Back To The Future, Part 2

Transcribed by: Sonja

(Hill Valley – 1985)
(We pick up where Part 1, left off. Marty opens the garage and inside is the Toyota truck he admired earlier. Marty walks up to it and looks inside. He slaps the door of the truck. Jennifer walks up behind him.)
Jennifer: How about a ride, Mister?
Marty: (walks over to her) Jennifer, oh are you a sight for sore eyes. Let me look at you.
Jennifer: Marty, you're acting like you haven't seen me in a week.
Marty: I haven't.
Jennifer: You OK, is everything all right?
(Marty looks at the front door of the house where George and Lorraine are smiling as they watch him and Jennifer. Then they turn and go inside the house.)
Marty: Aw yeah, everything is great.
(Marty leans in to kiss Jennifer when three sonic booms are heard. They look up and the DeLorean comes flying up the driveway. It knocks over a few trash cans in the process. Doc gets out of the car wearing futuristic clothing.)
Doc: Marty, you gotta come back with me!
Marty: Where?
Doc: Back to the future.
(Doc goes over to the trash can, and picks out some trash.)
Marty: Wait a minute, what are you doing, Doc?
Doc: (dumping the trash into Mr. Fusion) I need fuel. Go ahead, quick, get in the car.
Marty: No, no, no, Doc, I just got here, OK, Jennifer's here, we're gonna take the new truck for a spin.
Doc: Well, bring her along. This concerns her too.
Marty: Wait a minute, Doc. What are you talking about? What happens to us in the future? What do we become assholes or something?
Doc: No, no, no, no, no, Marty, both you and Jennifer turn out fine. It's your kids, Marty, something has got to be done about your kids!

(The DeLorean)
(Inside Marty and Jennifer are seated in the passenger seat while Doc is driving.)
Marty: Hey, Doc, we better back up, we don't have enough roads to get up to 88.
Doc: Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads.
(Doc pulls down his glasses.)

(McFly Residence)
(Biff comes out the door.)
Biff: Hey Marty, Marty, I wanna show you these new matchbooks for my auto detailing I had printed up... (he sees the DeLorean begin to fly off.) A flying DeLorean?
(The DeLorean flies off down the street, turns around, and heads towards the camera before disappearing into the future, leaving trails of fire behind in the sky.)
Biff: What the hell is going on here?

(Hill Valley – 2015)
(Three sonic booms are heard and then the DeLorean arrives in the future right in the middle of a skyway. Marty and Jennifer scream as the DeLorean almost collides with a Taxi.)
Marty: What the hell was that?
Doc: Taxi-cab.
Marty: What do you mean, a taxi cab? I thought we were flying.
Doc: We are.
Marty: Alright Doc, what's going on, huh? Where are we? When are we?
(Doc lifts up his glasses and looks at the time display.)
Doc: We are descending towards Hill Valley, California, at 4.29pm, on Wednesday, October 21st, 2015.
Marty: 2015? You mean we're in the future?
Jennifer: Future, Marty? What do you mean? How can we be in the future?
Marty: Uh Jennifer, I don't know how to tell you this,'re in a time machine.
Jennifer: And this is the year 2015?
Doc: October 21st 2015.
Jennifer: God, so like you weren't kidding! Marty, we can actually see our futures! (to Doc) Doc, you said we were married, right?
Doc: Uhhh... (he gives her a half-hearted smile)
Jennifer: Yeah, was it a big wedding? (to Marty) Marty, we'll be able to see our wedding!
Marty: Wow.
Jennifer: I'll be able to see my wedding dress.
Marty: Wow.
Jennifer: I wonder where we live, I bet its a big house, with lots of kids. How many kids...
(Doc gets out a gadget and shines it on Jennifer. She falls back, unconscious.)
Marty: Doc, what the hell are you doing?
Doc: Relax Marty, it's a sleep-induced alpha-rhythm generator. She was asking too many questions and no-one should know too much about their future.
Marty: Then what did you bring her for?
Doc: I had to do something! She saw the time machine, I couldn't just leave her there with that information. Don't worry, she's not essential to my plan.
Marty: You're the Doc, Doc.
Doc: Here's our exit.
(The DeLorean exits the skyway. A sign in the background says “Phoenix : Boston : London" and underneath "Local traffic: Hill Valley exit next right.” After leaving the skyway it passes a floating sign, “Welcome to Hill Valley. Mayor Goldie Wilson II. A nice place to live. Please fly carefully.” The DeLorean descends down into Hill Valley.)

