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A tally of every character that has ever died on Oz, both inside and outside the walls of Oswald State Correctional Facility, Level Four. Includes inmates, staff, family members, and everyone else, as well as flashback crimes. Whether it's shown or just referred to, it'll be in this section. So sit back, relax, and take a stroll down memory lane.

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The Victim: Kathy Rockwell
The Murderer: Tobias Beecher
How: hit her with his car
Where: on a street
Why: accident (he was drunk)
Co-Conspirators: none


shown in Tobias Beecher's flashback, Episode One


shown in Dino Ortalani's flashback, Episode One

The Victim: O'Reily's friend (unnamed)
The Murderer: Dino Ortolani
How: shot
Where: on a street
Why: unknown
Co-Conspirators: none
The Victim: Julio Sanchez
The Murderer: Dino Ortolani
How: smothered him with a pillow
Where: hospital ward
Why: mercy killing (Sanchez had AIDS and wanted to die)
Co-Conspirators: none


Episode One


Episode One

The Victim: Dino Ortolani
The Murderer: Johnny Post
How: while Dino was heavily sedated, Post covered him in lighter fluid and set him on fire
Where: in The Hole
Why: ordered by Keane
Co-Conspirators: Jefferson Keane (revenge for the beatdown Ortalani gave his brother Billy) & Ryan O'Reily (revenge for Ortalani shooting him and killing his friend)
The Victim: a cop
The Murderer: Augustus Hill
How: while on crack and running away from the police, Hill shot a cop that got too close to him
Where: on a rooftop
Why: fear, on drugs
Co-Conspirators: none


shown in Augustus Hill's flashback, Episode Two


6 & 7

shown in Jefferson Keane's flashback, Episode Two


The Victims: Two newlyweds
The Murderer: Jefferson Keane
How: shot both the groom and the bride in the chest
Where: outside a church
Why: they had "ripped off his package"
Co-Conspirators: none
The Victim: Angie Schibetta
The Murderer: none
How: Nino's wife died of cancer
Where: in a hospital


Co-Conspirators: none


Schibetta discusses her death with D'Angelo, Episode Two


Episode Two

The Victim: Johnny Post
The Murderer: Nino Schibetta's entourage
How: mutilated alive... they cut off all his body parts, starting with his penis, which they stuffed in his mouth
Where: a secluded room in Oz
Why: revenge for the death of Dino Ortolani
Co-Conspirators: O'Reily, who told Schibetta that Post killed Ortalani (O'Reily was pressured by Nino's associate, Investigator Lenny Burrano, to rat on Post before Post ratted on him)
The Victims: two pedestrians
The Murderer: Ryan O'Reily
How: ran over them with his car
Where: on a street
Why: Ryan went on a drug-filled rampage after Cyril got slow
Co-Conspirators: none

10 & 11

shown in Ryan O'Reily's flashback, Episode Three


shown in Kenny Wangler's flashback, Episode Three

The Victim: a schoolmate
The Murderer: Kenny Wangler
How: shot him
Where: street corner
Why: The other kid wouldn't give Wangler his jacket.
Co-Conspirators: none
The Victim: Julio Martinez
The Murderer: Jefferson Keane
How: snapped his neck
Where: in the gym
Why: self-defense
Co-Conspirators: the arrangement made by C.O. Mike Healy and Ryan O'Reily was for Martinez and another Latino to kill Keane, Gladiator-style. Healy  even videotaped it. O'Reily wanted Keane dead to get in good with Nino Schibetta.


