Halloween Writing Challenge

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Three witches are known in legend for the disaster they  brought  upon   a  house,  a   loyal   subject,  and  a  king.  Three  witches  who will  now  bring  their lunacies  and  prophecies   upon   a   house  in  the  new  world  and  the West.  The House  of   Barkley  and  one loyal  man  a Barkley   son     will   be   the   subject   of    their   spells.
That   Barkley   son   is    ??????

Forget Me Not
by Katlynn

Hell Hath No Velvet Trap By Fires Unseen

by MyLady2


Challenge Stories by Lindabrit

Brothers in Arms or The Disappearance

Ghost of the Three Paths:

Story One: We Meet Again
Story Two: Beloved Son.

Story Three: Pride and Joy