Daggers, Part I

(There is a man in a UEO speedboat heading for an island. The man is wearing a UEO uniform.)

(GELF Colony; aka: Dagger Island)
(UEO Maximum Security Facility: Sector 7)
Guard: Time to let the animals out of their cages.
(A group of people come out in a single file line and go into the yard. Both male and female. Their skin holds all the colors of mankind. They are Daggers. They begin to exercise. The UEO boat arrives at the island.)
Guard: (to man in boat) Welcome back, sir.
(The man heads toward the entrance to the facility. The guard in the watchtower leans over to talk to him.)
Guard: So, how was the vacation, Lt. Brody?
Brody: Nice, Reynolds. Now open the gate.
Reynolds: Uh, do you have the password?
Brody: Just open the gate.
Reynolds: (laughs) Yes, sir.
(Reynolds buzzes him in. As Brody walks by the yard the Daggers stare at him.)

Brody: What's going on DeNado?
DeNado: I'll tell you what's going on. They're up to something, Lieutenant. I can feel it.
Brody: They're always up to something this time of year. Tomorrow's their birthday.
DeNado: Some birthday. 20 years ago fifty test tubes get poured out into a petrie dish. That's why we get to baby-sit a bunch of camouflaged freaks.
Brody: They're not freaks.
DeNado: Yeah, yeah…GELF's. Genetically Engineered Life Forms. But it was a failed experiment, Jimmy. Just like those dead astronauts we got stuck up there circling in the Milky Way.
Brody: You're a real humanitarian, DeNado.
DeNado: I'm a UEO Lifer.
Brody: They're alive, DeNado.
DeNado: Come on! They can't even reproduce. They were just supposed to be soldiers. The perfect jar heads out there dying for the holy cause of the moment.
Brody: If you hate them so much, DeNado, why'd you sign up for this?
DeNado: Because when some young Lewie like you ain't around bleeding through his heart for these genetically mismanaged GELF's, I am in charge.
Brody: Then you better make the best of it.
DeNado: Trust me, I am.
Brody: (looks out the window and sees that the GELF's are gone.) Where'd they go?
DeNado: It's hard to say, Lieutenant. But they're quick little devils aren't they? Well, my shifts up. Good luck. (leaves)
Brody: (into PAL) Get me a person status report.
Guard: (into PAL) They're all here, Lieutenant. Relax.

(New Cape Quest, Florida)
(A helmeted person on a motorcycle is speeding down the road. His tags get scanned because he is going 164.6 MPH.)
(Police Station)
Woman: Attention vehicle number 32189, travelling 64 miles above accepted speed allowances.
(As she speaks the motorcycle slows down.)
Woman: Infraction Level 7. $913 dollars has been deducted from your social security account.
(The driver of the motorcycle hits the handle bar in irritation.)
Woman: Thank you.
(The motorcycle continues on and pulls up to where the new seaQuest is docked. The person takes off the helmet and we see that it's Captain Bridger. He looks at the new boat with pride. He suddenly hears a familiar voice and turns to look at the water as Lucas goes by on a Jetski with a girl on the back. Bridger follows them.)
(Lucas pulls up to the beach)
Cindy: Come on, let's do that again.
Lucas: (as he climbs off the jetski) Ah, I can't. I'm already late.
Cindy: So?
Lucas: So…I'm in the Navy. Navy guys can't be late.
Cindy: You're not in the Navy.
Lucas: Well, I'm almost in the Navy.
Cindy: Well, I'm almost your girlfriend.
Lucas: We've just got to sail up to New York. It's no big deal or anything, just a parade for the new seaQuest, and I gotta be there on account of I'm one of the crew. And the president's gonna be there.
Cindy: The president?
Lucas: Yeah, I guess he want's to see the new boat.
Cindy: What happened to the old boat?
Lucas: It sunk.
Cindy: What happens of this one sinks?
Lucas: I'll swim back to take you for another ride.
Cindy: You better.
(They kiss.)
Bridger: Very nice. Very, very nice.
Lucas: (looks up and sees him) Captain, hi. I, uh, was just waiting around here for you and I met Cindy. Cindy, this is my Captain, Captain Bridger.
Cindy: A Captain.
Bridger: Hi.
Lucas: Yeah, and I'm gonna be one too someday so relax. (to Bridger) How have you been, sir?
Bridger: Apparently not as well as you. You know we're shipping out at dawn.
Lucas: Yeah, I know, that's why I've been hanging around here for you.
Bridger: Don't hang around for me, I'm ready to go. Are you packed?
Lucas: Not exactly. (to Cindy) I'll see you when I get back. You'll wait for me, right?
(She ignores him and steps closer to Bridger)
Cindy: Hey, Mr. Captain. That's a cool motorcycle. Can I have a ride?
Bridger: (laughs) I've got enough points on my license already.
Cindy: (rolls her eyes) You guys are so boring. (she walks off.)
Lucas: I can't believe that. Two seconds ago she was ready to give me a tonsilectomy.
Bridger: Come on. Get on. We'll go get your gear.
Lucas: I like the beard, sir.
Bridger: And I love the earring, but it's not regulation. (Lucas gets on the back of the motorcycle) How long have you known this girl?
Lucas: Ah…about 20 minutes.
Bridger: Must've been a hell of a summer, huh?
Lucas: Oh, it was great. Would you wait for me?
Bridger: Absolutely.
Lucas: Really?
Bridger: Absolutely.