(The DeLorean lands. Laser discs and a “Fusion Industries” generator are in the background. Doc opens the DeLorean doors.)
Doc: First you gotta get out and change clothes.
Marty: Right now? It's pouring rain.
Doc: (looks at his watch) Wait five more seconds. (Exactly five seconds later the rain stops.) Right on the tick. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Too bad the post office isn't as efficient as the weather service. (Marty and Doc get out of the car. Doc stands up and begins to pull off a rubber mask.) Excuse the disguise, Marty, but I was afraid you wouldn't recognize me. I went to a rejuvenation clinic and got an all-natural overhaul. They took out some wrinkles, did a hair repair, changed the blood - added a good thirty or forty years to my life. They also replaced my spleen and colon. What do you think? (He models his new face.)
Marty: You look great, Doc. (looks around, and mutters to himself.) The future...unbelievable...(to Doc) I gotta check this out Doc.
Doc: All in good time Marty, we're on a tight schedule here.
Marty: Tell me about my future. I mean, I know I make it big, but what do I become like a rich rock star or something?
Doc: Please Marty, no-one should know too much about their own destiny.
Marty: Right, right...I am rich though?
(Doc gets a bag out of the DeLorean.)
Doc: Marty, please, take off your shirt. (Marty does so.) Put on the jacket and shoes. (Doc goes into the car and gets out a pair of futuristic binoculars.) We've got a mission to accomplish! (He runs to the end of the alleyway and uses this gadget. Cut to a street. Doc looks at a woman walking down it, then Marty McFly Jr. walks past her. Doc uses the gadget to watch Marty Junior, who looks almost like his father aged 17 (ie 1985 Marty) walk into a futuristic 'phone box.) Precisely on schedule.
(Cut back to Marty.)
(Marty gets the shoes out of the bag and puts the right one on. It automatically laces itself up.)
Marty: Power laces, all right! (He puts on the left shoe and it does the same thing. He then gets the jacket out of the bag and puts it on, but it’s too big. Doc comes running back towards Marty.) This thing doesn't fit.
(Doc presses a button. The jacket modifies so it fits Marty.)
Jacket: (v.o) Size adjusting, fits.
Doc: Pull out your pants pockets. All kids in the future wear their pants inside out. (Marty does so. Doc goes back into the bag and pulls out a cap.) Put this on. (He puts it on Marty's head.) Perfect, you're the spitting image of your future son.
Marty: What?
Doc: Help me move Jennifer over here!
(Marty and Doc lift Jennifer out of the DeLorean.)
Marty: So what's the deal?
Doc: Grab her feet.
(Marty does, and they put Jennifer down by the discarded laser discs.)
Marty: OK, now what?
Doc: In exactly 2 minutes, you go round the corner into the Café 80's.
Marty: Cafe 80's?
Doc: One of those nostalgia places, but not done very well. Go in and order a Pepsi. Here's a 50. And wait for a guy named Griff.
Marty: Right, Griff.
Doc: Griff's going to ask you about tonight. Are you in or out? Tell him you are out! Whatever he says, whatever happens, say no, you're not interested.
Marty: OK.
Doc: Then leave, come back here and wait for me. Don't talk to anyone, don't touch anything, don't do anything, don't interact with anyone and try not to look at anything.
Marty: I don't get it, I thought you said this had something to do with my kids?
Doc: (gets out a newspaper) Look what happens to your son!
(He gives Marty the paper - USA Today Hill Valley Edition. The headline reads Youth Jailed For Attempted Robbery.)
Marty: My son? (He looks at the picture) God, he looks just like me. (reading from the paper) “Within two hours of his arrest, Martin McFly Junior was tried, convicted and sentenced to fifteen years in the State Penitentiary.” (to Doc) Within two hours?
Doc: The justice system works swiftly in the future, now that they've abolished all lawyers.
Marty: This is heavy.
Doc: Oh, it gets worse! Next week your daughter attempts to break him out of jail and she gets set up for 20 years!
Marty: My daughter? Wait a minute, I have a daughter?
Doc: You see, this one event starts a chain reaction which completely destroys your entire family.
(Marty looks at the paper again.)
Marty: Hey Doc, this date...wait, this is tomorrow's newspaper!
Doc: Precisely! I already went further ahead into time to see what else happens. I backtracked everything to this one event, that's why we're here today to prevent this incident from ever happening. (His watch beeps.) Damn, I'm late!
Marty: Wait a minute, where are you going now?
Doc: To intercept the real Marty Junior, you're taking his place. Round the corner at the Café 80's, guy named Griff, just say no!
Marty: Hey, what about Jennifer? We're not just gonna leave her here?
Doc: Don't worry, she'll be safe, it'll just be for a few minutes. (Marty starts to walk off towards Café 80’s) Marty, be careful around that Griff character. (Doc puts his finger up to his head and makes a "he's loopy" sign as he says this.) He's got a few short circuits in his bionic implants.

