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Welcome to Wayne's new website!

This WAS the site of the Winnebago County Illinois ARES group.

I originally created the site in about 2002, to share meeting information, coordinate ARES and SKYWARN activity, classes and events, encourage participation in local Amateur Radio activities, and provide a site in which people could readily find information relevant to local Amateur Radio.

In 2007, I turned over control of the site to the ARES group, as I was moving from the area and would no longer be associated with it.

Yesterday, while attempting to check into the ARES website, I discovered that the entire Winnebago ARES group had been dissolved on or about March 8, 2009! I have not idea of what happened, nor do I care.

From this point on, March 3, 2014 I am reclaiming control of this site.

I hope to begin constructing content in the next few months.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at
Please be aware, my job does not allow me access to email on a frequent basis.

Thank you, Wayne