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Welcome to the Ed Keepers page!

Here you can "keep" characteristics and mannerisms of any of the characters, or your favorite lines and objects of the show Ed. You might ask, why would I want to be a keeper and what does keeping something mean?

Glad you asked. Being a keeper means that you can "own" the characteristics, etc. and put "Keeper of..." under your email signature. Your name along with what you keep will also be displayed on this webpage for all to see (unless you want to keep it private).

As for why you should be a's fun!

Of course, you don't own the copyright to anything you "keep" because everything Ed is owned by the higher ups, namely Viacom, Worldwide Pants and NBC, which I am NOT affiliated with.

---------->Keeper List<----------

So before you jump to the bottom of the page to search for my email address so you can email me your keeper requests...there are some rules:

1. If someone is already "keeping" what you want, sorry. You can politely ask them for it, but it's first come first serve.

2. Do not steal someone else's kept item.

3. For now, you can request up to three things you want to keep.

If you are still unsure about any part of this process, email me questions.

So have something in mind?
Send me your name, email address, and what you want to keep and how you want it worded (ex. Keeper of Carol's desk).
Email me at
I'll reply quickly, I promise.

More to come to this page and remember, have fun!

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