(Courthouse Square)
(Marty walks out of the alley and looks around.)
Marty: The future.
(The Courthouse is still there, only now it’s the Courthouse Mall. The clock in the Clock Tower still says 10:04. Marty looks around and sees that the road has a “No Landing” painted on it. There are cars flying all around and Marty can see the skyway from where he stands. Looking up at the Courthouse, he sees that instead of a car park, the central area of the Square now has a nice pond and tropical plants. Marty turns to look behind him and we see that the Texaco station has also changed. It’s now 2 levels. One for hover-converted cars, and one for ground cars.)
Voice: Welcome to Texaco. You can trust your car with the system with the star. Checking oil, checking landing gear...
(Marty looks over and sees that the movie theater is now a Holomax, and Jaws 19 is showing. Marty looks the other way and a holographic shark comes out of the Holomax sign, creeping towards him. It’s just about to ‘eat’ him when Marty turns around and sees it. Marty covers his head and ducks a bit.)
Marty: Argh!!!
(The shark then disappears. Marty straightens up and sees people giving him some strange looks.)
Marty: (to himself) Shark still looks fake.
(A holo-billboard in the background “starts”.)
Goldie Wilson III: Hi friends, Goldie Wilson III here for Wilson's hover-conversion systems.. You know, when my grandpa was mayor of Hill Valley, he had to worry about traffic problems. But now, you don't have to worry about traffic! I'll hover-convert your old road car into a skyway flyer. For only $39,999.95. So come on down and see me, Goldie Wilson III, at any one of our 29 convenient locations. Remember, keep 'em flying.

(Blast from the Past)
(Marty walks over to the Antique store and looks in the window. Inside are ‘Grey’s Sports Almanac 1950-2000, a JAWS Nintendo game, a Roger Rabbit doll, a lava lamp, a Dustbuster, a walkman, Animal House & Dragnet videos, and Marty’s shirt and jacket from Part I.)

