The OPR Network

The OPR Network
Welcome to the not-so-flashy home of The OPR (Original Power Rangers) Network, a conglomerate of mostly PR-related sites that formed due to my boredom and sometimes rampant creativity and somewhat rusty HTML skills. Enjoy!
 - Judanim the Green Mage
Choose your poison:
   The Original Power Rangers - The first, longest running, and largest (so far) site of the network. I think the summary of this one is rather obvious.
   The Rocky & Aisha Shrine - The second site in the network, but it wasn't always run by me. This one is dedicated to Rocky DeSantos and Aisha Campbell (from MMPR season 2-3) as a couple. Be careful, this one is still full of potholes.
   Ninja Ops Gallery - The newest site in the network, and quite frankly one of my prides and joys. It's about Power Rangers Ninja Storm, and contains wallpapers and fan fics, created and written by me. There's a couple potholes here and there, but not many.

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