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Welcome to SPD Cadet Central...

The Power Rangers SPD Fanlisting

Owned and operated by PRL_Master
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Fanlisting Approved on: Jul.17.05 by
Officialy opened on: Aug.07.05
Reopened on: Dec.03.05

Current Number Of Cadets: 86

Updates (Jul.18.2010):
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What is a fanlisting?
According to, a fanlisting is simply an online list of fans of a certain subject such as a TV show, actor, musician etc that is created by an individual and is open to everone around the world to join. THERE IS NO COST. The only requirement is a valid username, country, and a VALID email address. It's just a place where fans can let the subject (in this case SPD) know that it's appreciated.

About this site:
SPD Cadet Central was originally created by the awesome webmistress Venom, under the name PRSPD Obsessed. She said:

"I created the fanlisting because I absolutely love Power Rangers S.P.D. It's one of the first Power Rangers series I have really loved since Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, which was when I was about four or five. Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder were actually the two series that really brought me back into the world of PR, but S.P.D. tops them both as my favourite for some reason. Perhaps it's because it's sort of X-Men-ish-- what with the mutant powers and the actual presence of aliens on Earth, it really has all the aspects a T.V. show has to have in order to be my favourite. And let's not forget-- IT'S POWER RANGERS!"

But after some time, the site was graciously passed on to a new webmaster, PRL_Master to be exact, and SPD Cadet Central was born.

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