(Café 80’s)
(Marty walks in and we see that this is where Lou’s Café was in 1955. ‘Beat It’ by Michael Jackson is playing in the background. The layout of the café is still basically the same as it was in 1955. Behind the counter are several TV’s playing shows of the 1980’s such as Family Ties, Dallas, Cheers, The Smurfs, and Taxi. Biff, now an old man, is seen in the background. Neither he nor Marty see each other. The café is decorated with various 80’s style decorations. Two people are riding on exercise bikes. Instead of waiters, there are video waiters. One of them, who looks like Michael Jackson, is talking to a women who is sitting at the counter.)
"Michael Jackson": …it's got a hot salsa, avocados, some natural mixture with your choice of beans, chicken, b..b..beef or pork.....
(Marty stands in the doorway looking a little confused.)
Customer: Waiter? (A video waiter comes up to him.) Waiter?
(Suddenly another video waiter, who looks like Ronald Reagan, comes up to Marty.)
"Ronald Reagan": Welcome to the Café 80's, where it's always morning in America, even in the aftern..n..noon. Our special today is mesquite-grilled sushi, Cajun style…
(The screen is "interrupted" by another video waiter on the same video. This one looks like the Ayatollah Khomeini.)
"Ayatollah Khomeini": You must try the hot Satan special!
(The two waiters begin arguing amongst themselves.)
Marty: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! (The video waiters shut up.) All I want is a Pepsi.
(A Pepsi in a futuristic bottle appears out of the counter. Marty picks it up and looks at it.)
Biff: Hey McFly! (Marty turns to Biff.) Yeah, I seen you around. You're Marty McFly's kid, aren't you?
Marty: Biff?
Biff: You're Marty Jr! Tough break kid, must be rough being named after a complete butthead.
Marty: What's that supposed to mean?
Biff: Hello, hello, anybody home? Huh? (He taps Marty on the head with his cane.) Think McFly, think. Your old man, is still a loser?
Marty: What?
Biff: That's right. Loser with a capital L.
Marty: Look, I happen to know that George McFly is not a loser.
Biff: No, I'm not talking about George McFly. I'm talking about his kid. (In the background, a car lands outside the Cafe.) Your old man, Marty McFly Senior, the man who took his life and flushed it completely down the toilet.
Marty: I did? (covering) Uh, I mean, I mean he did?
(The cafe doors open and Griff enters. Griff is Biff's grandson, and he's even meaner than Biff was in 1955. Griff is wearing tough-guy clothes and a grey, metallic hat.)
Griff: Hey Gramps, I told you 2 coats of wax on my car, not just 1.
Biff: (gets up) Hey, hey, I just put the 2nd coat on last week.
Griff: Yeah, with your eyes closed?
Marty: Are you two related?
Biff: Hello, hello, anybody home? (Marty tries to avoid Biff's cane.) What'd you think, Griff just calls me grandpa for his health?
Marty: (worried) He's Griff?
Griff: Gramps, what the hell am I paying you for?
Biff: Hey kid, say hello to your grandma for me.
(Griff pulls Biff out of the cafe.)
Griff: Get out of there Gramps!
Biff: (o.s) Hey, take it easy!
(Griff comes back in.)
Griff: Hey McFly, don't go anywhere, you're next!
(Griff leaves. Marty looks around the Cafe again and sees ‘Wild Gunman’, a video game. Two boys are next to it.)
Boy 1: Look, a video game! I got it working.
Boy 2: My dad told me about these.
Marty: It is Wild Gunman. (He walks over to the game.)
Boy 1: How do you play this thing?
Marty: Let me show you kid. (He takes his hat off and throws it on top of the game.) I'm a crack shot at this.
(Marty fires at the game and sure enough, he's a crack shot. The words "Crack Shot" appear on the screen.)
Boy 1: (surprised) You mean you have to use your hands?
Boy 2: That's like a baby's toy!
(They leave.)
Marty: (puzzled) Baby's toy?
(Unseen by Marty, Marty Jr. walks along the sidewalk to the Cafe and can be seen from the window. He walks past Griff's car, which Biff is cleaning, and Griff notices him. Griff walks towards the door. Marty Jr. enters.)
Marty Jr.: Pepsi perfect.
Marty: Damn!
Marty Jr.: Pespi.
(Marty hides behind the counter. Griff enters the Cafe. This time he's accompanied by his gang of 3 - Data, who has face paints on, Spike, the female, and Whitey.)
Griff: Hey McFly, I thought I told you to stay in here.
Marty Jr.: Griff, guys. (His auto-fit on his jacket is broken, so he pushes his jacket up his arm.) How's it going?
Griff: McFly!
Marty Jr.: Yeah?
(During the following we see Marty crawling behind the counter.)
Griff: McFly!
Marty Jr.: What?
Griff: Your shoes' unbelted. (Marty Jr. looks. Griff pushes him and the gang laugh. Griff then pulls Marty Junior up.) So McFly, have you made a decision about tonight's opportunity?
Marty Jr.: Um, yeah Griff, you know, I was thinking about it and I'm not sure it's a good idea because I just think it might just be a little bit dangerous.
(Spike feels Marty Jr.'s face with her finger. Marty Jr. groans a bit.)
Spike: What's wrong McFly? You got no scrote? (She moves her hand so it digs into Marty Junior's “private area”.)
Marty Jr.: Ooh!
(He falls on the counter, and Griff's gang laugh. Marty is visible in this shot, although no-one sees him.)
Marty: (horrified) He's a complete wimp!
(Marty Jr. gets up.)
Griff: So what's it going to be McFly, are you in, or out?
Marty Jr.: Um, I just, um, I'm not sure that I should, you know, because I think that I should discuss this with my father.
Griff/Data/Whitey/Spike: Your father?
Griff: Wrong answer McFly!
(Griff throws Marty Jr. over the counter.)
Marty Jr.: OK Griff, I'll do it, I'll do it buddy, whatever you say.
(Marty Jr. falls unconscious. Marty looks at his son.)
Marty: Stay down and shut up!
(Griff is being watched by everyone in the Cafe. He turns to the two cyclists, who have stopped.)
Griff: Keep pedalling, you two! (Marty grabs his son's hat and puts it on. He then stands up and hops over the counter. Griff looks a bit surprised.) Now let's hear the right answer. (Marty pushes Griff.) Well! Since when did you become the physical type?
Marty: The answer's no, Griff.
Griff: (disbelief) No?
Marty: Yeah, what are you, deaf and stupid? I said no!
(Marty prepares to leave.)
Griff: What's wrong McFly, chicken?
(Data plays a chicken sound effect. Marty freezes and turns around to face Griff.)
Marty: What'd you call me, Griff?
Griff: Chicken, McFly.
(The sound effects of a chicken play again.)
Marty: Nobody calls me....(He sees Griff's bat.) …chicken. (smiles faintly, a sort of "oops" smile)
(Griff gets his baseball bat and charges for Marty.)
Griff: Argh!
(Griff misses Marty but hits the "Ronald Reagan" video waiter. Cut to behind Griff. We see him grow a bit taller - due to his bionic implants probably. We see Marty looking up to him as he grows.)
Griff: All right, punk!
Marty: Hey look!
(Griff looks. Marty tries to punch him, but Griff catches Marty's fist and smiles evilly at him. Marty then kicks Griff and Griff lets go. Marty then pushes him into his gang and they all fall to the floor.)

