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Welcome to the Sifl and Olly Information Center. Here, you will be able to find pics, sounds and information on where to get videos of our sock friends. Note, this site does NOT host any videos. Sorry

Anyway, to get started, Sifl and Olly are the brainchildren of Liam Lynch and Matt Crocco. Created from silly tapes the two had made on Liam's 4-track, Sifl and Olly first aired on MTV Europe. After that, MTV in America picked it up, and the Sockheads mailing list started, which now has over 900 members, including Liam.

Now Check out this site... I'm sure you'll find SOMETHING interesting :)


7/31 - Updated the FAQ.

7/26 - Added some pics and sounds.

6/12 - I might be having an interview with Liam Lynch someday soon, and will have an email address set up for you to send questions. More info when I get it.

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This site is designed and maintained by Justin Channell. Sifl and Olly are owned by MTV Networks.