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Murder Call


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"Crime in the big city
Meet your investigators: 
Tessa Vance, young and gifted, the daughter of a homicide cop.
Steve Hayden, he came through the ranks, he's tough and logical.

Together they're the beacons of sanity in a criminal world. When murder calls they have to work fast while the trail is fresh. Theirs is the most dangerous game of all."

Working in Sydney's Central Homicide, Tessa & Steve are partners and friends whose styles seem diametrically opposed. She uses her intuition and almost photographic memory to solve the varied & bizarre cases they tackle every day ; he prefers to work methodically & logically through the clues, relying on procedure. But together their styles mesh to make them a formidable investigative team

Of course, no one works alone. Backing them up are Inspector Malcolm Thorne, whose bark is worse than his bite ; Sgt Lance Fisk, head of Forensic Services ; Imogen 'Tootsie' Soames, pathologist ; and Constable Dee Suzeraine, crime scene photographer.

"Tessa Vance is a homicide detective with a curious mind and a gift for putting all the pieces togetherů especially when it's murder. Her intuitive approach to crime-solving keeps everybody guessing, including the head of her elite investigative team, Inspector Malcolm Thorne, who is never quite sure what to make of her.
Tessa is the first to admit she's just one of the team and is indebted to her hard working partner, Detective Steve Hayden. With a young high-tech feel and just a touch of '40's retro charm, Murder Call follows a classic clue-puzzle plot with a little extra spice provided by Tessa and Steve. Jennifer Rowe, Australia's best-known multi-award winning mystery author, created Murder Call."

~ Zone Vision

Murder Call

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