(Marty leaves the Cafe, passing Biff cleaning Griff's car. Looking at the square, he sees two girls on scooters. Marty runs over to them.)
Marty: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! (pause) Hey, hey, hey, hey! Stop, little girl, little girl, stop.
(Marty lifts the girl off her scooter.)
Girl 1: Hey!
Marty: (breaks off the handlebars) Look, I need to borrow your...hoverboard?
(Griff’s gang run out of the café.)
Data: Where is he?
(Marty hands the handlebars back to the little girl.)
Marty: Here.
Whitey: There! (points)
(Marty puts the hoverboard down, and of course it hovers. He looks at it, and then jumps on, hovering past the Café 80's.)
Whitey: He's got a hoverboard!
Data: Get the boards!
Spike: Get McFly!
(Marty is almost getting the hang of the hoverboard - until he almost bumps into some people and rocks.)
Marty: Argh! (he falls off the hoverboard)
Data: Get him!
(The gang gets on their hoverboards. Marty gets up and sees them coming after him. He gets back on his hoverboard and hovers off once more.)
Spike: Yeah, we got him!
(A Jeep lands in the street. Just as it lands Marty grabs the back of the truck. Whitey tries to grab Marty but misses. Cut to Biff, watching the events.)
Biff: There's something very familiar about all this.
(Griff leaves the Café, fuming. Cut to Marty. He grabs a rope from the back of the truck and trails behind, as if he's water-skiing. Griff walks to his car with his bat. The truck turns the corner by the Café 80's and Marty nearly hovers into the crowd. Griff tries to hit Marty with his bat, but misses and breaks the headlight on his car.)
Marty: Woah! (He looks out into the street and sees an oncoming car.) Argh! (He just misses the car. He hovers over the pond. With a few "jumps" he makes it almost the whole way across. He's about a metre away from the other side.)
Data: Hey McFly, you bojo! Those boards don't work on water.
Whitey: Unless you've got power!
(The gang laugh. Griff turns to his car. He gets a box out of it. The gang all walk down the street and stop. Griff presses a button on the box and a Pit Bull hoverboard pops out. This board works on jet power.)
Griff: Hook on! (The gang connect their hoverboards to Griff's. Marty is trying to move, he's pushing his foot in the water as if trying to start a skateboard.) Batter up!
(The board blasts off. Griff and his gang are on the way! Marty tries pushing the board again, but it doesn't work. Griff is getting closer. Then, just as Griff would have got Marty, Marty jumps off the board and lands in the water. Griff's board catches on a rock and Griff and his gang all fall off. They fly through the air and smash through the front window of Courthouse Mall. Marty resurfaces.)
Marty: Holy shit!
(He grabs the hoverboard and gets out of the water. Cut to Biff.)
Biff: Buttheads.
(Marty comes out of the underground entrance of Courthouse Mall and sees the police outside the Mall. A crowd has also gathered. A button flashes on Marty's jacket and he presses it.)
Jacket: (v.o) Drying mode on. Jacket drying. (beep) Your jacket is now dry.
(Marty walks over to the girls he borrowed the hoverboard from.)
Marty: Hey kid, little girl, thanks.
Girl 1: Keep it, I've got a Pit Bull now.
Girl 2: Come on.
(They walk off to see what's going on at the Mall. They have Griff's Pit Bull. An old man, Terry, approaches Marty.)
Terry: Save the clock tower. (to Marty) Hey kid, thumb a hundred bucks will ya, help save the clock tower.
Marty: I... Sorry, no. Another time.
Terry: Come on, kid. That's an important historical landmark. Lightning struck that thing sixty years ago.
(Where Goldie Wilson III's advert was earlier, a "Sportsflash" holo-announcement starts. It says that the Chicago Cubs beat the Miami Gators in the World Series.)
Marty: Wait a minute...Cubs win World Series...against Miami?
Terry: Yeah, something huh? Who would have thought? 100 to 1 shot. I wish I could go back to the beginning of the season and put some money on the Cubs.
Marty: No, I just meant Miami.....what did you just say?

Terry: I said I wish I could go back to the beginning of the season, put some money on the Cubbies! (Terry walks off. Marty has an idea.)

(Blast from the Past)
(The saleswoman takes the almanac from the window and gives it to Marty.)
Saleswoman: Now, this has an interesting feature, a dust jacket. Books used to have these to protect the covers, of course that was before they had dust repellent paper. And if you're interested in dust, we have a quaint little piece from the 1980's, it's called a Dustbuster.

(Marty looks at his purchase. Doc arrives in the DeLorean, hovering next to the shop.)
Doc: Marty!
Marty: I can't lose!
Doc: Marty, up here!
(Marty turns and sees Doc.)
Marty: Doc, what's going on?
Doc: Stand by, I'll park over there.
(Biff leaves the Cafe 80s.)
Marty: Yeah, all right. Hey, right on time.
Biff: Flying DeLorean? I haven't seen one of those in (realizes) thirty years.
(Marty Jr. leaves the Cafe - it appears he's regained consciousness. He bumps into Biff.)
Marty Jr.: Sorry, excuse me, sorry. (He goes out into the road and a car almost hits him. It beeps its horn at him.) Hey, I'm walking here, I'm walking here!
(Biff looks at Marty Junior, then turns to Marty and Doc at the DeLorean - of course both Marty’s look alike.)
Biff: What the hell?
Marty Jr.: Don't drive crank, low-res, scuzzball....
Biff: Two of them?

