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Central Shaolin (chung yen)
Martial Arts

(A Shaolin Monk)

The Chinese Shao-Lin Centers emphasize all aspects of Shao-Lin Kung-Fu as was originally taught at the Shao-Lin temples in the past in China. It is an attempt by the instructors to bring to the student a sense of the art, history, legends and training by devoting tremendous attention to all facets of the students' training and their own. The goal of the training is to develop a balance of strength, flexibility,co-ordination,conditioning and power that provide a constant challenge to body and mind leading to good health, longevity and devastating self-defense skills. There are periodic organized visits to the Shao-Lin Temple in China where students get direct exposure to the culture and traditions, perform demonstrations and meet with renowned martial artists (

(Chi transformation)

Here is a picture of the Grandmaster of
the Central Shaolin system.

To learn more about the Central Shaolin System,
please visit the Central Shaolin website at


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