Episode Three



Episode Four


The Victim: Miguel and Maritza's baby
The Murderer: none
How: the baby was born with a bad liver, due to the drugs they did when Martiza was pregnant
Where: in a hospital, where the baby was taken off life support
Why: n/a
Co-Conspirators: none
The Victim: Jefferson Keane
The Murderer: The State
How: lethal injection
Where: execution chamber
Why: punishment for killing Martinez
Co-Conspirators: none


Episode Four


shown in Richard L'Italien's flashback, Episode Four

The Victim: Jennifer Miller
The Murderer: Richard L'Italien
How: suffocated her with a pillow
Where: in bed
Why: supposedly because he loved her, and he must kill what he loves so he can be free
Co-Conspirators: none
The Victims: Dorothy Paine, Ethel Peterson, Gertrude Victor, Mary Rapp, Christina Trudel, Eleanor Hughes, Linda Lomaz, Lisa Masters, Lorraine McCarthy, Betty Case, Irene Martin, Amelia Nugent, Elizabeth Phelps, Lucille Upton, Esther Vaughan, and 23 other women
The Murderer: Richard L'Italien
How: all suffocated with pillows
Where: in bedrooms, probably
Why: see #16
Co-Conspirators: none


L'Italien confesses to Glynn, Episode Four


Episode Four

The Victim: Richard L'Italien
The Murderer: The State
How: lethal injection
Where: execution chamber
Why: punishment for killing Jennifer Miller
Co-Conspirators: none
The Victim: Paul Markstrom
The Murderers: The Gangsters and Italians
How: he was hanged
Where: in the gym
Why: Markstrom was a narc
Co-Conspirators: Schibetta and Adebisi made it happen. Adebisi got one of his followers, Van Harris, to confess


Episode Five



shown in Whitney Munson's flashback, Episode Five


The Victim: a prostitute
The Murderer: Whitney Munson
How: strangled her
Where: in bed
Why: on opium, he thought he was being affectionate
Co-Conspirators: none
The Victim: a Haitian 
The Murderer: Ricardo Alvarez
How: stabbed him in the chest
Where: in gen pop
Why: Ricardo learned that the Haitian had cut out his son Eduardo's tongue. This was revenge.
Co-Conspirators: none


shown in Ricardo Alvarez's flashback, Episode Six


Episode Seven

The Victim: Husani Mershaw
The Murderer: unknown, but ruled (and most likely) a suicide
How: unknown (probably cut his throat)
Where: in his cell
Why: he was ostracized and universally hated
Co-Conspirators: none
The Victims: Donald Groves' parents
The Murderer: Donald Groves
How: ball peen hammer
Where: in their home
Why: they wouldn't let him watch cartoons (he later ate his mother)
Co-Conspirators: none

60 & 61

shown in Donald Groves' flashback, Episode Seven


Episode Seven

The Victim: C.O. Lawrence Smith
The Murderer: Donald Groves
How: stabbed him
Where: in the cafeteria
Why: Groves was trying to kill Warden Glynn. Smith jumped in the way, protecting Glynn.
Co-Conspirators: none 
The Victim: Donald Groves
The Murderer: The State
How: firing squad
Where: execution chamber
Why: punishment for the death of Lawrence Smith
Co-Conspirators: none


Episode Seven



shown in Eugene Dobbins' flashback, Episode Seven


The Victim: a fellow cellist
The Murderer: Eugene Dobbins
How: stabbed him with his bow
Where: during practice
Why: unknown
Co-Conspirators: none
The Victim: Nino Schibetta
The Murderers: Ryan O'Reily and Simon Adebisi
How: feeding him food with ground up glass, until he died from internal bleeding
Where: he died in the hospital ward
Why: so Adebisi and O'Reily could take over the drug trade
Co-Conspirators: none


some time between Episodes Seven and Eight, but not revealed until Episode Ten


shown in Bob Rebadow's flashback, Episode Eight

The Victim: Rebadow's client
The Murderer: Bob Rebadow
How: stabbed him in the neck
Where: at a restaurant
Why: the client didn't like his blueprints
Co-Conspirators: none
The Victim: a cop
The Murderer: Simon Adebisi
How: beheaded with a machete
Where: on a street
Why: unknown, but probably pure pleasure
Co-Conspirators: none


shown in Simon Adebisi's flashback, Episode Eight

Total so far: 67

(29, if you exclude L'Italien's 38 other murders)



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