(Marty says hello to Einstein.)
Doc: I left him in a suspended animation kennel. Einstein never knew I was gone! (gets out of the car) Marty! What in the name of Sir Isaac H Newton happened here?
Marty: Oh yeah, Doc, listen, my kid showed up, all hell broke loose.
Doc: Your kid? Great Scott, the sleep inducer!
(Doc sits down. During the following Biff sneaks behind the DeLorean and listens in, unseen.)
Doc: Because I used it on Jennifer there wasn't enough power left to knock your son out for the full hour. Damn!
Marty: (re: USA Today) Doc, Doc, Doc, look at this, it's changing!
(The newspaper is changing from “Youth Arrested” to “Gang Arrested”. The picture of Marty Jr. changes to one of Griff and his gang.)

(Griff and his gang are led away by the cops. Doc looks at them through his futuristic binoculars.)
Spike: Get off, go on!
Griff: I was framed!

Doc: Why yes, yes of course! Because this hoverboard incident has now occurred, Griff goes to jail. Therefore your son won't go with him tonight and that robbery will never take place. Thus history, future history, has now been altered and this is the proof! Marty, we've succeeded, not exactly as I'd planned but no matter. Let's go get Jennifer and go home!
(Marty puts the hoverboard in the DeLorean and says hi to Einstein again.)
Marty: Hi Einie, hi buddy! (He picks up the almanac in its bag, but the book falls out and lands at Doc's feet.)
Doc: What's this?
Marty: Uh, it's a souvenir...
Doc: 50 years of Sports Statistics. Hardly recreational reading material Marty.
Marty: Hey Doc, what's the harm of bringing back, er, a little info on the future? Thought maybe we could place a couple of bets.
Doc: Marty! I didn't invent the time machine for financial gain. The intent here is to gain a clear perception of humanity. Where we've been, where we're going. The pitfalls and the possibilities. The perils and the promise. Perhaps even an answer to that universal question, why?
Marty: Hey Doc, I'm all for that! What's wrong with making a few bucks on the side?
Doc: I'm going to put this in the trash!

(Doc runs over to the alleyway, a moving bin is there. He's about to put the almanac in the bin when he sees a police car in the alleyway. He stops suddenly and looks in. The cops, Reese and Foley have found Jennifer.)
Doc: Great Scott!
Reese: McFly, Jennifer Jane Parker. 3793 Oakhurst St, Hilldale. Age 47.
Foley: 47? That's a hell of a good facelift.

(Marty and Doc are watching the cops.)
Marty: What the hell are they doing Doc?
Doc: They used her thumbprint to assess her ID. Since her thumbprint never changes over the years they simply assume she's the Jennifer of the future.
Marty: Well, we gotta stop them!
Doc: What are we going to say, that we're time travelers? Hey, they'd have us committed.

(Meanwhile the officers have been performing checks on Jennifer.)
Foley: She's clean, that means we take her home.
Reese: Home, to Hilldale? It'll be dark by the time we get out there.

Doc: They're taking her home, to your future home! We'll arrive shortly thereafter and get her out of there and go back to 1985.
Marty: You mean I'm going to see where I live? I'm going to see myself as an old man?
Doc: No, no, no Marty, that could resolve in a...(Doc realizes something and gives a "Huh!" groan) Great Scott! Jennifer could conceivably encounter her future self, the consequences of that could be disastrous.
Marty: Doc, what do you mean?
Doc: I foresee two possibilities. One - coming face-to-face with herself thirty years older could put her into shock and she could simply pass out. Or two - the encounter could create a time paradox, the results of which could cause a chain reaction that would unravel the very fabric of the space-time continuum and destroy the entire universe. Granted, that's the worse case scenario. The destruction might, in fact, be very localized, limited to merely our own galaxy.
Marty: (worried) Well, that's a relief.
(The police car takes off and passes Marty and Doc.)
Doc: Let's go, I sure hope we find Jennifer before she finds herself! (He looks at a sign which gives information on the skyway. It says "Skewed on Skyway C25".) Damn, the skyway's jammed, it's going to take us forever to get there. (re: Almanac) And this stays here, I didn't invent the time machine to win at gambling, I invented the time machine to travel through time!
Marty: I know, I know Doc!
(Doc puts the almanac on a barrel and the two leave. Unknown to them, Biff has been overhearing! He opens a door to see the almanac and picks it up.)
Biff: So, Doc Brown invented a time machine.

