Sweetwater Station
Traildust 'n' Tumbleweed
A Guide to Sweetwater

Looking for the name of a nearby landmark?  Sending Katy to the vet?  Using a locale or character from the series canon can give your stories that much more depth and sense of continuity.  In this section you'll find the information I've gathered from the first two seasons of "The Young Riders".

Many thanks to Lori for providing the wonderful map and identification of buildings for Sweetwater. 

The Town of Sweetwater  ~  The Surrounding Area 
Towns and Landmarks

The Town Of Sweetwater

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1.  Corral 
2.  Livery Stable The livery contains approximately 12 stalls.  Some of these appear to be owned by the livery iself, while others may be boarded there by their owners.
3.  BlacksmithThe blacksmith shop is owned and operated by OTIS.
4.  Baths 
5.  Cafe 
6.  US Marshal's Office  The Marshal's office is located directly across from Tompkins' store and kitty-corner to The Sentinel.   SAM CAIN acts as Marshal until he is promoted to the position of Territorial Marshal and relocated to parts unknown.  TEASPOON HUNTER is his successor.  Both Sam and Teaspoon have only one permanent deputy, the inept BARNETT HAMILTON. 
7.  Sweetwater Hotel and Wild Horse Saloon  A small desk by the stairs serves as the check-in counter for the hotel.  The clerk (name unknown) is also the manager, while the owner is seen only on special occasions.   The saloon and brothel is attached to the hotel.  The brothel has been owned previously by Miss Ruby (whereabouts unknown) and Grace Rawlins (deceased).  The current owner is not known. 
8.  Laundry Tent 
9.  Carpenter/LumberCyrus and the boys buy supplies here. 
10. Print Shop Located at the far end of town, this business provides flyers for Margaret Herrick's theatrical troupe.
11. Rolliers Tailor Shop 
12. Signs 
13. Gunsmith A small shop.  They appear to do custom orders -- they emblazon a bulldog on the gun of Ambrose Merriweather.
14. General Mercantile and Dry Goods  The mercantile is owned and operated by WILLIAM TOMPKINS and is more commonly known as "Tompkins store".  A faded sign for "Geoffrey and Rance" covers the wall above the store on the second floor.  Tompkins has no clerks or assistants.  He lives in a small apartment above the store. 
15. Boarding House Where Millie Owen stayed prior to her "marriage" to Barnett.
16. Overhang 
17. Sweetwater Bank The bank consists of 3 or 4 teller wickets.  Excess cash is kept in a medium-sized safe; there is no vault.  PAPER MONEY issued by this bank would only be redeemable at the Sweetwater bank itself (and presumably, could only be spent in Sweetwater itself).  The bank is managed by MR. JENKINS. 
18. Assay Office 
19. School 
20. Hardware Shop 
21. Barber Shop and Dental Parlour  Both these services are offered in the same bulding.  The dental office offers the latest in "modern" equipment.  The barber shop is run by MR. NEELY.  MR. LUCKETT is the dentist who attempted to pull Jimmy's tooth. 
22. The Sentinel The newspaper.  Single broadsheets are posted on the wall outside the door or on a display board on the street.
23. Grist Mill 
24. Land Attorney's Office 
25. Doctor's Office 
(Not on map) Saddlemaker/Leatherworks We've only seen the back room, which is cluttered with various leatherworks in progress.  The owner of the shop is HORACE.  His assistant, JESSE, has done some boot repairs for Sam Cain. 

The Surrounding Area

Veterinarian  DOC WHEELER's place is located near the way station; when his barn burns down, Kid is easily able to spot the smoke from Emma's.  He also has a home on the property. 

Silver Spurs Saloon  Located in a nearby town, this saloon is much rowdier than the Wild Horse.  It features red-clad can-can style dancers, raucous music and card games.  The bartender refuses to serve Indians. 

Mail Order Brides  This service -- bringing wives from the east to marry settlers -- is run by MR. TILLHAN.  Presumably he extends this service to other towns as well. 

Towns and Landmarks

Scotsman's Cabin  Located on a ridge; lots of foliage and trees in the area.  Many of the buildings were destroyed following a battle with a corrupt Indian agent. 

Harper Ridge  Nearby town.  Holds a livestock auction. 

Painted Ridge  An area where Sam likes to go hunting. 

Pine Ridge  Close enough to town to reach quickly, but also apparently rarely travelled. Hawk's Raiders hid out here. 

White's Bluff  At least an hour outside of town, possibly more.  The militia were diverted there when Hawk needed time to raid Sweetwater.