(GELF Colony)
(A Mariah's Bedroom)
Joseph: It's just a show of strength, Mariah. Nothing more.
Mariah: No. It's what birthday's are for. A celebration of what we've become.
Joseph: We must have patience.
Mariah: Patience. Patience is a feast for fools. What we want is freedom. Things are different now, Joseph. What's happening with Sara has made them different.
Joseph: That's why they must listen to us this time.
Mariah: No. That is why we must fight.
Joseph: Fighting is why they made us. And I won't dignify that mistake.

(Another bedroom)
Mathew: David, what are you doing? This is only supposed to be a demonstration.
David: A demonstration of our resolve. Choose your sides, Mathew, or die here.
Mathew: David, they're not gonna kill us. They can't. It's not their law.
David: If we stay here, they already have.
(A guard enters the room)
Guard: Still up, huh Matty?
Mathew: Yes, sir.
Guard: Yeah, well tomorrow's gonna be a big day. You guys are all gonna be 21. You know, that used to mean something once. Used to mean that you were a man.
(Mathew looks at him.)
Mathew: I am a man.

(Mariah's Bedroom)
(DeNado enters)
DeNado: Hey, have you been waiting for me?
Mariah: I'm always waiting for you. You're a man. A real one.
DeNado: Yeah, and you're almost a woman. I guess that's what makes this work so well, isn't it?
Mariah: Yes, it is.
(They kiss)
DeNado: Happy Birthday, sweetheart.
(He turns to look at her painting while he undresses.)
Mariah: Thank you, sir.
(She grabs his weapon and aims it at his head.)

(seaQuest, Docking Bay)
(All the new crew and supplies are arriving. It's chaos.)
Announcement: All visitors report to the deck officer before proceeding.
Ford: Okay folks, listen up, because I'm only going to go through this once. (reading off a clip board) Harmson, Henderson, Hahoki Hines, Jamison, Johnson, Jones, Kellogg. Enlisted crew quarters, Deck 13, Section L.
(A young woman walks up to him.)
Henderson: I'm Henderson, Lonnie Ellen. Ft. Smith, Wyoming. Did you call Henderson yet? Ah, did you call me?
Ford: Yes, I did.
Henderson: Sorry. I didn't hear. Where do I go?
Ford: Where do I go, sir?
Henderson: (snaps to attention) Where do I go, sir?
Ford: First generation Navy, right?
Henderson: My father ran a solar station and I'm pretty good with the wrenches, ah, sir.
Ford: Deck 13, Section L, Bunk 53, Upper K, and only one duffel per sailor.
Henderson: Oh, but I need this. This is my…(Ford takes the bag from her and pulls out a stuffed dog.) Addison.
Ford: Addison.
Henderson: He doesn't take up a lot of room.
Ford: I'm afraid Addison is going to have to miss this tour sailor. (He tosses the duffel, and Addison into a giant pile of similar items he's taken from other crew members. Henderson looks at him, shocked.) Deck 13, Section L. Move it. (she leaves)
(Ortiz walks up.)
Ortiz: I could sing her to sleep until she gets used to being at sea, Commander.
Ford: Secured, Ortiz. You know if I remember correctly, last year you tried to smuggle your blankie on board.
Ortiz: No, no. That was a blanket, and it was an heirloom. My great grandmother knit that by hand.
Ford: No, it had little animals on it.
Ortiz: They were tigers raising their fists in triumph.
Ford: They were kittens waving bye-bye. Here's your bunk-mate assignment.
Ortiz: I get to choose my own bunk-mate this tour, right? Last guy kept cutting his toe nails and leaving them all over the floor.
Ford: Look, Ortiz. I have to have this boat ready for a parade around the statue of liberty by tonight. We're leaving at dawn, but the boat isn't even done yet. The paint is still wet.
Ortiz: Have you ever stepped on somebody else's toe nails in your bare feet?
Ford: I don't care about your bare feet. O'Neil can't boot up the vid-link, Bridger is missing in action, half the new crew's uniforms don't' fit, and the rest of them want to call their mommies.
Ortiz: Very creepy.
Ford: Look Ortiz, could you just go help O'Neil?
Ortiz: Okay. (leaves)
Ford: Has anybody seen Captain Bridger?