(Hilldale) (The police car arrives. The signs outside say "Hilldale - The Address Of Success" but have been altered to say "The Address Of Suckers". The car lands outside a house and the officers open the door.)
Reese: Hilldale. Nothing but a breeding ground for tranqs, lobos and zipheads.
Foley: Yeah, they ought to tear this whole place down.
(The officers press Jennifer's thumb to a panel next to the front door, and it opens.)
Voice: (v.o) Welcome home Jennifer.
(Jennifer is beginning to wake up.)
Jennifer: What?
Reese: You got a little tranked, but I think you can walk.
Foley: Ma'am, you should reprogram, it's dangerous to enter without lights on.
Jennifer: Lights on?
(The lights come on.)
Foley: Yes, now look. Just take it easy and you'll be fine. And be careful in the future.
Jennifer: Future?
Foley: Have a nice day Mrs McFly.
(The officers leave. Jennifer looks around. Upstairs, a teenage girl, Marlene, can be seen walking around. Jennifer looks at a window, there's a picture of a nice garden.)
Voice: (v.o) Broadcasting beautiful views 24 hours a day: you're tuned to the Scenery Channel.
Jennifer: I'm in the future.
Marlene: (o.s) Mom, mom is that you?
(Jennifer sees some photos and has a look. One is of her wedding.)
Jennifer: (horrified) I get married in the Chapel of Love? I've got to get out of here!
(She goes to the front door and looks for a doorknob - of course there isn't one. Then the doorbell rings. Jennifer steps back, spots a closet and hides in it. Marlene McFly comes down the stairs. She's Marty's daughter, and looks like a female Marty.)
Marlene: Mom? Mom, is that you? (She opens the door to reveal Grandma Lorraine.) Grandma Lorraine!
Lorraine: Sweetheart!
(They kiss.)
Marlene: What happened to Grandpa?
Lorraine: Oh, he put his back out again. (She steps back to reveal George. He’s attached to a hovering device and is upside down.)
George: How's Grandad's little pumpkin?
Marlene: How did you do that? How did he do that?
George: Oh, out on the golf course.
Lorraine: Are your folks home yet? I bought pizza for everyone. (She holds up the pizza, and it’s only a few inches long.)
Marlene: Oh, who's going to eat all that?
George: Oh, I will!

Doc: Damn this traffic! Jennifer, that is old Jennifer, usually gets home around now. I hope we're not too late.
(Doc looks through his goggles.)
Marty: What is it, what's the matter Doc?
Doc: For a moment, I thought I saw a taxi in my rear display. I thought it was following us. Weird.

(Hilldale – McFly Residence)
(Lorraine is changing the scenery on the window.)
Lorraine: I can't believe this window is still broken. (She changes it from an Eastern garden to a sunset to New York at night to a mountain.)
Marlene: Well, when the scene screen repairman called Daddy a chicken, Daddy threw him out of the house and now we can't get anybody to fix it.
Lorraine: Look how worn out this thing is!
(She lifts it up like a blind to reveal the real window with next door shown through it.)

(Jennifer, still hiding in the closet, listens to them.)
Lorraine: (o.s) Your father's biggest problem Marlene is that he loses all self control when someone calls him chicken. How many times have we heard it George?

Lorraine: Mom...
Lorraine/George: ...I can't let them think I'm chicken!
George: Well, you're right, you're right!
Lorraine: About thirty years ago, your father tried to prove he wasn't chicken and he ended up in an automobile accident.
Marlene: Oh, you mean with the Rolls Royce?

Jennifer: (horrified) Automobile accident?

(The DeLorean lands outside Hilldale - on the No Landing sign! - and Doc gets out.)
Doc: All right Einie, let's find Jennifer!
Marty: I don't believe it, I live in Hilldale! This is great! Way to go McFly!
Doc: Marty, stay here, change clothes, I need you on holler.
Marty: Come on Doc, I wanna check out my house!
Doc: We can't risk you running into your older self. Come on Einie.
(Doc and Einstein leave. Marty takes off his jacket.)
Marty: Hilldale? This is bitchin’.
(Just down the street from Marty, a taxi appears. Biff gets out and walks to the driver’s window. The driver gets out a gadget which has been adding his fare.)
Voice: (v.o) One Seven Four Point Five Zero.
Taxi Driver: That'll be 174.50.
Biff: Here. (He puts his thumbprint on the taxi driver's gadget).
Taxi Driver: Careful old timer, this is a rough neighborhood.
Biff: Just give me the receipt.
Taxi Driver: Here it is.
(Biff takes it and the taxi flies off. Biff hides in a recycling station just behind the DeLorean.)

(McFly Residence)
Lorraine: That accident caused a chain reaction of events which sent Marty's life straight down the tube. (Jennifer creeps out of the closet and is able to hear better.) If not for that accident, your father's life would have turned out very different. (The fruit holder comes down from the ceiling to above the table.) The man in the Rolls Royce wouldn't have pressed charges, Marty wouldn't have broken his hand and he wouldn't have given up on his music.

Lorraine: (o.s) And he wouldn't have spent all those years feeling sorry for himself.
(Marty Jr. has just come home. He walks past Jennifer.)
Marty Jr.: Hey Mom, nice pants.
Lorraine: (o.s) I think the real reason your mother married him was because she felt sorry for him.
Jennifer: Mom?
Lorraine: (o.s) Such a sweet girl.

