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Please visit my page of inspirational quotes, dedicated to all those affected by the tragedy that befell our nation on September 11th. I hope these can help you in some way.

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Hey, everyone! Welcome to my West Wing fanfic page. Here you'll find a variety of West Wing fics written by me. They run the gamut from dramas to wacky comedies involving all of the cast and romantic couples (Josh/Donna, Sam/Mallory, CJ/Danny) Hope you enjoy them and please feel free to let me know what you thought. Thanks for visiting. ~Steph


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Disclaimer: "The West Wing" and its characters do not belong to me. They belong to Aaron Sorkin, NBC, et al. This is just for fun out of a love for the show. No profit is made and no infringement is intended.

Check out some of my favorite West Wing quotes and add your own.

Check out some of my favorite quotes from the West Wing actors and creator. Then feel free to add your own!

Thanks to everyone who voted for my story "Toe Jam" in the Outstanding Comedy Stand-Alone category of The Golden Coffee Cup Awards. It was a very pleasant surprise when I won! Thanks again!~Steph

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What Could've Been
The Demise of Fluffy
Beach Bums
Toe Jam
The Temp
Mama Moss
The Pretenders
Dr. Free Ride
Mr. Wonderful
Rudolph Killed Grandma
Sex Appeal
Sweet Revenge
A New Dawn
Eye for an Eye
Sins of the Father
At the Pleasure of the President
Powers of Seduction
The Good Fight
Turkey Day
Play Ball!
The Odd Couple
Adventures in Babysitting

What Women Want
To Everything There is a Season
Mission: Sabotage