(The new updated bridge is a far cry from the old one. The doors open and Bridger walks in. He checks out the new setup. He sits down in his Captain's chair and notices a small wooden box. He picks it up and on the top it says 'Nathan Bridger, Captain'. He opens the box and inside is the master key for the seaQuest. He picks up the key and inserts it into the 'ignition' and all the boats systems turn on. He gets up and goes to the front of the bridge where the vid-screen is. He hits a button on the control panel and the vid-screen rises up revealing a window. He looks out the window and sees Darwin swimming up. He makes some hand motions for Darwin to come inside the boat. Darwin nods and swims off. Bridger walks over to the pool and hits the button for the cover to open, and he turns on Darwin's voice box. The pool cover begins to open, gets stuck, then opens all the way. Darwin swims up.)
Bridger: Well, what do we think of the new seaQuest, pal?
Darwin: Feels good.
Bridger: It feels great to be back again, doesn't it?
(He hears a noise and looks up to see a GELF cleaning the ramp above the pool.)
Bridger: Hello. I'm Captain Bridger. (he walks over to the GELF) Have you been assigned to the seaQuest?
GELF: I clean it.
Bridger: Yes, it's very clean.
GELF: I'm not done yet.
Bridger: You're an Alpha Model K, aren't you?
GELF: I'm a Dagger.
Bridger: Well, that's kind of a nasty word.
GELF: It's what they call me.
Bridger: You're a GELF.
GELF: Yes. If you want to, sir, Captain, sir, you can call me Dagwood. Like a joke, Dagwood the Dagger. Makes me laugh sometimes. (one laugh) See.
Bridger: Welcome aboard. (they shake hands) You're gonna do just fine.
Dagwood: Um, I'm not for sailing, sir, Captain, sir. I was supposed to be effective fighting personnel. But now I'm just effective cleaning personnel. They fighting personnel part didn't work out very…right.
Bridger: I know that.
Dagwood: They said it was because I was the first, the prototype. So then they made a lot more of me.
Bridger: Yeah, well, that part didn't work out so well either.
Dagwood: Everything works out in some way.
Bridger: I suppose so.

(GELF Colony, Office)
Brody: (into intercom) Reynolds.
(Watch Tower)
(Reynolds and another guard are playing a virtual boxing game.)
Brody: (on intercom) Reynolds!
Reynolds: (turns on the intercom) Yeah, post 9D.
Brody: (on intercom) You guys are on duty, Corporal.
Reynolds: (into intercom) Yeah, we're on duty. Hey, this is the duty here, Lieutenant.
Brody: (into intercom) Have you seen DeNado?
(Watch Tower)
Reynolds: (into intercom) It's not my turn to watch him, sir. Did you check with his old lady? Sometimes DeNado gets in late and likes to sleep in.
Brody: (into intercom) Well he's not on his watch. And where is everybody now? They're supposed to be exercising.
(Watch Tower)
Reynolds: (into intercom) Look, everybody's here, Lieutenant. If you mean the Daggers, on their birthday they usually do whatever they want.
Brody: (into intercom) Yeah, well I want you to find DeNado.
(Watch Tower)
Reynolds: (into intercom) Look, we're in the middle of a game here, Lieutenant.
Brody: (into intercom) Find him, damn it! Then I'm writing you up.
(Watch Tower)
(Reynolds loses the boxing game)
Reynolds: (into intercom) Yeah, well, do me a favor and write me a ticket off of this sandpile.

