Sweetwater Station

TYR 2002 Fan Reunion
Tucson Journal and Photo Gallery
by Vicki and Nell

The TYR Fandom came together again in Tucson, Arizona on the weekend of September 20-22, 2002... to celebrate The Young Riders and the fandom that brought us all together, as fans and now friends!  Join us in this little scrapbook journal of our weekend!  Just click on the links to view the 
photos.  :)

Thursday Sept 19 -- THE DESERT CALLS MY NAME

Vicki:  After a horrendous flight from Canada (the word of the day is "turbulence", boys and girls), I arrived at the airport and was greeted by the smiling faces of Raye, Sally Jo, and Lisa.  Nothing like hearing someone sing-song-ing "Vicki's here! Vicki's here!" to make a body feel welcome.  What did we do that pre-Reunion day?  Laughed, ate, laughed, talked, laughed... and did I mention laughed?

Unfortunately, both Nell and Raven's planes were delayed, so they missed the first day fun.  Grrr!  

Nell:  Well... technically my plane wasn't DELAYED, it was overbooked.  So they asked for volunteers to give up their seats.  No one volunteered for a quite a while, and I thought, "Hummm, free ticket to use in the future, and only arriving 2 1/2 hours later than scheduled.... umm, YUP! NELL Volunteers!!!  :) 

And what's this FIRST DAY stuff???  FRIDAY was technically the first day!  Thursday was arrive time, and talk night--no DAY was ever mentioned on the website.  ;)  

Vicki:  I crashed early since I'd been up for 39 straight hours (Note to self: NEVER DO THAT AGAIN)  Luckily, I heard Nell arrive at midnight (well, after she scared the bejeebers outta me!) and we stayed up talking till the wee hours!

Nell:  We did indeed talk....after I scared the bejeebers out of her--funny she never mentioned that I scared her.  

Vicki:  Geesh, I figured the scream of terror and the white-knuckled clutching of the bed-covers sort of gave me away!

Nell:  I'm starting to get a complex though.  I'm always scaring my co-workers too.  It's not like I purposely walk into their classrooms quietly and then speak and see them jump into the air.... 



Vicki:  Yay! Raven's here!

After breakfast, we piled in the cars and headed to Mescal, which as you know is the western set used as both "Sweetwater" and "Rock Creek". Our tour was even better than last year, thanks to Frank The Incredible Tour Guide.  The TYR Reunion Girls took over, baybee!  First up was Rachel's house, where we were allowed to go inside for a group photo.  Before we left, Miss Raye struck a pose.  We visited the prop room for "The Quick and The Dead", then the sets made for "Buffalo Soldiers".  We were allowed inside sooo many buildings... here's the saloon, and a shot of us on the stairs.  Don't you think we look almost TOO happy?  ;)

Nell:  Is there such a thing as TOO happy when it comes to Mescal?  Plus you HAVE to remember how Frank got us to smile in the first place.  *wicked grin* 

Vicki:  Finally, we posed at Emma's house and the bunkhouse before heading back to town, passing one of the buildings that had been struck by lightning!  Last but not least, we saw the check-in desk used in numerous episodes.  Most of the girls went up to the roof to see the spectacular view, but not me.  (cluck cluck!)


Nell:  You have to be more definitive than THAT!!  Coz I don't remember seeing any BIG lizards.  hee hee.  Just giving you a bad time Vicki.

Vicki:  Hmph.    They were big to THIS city girl!   ;)   Besides, Nell didn't see the HUGE one that came out when she was on the roof!  There were also little lizards...

Nell:  Don't you mean "LEAPIN' LIZARDS"  oh wait...that's ANNIE, not TYR 

Vicki:  TOADS!  There were toads, and Giant Flying Evil Red Bugs that tried to divebomb me to oblivion.  We saw 'em all, including at least a dozen beautiful eagles throughout the weekend.


Vicki:  While some of the girls got old-time photos taken, Raven and I wandered the town, spending (entirely too much) money, though I couldn't convince her to buy that corset!  We all gathered together for the Six Gun Stunt Show.  

Nell:  Which btw, was "entirely too much money" if you ask me.  lol 

Vicki:  Yup!  The woman with the frying pan is officially the Worst Actress Ever... but we still had fun!


Vicki:  I love this place!  After eating at Pinnacle Peak, we had some time to stroll the buildings, spend more money, and take in the stunt show.  The Dragoon Street Players show was again the best we saw all weekend.

