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Fafnir Dragon

Pointing Plastoys

Black Plastoys

Grumpy Plastoys

Papa Plastoys

Naughty Plastoys

Normal Puppet

Smurfette Puppet

Black Puppet

Brainy Puppet

Naughty Puppet

Papa Puppet

Everything's Smurfy

You're the Smurfiest

Be Happy

I Hate Smoking

Wanna Smurf Around?

Smurfette Rainbow

Smurfy Day

Wonderland Pins

Happy Smurfday

Smurf Gum

Transfers from Spain

Cowboy and Pen

Weather Smurfing Machine

Smurf Cake

The Fake Smurf

The Wandering Smurf

A Smurf in the Air


Baby and Papa

Gargamel and Azreal





Cloisonne Pin 1

Cloisonne Pin 2

Cloisonne Pin 3

Cloisonne Pin 4

SCCI Sticker

Gargamel Figure