(Sara's Room)
(Sara is in labor)
Mariah: It's all right, Sara. Everything is going to be fine.
Mathew: How do you know, Mariah? You've never done this. None of us have.
Joseph: Today is not the day for revolution, Mariah.
Mariah: Today is the only day for revolution, Joseph.
Mathew: What about the baby? What about our baby?
Mariah: This child will be born free. What more can we ask for? We are people now, and this baby proves it.

Reynolds: Hey, where you at Ray? I tell you Brody's on your tail pal.
(A Dagger grabs him and pulls him into a bedroom where DeNado and other guards are held captive.)

(seaQuest, Maintenance Room)
(O'Neil is trying to fix the vid-link)
O'Neil: Oh, great.
(Ortiz shows up.)
Ortiz: What's the problem?
O'Neil: Oh, this boat is two months from being finished that's the problem. (into headset) Commander, is that any better?
(A boxing match is on the vid-screen)
Ford: Oh yeah, lots. Tony Martinez is beating Gorgeous George on points.
(Maintenance Room)
O'Neil: Yea. Miguel, can you get an R-7 line up, please.
Ortiz: Yeah.
O'Neil: Let's see if we can move this turbine vent. I think it's causing the interference in our free surge view.
Ortiz: How's that?
Ford: Much better, now Woody Woodpecker is ahead on points, too.
(Maintenance Room)
O'Neil: Swell. We've been polluting the universe with radio and television waves for the last hundred years, and somehow seaQuest has turned into a giant antenna.
Ortiz: Hey, you know I've never seen 'Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstien'. You think you can get that? I hear it's a classic.
O'Neil: Miguel, the turbine unit, please. Thanks.
Ford: It's still not working, O'Neil. (Bridger walks up behind him) Where is Captain Bridger?
Bridger: Looking for me, Commander?
Ford: Where have you been? (laughs) I mean, hello.
Ford & Bridger: How are you?
Ford: I'm fine.
Bridger: Good. How was your vacation?
Ford: Excellent. I took a course on Fractol Theories of Cold Fusion.
Bridger: Oh, (laughs) don't ever change, Jonathan.
Ford: I wasn't planing on it.
O'Neil: (on small screen) How's that?
(The vid-screen starts working)
Bridger: Oh, that's great, O'Neil.
O'Neil: (on screen) Glad to have you back, Captain.
Bridger: See that, I come aboard it starts ticking like a Swiss watch.
Ford: We have to be in New York by dinner.
Bridger: Well, we got plenty of time. I'm in the Ward Room interviewing new officers.
Ford: Oh, don't flush the toilet. Last time it was used it flooded the galley. It seems out Swiss watch isn't quite water resistant yet.
Bridger: It's just the shake down crews, Jonathan, relax.
(On screen - The turbine falls onto O'Neil. He's trapped.)
O'Neil: (on screen) Oh!
Ortiz: (on screen) I can't move it! We're gonna need some help, Captain.
Bridger: Let's go get 'em.
Computer: Structural collapse in Section D.

(Maintenance Room)
Bridger: (running up) Hang in there O'Neil.
(Bridger, Ford, Ortiz, and another crew member try to life the turbine but can't.)
O'Neil: I can't breath!
(The crew member runs off to get more help and Dagwood walks up)
Bridger: No, stand back. Stand back.
Dagwood: I can help.
Bridger: No, there's no room. No, go.
(Dagwood moves Ford out of the way and picks up the turbine all by himself.Bridger gapes for a moment and then helps O'Neil up.)
Bridger: Easy, O'Neil. (to Dagwood) You can put that down now.
Dagwood: Where?
Bridger: Anywhere you want, pal.
(Dagwood sets the turbine down.)
O'Neil: Who's that?
Ford: That's Dagwood. He's a GELF.
Ortiz: A Dagger?
O'Neil: Hey! He saved my life. (to Dagwood) Thanks.
Dagwood: Okay. I am a Dagger. The prototype.
Ford: (to Bridger) Can we keep him?
Bridger: I hope so. It's up to him. (to Dagwood) What do you say?
Dagwood: Like I said before, sir, Captain, sir. Everything works out in some way. It would be…good. (leaves)
Bridger: (to O'Neil) Let's get you to Med Bay.
O'Neil: Aye, sir.