Nell:  And that show was FREE!!  (but donations were accepted) :) 


Vicki:  We left for OTS bright and early and stopped at the lookout point, but thankfully nobody risked their lives this year.  ;)  

Nell:  No one risked their lives LAST year either.  But you didn't see Raye talk me out of climbing on top of the roof at the lookout point up on the hill.  It would have been soooo easy too.  Lori also advised against it.  I only wanted to do it to scare you.  ;) 

Vicki:  I'm glad Nell listened to some sensible people.  My vacation would have been ruined by a pesky little heart attack!

I got photos of the gang posing in front of the breathtaking scenery.  In fact, most everybody was happy to pose... here's SJ, Raye, and Lisa... Wendy and Beth... Raven... and me and Nell.  Aren't we all purty?  ;)

Old Tucson Studios was just as gorgeous and fun as last year.  We took in a stunt show, then I wandered the town while Nell, Raven, Raye, and Sally Jo went horseback riding.  

Nell:  Which was a BLAST!!  I've never been and now I'm in love with it.  I never wanted to marry a cowboy (I know...weird since TYR is a western), but after riding a horse, if a cute cowboy has a horse and wants to marry me...then, I may just HAVE to agree.  lol 

Vicki:  We all met up later (Wild Bill burgers, anyone?) and, yes, it was at that time that The Urinators were born!   Well okay, they were born a little earlier on the car ride, but we only became official at lunch!  LOL  (Vicki contemplates getting a bumper sticker with the phrase "I'm a Urinator and proud of it!"  Vicki then remembers that she doesn't own a car.)

Nell:  You don't HAVE to own a car to get a bumper sticker Vicki!  Your purse would do just fine too...or stick it in your apartment window....or make it a plaque to put up at work...many things you can do with a bumper sticker... :) 

Vicki:  Riiight.  Anyhoo... the Hollywood Stunt Demo was absolutely hilarious -- Beth was a lovely volunteer and Ace certainly agreed! 

This year we also panned for "gold", and Nell was really getting the hang of it too!  Alas, she wasn't allowed to keep the fruits... er, the gold dust... of her labours!  Instead, we found Raven and took in a wagon ride before heading back to the hotel and...


Vicki:  What a blast! I can't remember laughing so hard -- well, we actually spent the entire weekend laughing!  There were some wonderful stories this year, some of which are posted in the Fanfic Section right here at Sweetwater Station.  And hey, if you find one you love, why not nominate it for a TYRF Fanfic Award?  (Gotta love cross-promoting. hehe)

We finally toddled off to bed at who-knows-when, and lost our first two Urinators. Lori headed back home to the hubby and kiddies (sniffle!) and Raven had to leave early Sunday morning (sob!)  But first we HAD to pose for the Secret Urinator Handshake... or should that be "bodyshake"?!?

Nell:  That was no secret "bodyshake"  I really had to PEE!!!  ;) 

Sunday Sept 22 -- TOMBSTONE.. yes, again!

Vicki:  We HAD to go back -- there's so much to see.  My favourite was the wagon ride guided tour; our guide Mike was fabulous and gave us some fascinating history of the town.  Afterwards, we were able to cuddle up to his horses, Ted and Roy.  I think they took a shine to me.  ;)

The Birdcage Theatre was also very interesting, as it contains the original relics that were locked inside the saloon/brothel when it closed for business in 1889.  You can see the actual faro table at which Doc Holliday dealt, the original poker tables, even the liquor bottles!  Rumour has it that the Birdcage is haunted, and that photos taken there will emerge with a ghostly hue.  I wouldn't know -- only one of my photos turned out.  Hmmm... is THAT a sign??

After dropping Nell off at the airport (Waaaah!) we visited Boothill Cemetery before heading back to the hotel.

Nell:  I'm just glad they didn't drop me off at Boothill Cemetery.  :)  But I had an easy ride home and looking forward to next year! 

Monday Sept 23 -- ADIOS AMIGAS

Vicki:  Having lost SJ, Cindy and Cathy early in the morning, we were down to only five Urinators... ummm, I mean, "Reunion attendees".  We spent the morning chatting and laughing until finally Beth and Wendy headed off to Phoenix while Raye and Lisa dropped me off at the airport. 

I had a brilliant time!  Thanks sooo much to the Divine Miss Raye for putting together an absolutely wonderful event.  And a big thanks to ALL the ladies who attended and who made the weekend so enjoyable!

Now as I stumble off to bed, the Reunion battle-cry still echoes in my ears... "Urinators, Let's PEE!"  ;)