hugh Kelly, another actor whose work I have always enjoyed, would play Ben, I began to watch and became completely hooked.  I post often on the PAX TV forum and found my way to fanfic from there.  The show may be gone for a while or forever, but the characters live on and on. Thank you for reading my stories, and please give me your feedback, positive or negative.



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I take any kinds of comments, but be warned, I answer back. :) Actually I like criticism, as long as its intelligent. And I *love* praise. I mostly write Bonanza stories. I'm an Adam fan really, but I love all of them. I really like Hop Sing on The Ponderosa, and I'd love to see more stories about him. And Carlos too.

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