(GELF Colony)
(The Daggers take over the island, capturing almost all of the guards. Brody is in the office when he sees the Daggers free, and trying to get in.)
Brody: (sounds alert) This is Lt. Brody, we have a Code Red. Repeat Code Red Security breech. Repeat this is Lt. Brody, we have a Code Red. Does anybody hear me? (he cycles the escape pod. He barely makes it in and launches. He escapes.)
(All the guards are escorted by Daggers into the Yard. Mariah walks up with Sara's baby.)
Mariah: Our future! Our freedom!
(The Daggers Cheer)

(Open Sea)
(Escape Pod)
Brody: This is an SOS. Emergency beacon 1793 C5. Repeat this is an SOS beacon 1793 C5. Do you read? This is Lt. James Brody. GELF Colony in revolt. Emergency beacon 1795 C5. Is anybody out there?

(GELF Colony)
David: How's it going?
Mariah: I'm finding everything we need to know.

(UEO Headquarters, Main Complex)
(Two MP's exit the building escorting a prisoner.)
Prisoner: You got a restaurant here? I could go for some eggs benny.
Guard 1: You got a boat to catch.
Prisoner: Hey, what's the chance of you flatheads letting me catch a wave of two before I start my new career?
Guard 1: Two chances. Zero, never, and none.
Prisoner: Let me guess, you were a math major, right?
Guard 2: You got a lot of attitude, Piccolo. I'll give you that.
Piccolo: Yeah, and it comes in two sizes, extra large and oh my god. Heredity, Jack. My old man was NYPD.
Guard 2: Yeah, you must've made him real proud.
Piccolo: Who knows. He took off with my aunt after they shook down a pretzel vendor in the east village.
Guard 1: Sounds like a very classy guy.
Piccolo: Yeah, the relatives are loaded with it. Every Christmas we decorated the family tree with our arrest warrants. But hey, what are holidays for, right?
Guard 1: Piccolo, do you ever shut up?
Piccolo: Only underwater, sir.

(GELF Colony)
Joseph: We have the hostages. We make our demands. That was the agreement. That was the plan.
Mariah: Everything's changed now, Joseph.
Joseph: They made us to fight. But now we can be fathers and mothers. Let's lead our children into the future without fear.
Mariah: You forget to quickly, Joseph. I'm sorry for that.
Joseph: Don't feel sorry for me, Mariah. Ever.
Mariah: I would rather fight, and die. Than live like this again. In a zoo like an animal. (she leaves)
Mathew: I won't leave my daughter.
Joseph: We'll talk to the UEO. They'll listen this time. They have to, we have their men. That's leverage, David.
David: No, (holds up the gun) this is leverage. I'm sorry, Joseph. (leaves)

(Exterior GELF Complex)
Mariah: See who will join us, David.

(seaQuest, Ward Room)
(Bridger is alone, and a woman walks in)
Woman: Oh, sorry. Must be the wrong place. I'm always doing that.
Bridger: Doing what?
Woman: Going to the wrong place when I'm supposed to be in another place. But then it usually turns out to be the right place after all. I do it all the time.
Bridger: You do?
Woman: Yeah. I mean when I was a kid they thought it was just luck, intuition, and then you know…the big bugga bugga. I could have made a fortune in Vegas. I'm sorry…
Bridger: No, no…I'm mesmerized.
Woman: (quietly) I know. (to him) Where can I find Captain Bridger?
Bridger: Bridger?
Woman: Uh huh.
Bridger: He's me.
Woman: You're Captain Bridger. I thought you'd be older.
Bridger: I'm working on it.
Woman: Oh, but older's good. I mean, my father, he's older, much older. But I like that in a dad.
Bridger: I'm a traditionalist myself. You must be Dr. Smith.
Wendi: Yes.
Bridger: Sit down.
Wendi: Thank you. But please, call me Wendi.
Bridger: Well, not yet.
Wendi: There's no need to be so formal. We're going to be on this ship a long time, Nathan.
Bridger: It's Captain. And it's not a ship, it's a boat.
Wendi: A boat is a vessel that can be carried on a ship, and seaQuest is too big, therefore, it's a ship, Captain. Third generation Navy. My mother is Admiral Lexington Fisher-Smith.
Bridger: Sexy Lexy Smith is your mother?
Wendi: Well, not if you ask my father. (they laugh)
Bridger: She fired me from my first assignment.
Wendi: Still a little angry, are we Captain?
Bridger: What's that? Psycho babble?
Wendi: I only took my residency in psychiatry. My PHD is Bio-Physics. My passion is Parapsychology. I can bend keys and spoons. I can read minds.
Bridger: You can read minds and you didn't know I was the Captain?
Wendi: Well it's a bit like golf, some days you just can't putt. You're thinking this girls as smart and pretty as her mother, but man what a mouth. (Bridger laughs) Hole in one, huh Captain?
(Ortiz rings in on the vid-screen)
Ortiz: (on screen) Sorry sir.
Bridger: It's no problem.
Ortiz: (on screen) It might be. We have a military police launch requesting permission to board.
Bridger: Did you check their security?
Ortiz: (on screen) They checked out sir.
Bridger: Open the launch bay.
(Ortiz signs off)
Bridger: (to Wendi) Ah, we'll have to continue this at another time.
Wendi: Well it was a pleasure. My mother told me you were a bit, ah, pretentious. But I hardly noticed.
Bridger: Thanks.
Wendi: Nice to meet you, Captain. (leaves)
(Bridger looks down at the table and picks up a bent spoon.)

(Launch Bay)
Bridger: (to Guard 2) You were lucky to catch up with us.
Guard 2: You have no idea. I need three signatures on the bottom.
Bridger: Prisoner Early Release Program? Why seaQuest?
Guard 2: He's an experimental. UEO is placing hardship cases in places where they think they'll do the most good.
Bridger: What's he like?
Guard 2: Oh, he's a little rough around the edges, but he's got a very healthy attitude. (to Guard 1) Bring him down. (to Bridger) Thanks, Captain. And good luck with the new boat.
Bridger: Thank you.
(Guard 1 unlocks Piccolo's handcuffs. Both guards exit.)
Bridger: I'm Captain Bridger.
Piccolo: Seaman Anthony Piccolo, sir.
Bridger: At ease, seaman.
Piccolo: Thanks. (looks around) Hey, nice diggs.
Bridger: What were you in for?
Piccolo: Armed robbery. I held up a health food restaurant with a slice of pizza. (Bridger just looks at him) Come on, Cap, that's a joke. Striking an officer. Relax, he had it coming. Any place to get a beer on this tug?
Bridger: Why don't you shove that tough guy routine back in your pocket.
Piccolo: No can do, Cap. That's my gig.
(He tries to make a run for it into the launch, but the doors close to quickly.)
Piccolo: Later, Cap. (runs off)
Bridger: (into Communicator) Security, we've got a prisoner loose here.

(Piccolo runs down a hallway with Bridger close behind.)
Bridger: (to Security) Call ahead, stop him.
(Piccolo sees the other security team in front of him and runs the other way.)
Piccolo: Look out!
Bridger: (to Security) Follow him. (to Ford) Come on, Jonathan. We'll cut him off at Sea Deck.

O'Neil: (into PAL) Captain, you're not gonna believe it, but I got this guy swimming through the aqua tunnels.

(Shots of Piccolo indeed swimming through the aqua tunnels. Darwin's headed towards him. Dagwood is cleaning the glass of the tunnels and sees Piccolo swim by. Piccolo runs into Darwin and Lucas sees him. To get away from Darwin Piccolo tuns around and swims the other way, towards Sea Deck.)

(Sea Deck)
Piccolo: (in the moon pool) I give up. What is that thing?
Bridger: It's a dolphin.
(Ford and Bridger haul him out of the water)
Bridger: I give everybody on this boat a second chance but you're pushing it. What the hell were you trying to do, kill yourself?
Piccolo: No, I'm fine. I was just trying to get out to the ocean.
Bridger: Without oxygen?!
Piccolo: Come on, I'm an experimental. (They just look at him) When I was in the can, they asked for volunteers, I raised my hand. That's how I got out early.
Bridger: What is he talking about?
Ford: No idea.
Piccolo: This is what I'm talking about. (He lifts up his shirt and we see that he's got gills.) I got gills. (to Bridger) I'm a surfer. I figured they might come in handy.

(GELF Colony)
(The Daggers head for the boats)
David: Where are we going?
Mariah: UEO Headquarters. When you want to slay the dragon, David, you go straight for it's heart.