(Living Room)
(Jennifer sees her future son sit down in front of the TV. A painting is on display.)
Marty Jr.: Put it off. (The picture vanishes) OK, I want channels 18, 24, 63, 109, 87 and the Weather Channel.
(The screen splits into 6, each bit with its own TV image. As the 6 channels broadcast, Marty Jr. gets up and straightens the TV. It becomes lop sided again when he lets go.)
Voice: (v.o) Welcome home Marty.
Marty: (o.s) Hey, hey, hey, Dad's home, that's right, he's home, Dad's home.
Voice: (v.o) Lord of the manor.
(2015 Marty arrives. He’s wearing a business suit with two ties, like Terry was earlier, and has a briefcase in his hand.)
Marty: Hello, hello.
Voice: (v.o) King of the castle.
Marty: Hello. (notices something) What the hell is this? (He presses a button.)
Female Voice: (v.o) Lithium mode on.
Marty: That's better, damn kids. (walks up to his son) Hey Ace. (Marty Jr. ignores him and continues watching TV.) Watching a little TV for a change?

(Marty has just put his 1985 Nikes back on. He looks around, and sees a dog being walked - by a robotic lead. Marty stares at it, and then gets up to have a closer look at it. He walks down the street. Biff gets into the DeLorean and unseen by Marty, takes off, although he crashes into some boxes first.)

(McFly Residence – Kitchen)
(Lorraine is making dinner. She opens the pizza.)
Marty Jr.: (o.s) Hey, pizza!
Marty: (o.s) Alright, just wait.
Marty Jr.: (o.s) Grandma, can you just shove it in my mouth? (laughs)
Marty: (o.s) Don't you be a smart ass!
Marty Jr.: (o.s.) Oh, great, it's the atrocity channel.
(Lorraine puts the pizza in a Black and Decker Hydrator.)
Lorraine: Hydrate level 4 please. (4 seconds later, she takes the pizza out, and it’s become full size.) Mmm.
Marty Jr.: (o.s) Is it ready?
(Lorraine puts the pizza on the table.)
Lorraine: Here you go.
(Marty, Marlene and Marty Jr. all take a slice. Marlene and Marty Jr. both have television/telephone goggles on.)
Marty: Oh boy, oh boy Mom, you sure can hydrate a pizza. (Marty takes a bite.) Now I'm sorry I missed that whole thing.

Lorraine: (o.s) Now I'm just worried about Jennifer.

Lorraine: Why isn't she home yet?
Marty: I'm not sure where Jennifer is Mom. (He pours himself and his son some juice. Marlene has a Pepsi.) Should have been home hours ago, and I'm having a hard time keeping track of her these days.
Marty Jr.: Hey fruit, fruit please! (The fruit thing comes down.) Thank you.
Lorraine: Aren't you and Jennifer getting along?
Marty: Oh yeah, great Mom, we're like a couple of teenagers, ya know.
(The phone rings on the kids goggles.)
Marty Jr.: Dad, telephone, its Needles.
Marlene: Dad, it's for you.
Marty: All right, well, I'll take it down in the den. Excuse me.
Marty Jr.: (re: fruit machine) Retract!

Marty: Hello, in here please.
(The painting on screen disappears to reveal Needles.)
Needles: Hey, hey, the big M! How's it hanging McFly?
Marty: Hey Needles.

Needles: (o.s) So...
Jennifer: (puzzled) Needles? (she watches Marty and Needles)
Needles: Did you take a look at that little business proposal of mine?
Marty: (o.s) I don't know Needles.
Needles: (o.s) What are you afraid of?

Needles: If this thing works, it'll solve all your financial problems.
Marty: And if it doesn't work Needles, I could get fired. It's illegal! I mean, what if the Jitz is watching, huh?
Needles: The Jitz will never find out! Come on, stick your card in the slot and I'll handle it.
Marty: Nah. (He starts to walk off)
Needles: Unless you want everyone in division to think you're.....chicken.
(Marty freezes at this word. He then turns around.)
Marty: Nobody calls me chicken, Needles, nobody!
Needles: All right, prove it.
Marty: All right, all right Needles, here's my card, scan it, I'm in.
Needles: Thanks McFly. See you at the plant tomorrow.
(Needles "hangs up" and the screen has the AT&T logo on it.)
Female Voice: (v.o) Thank you for using AT&T.
(Marty gets up. Behind him, a Japanese man appears on the screen. It's Marty's boss, Iko Fujitsu - aka the Jitz.)
Jitz: McFly!
(Jennifer jumps at this. Marty turns around to see his boss.)
Marty: Oh! Fujitsu-san! Konnichi wa!
Jitz: McFly! I was monitoring that scan you just interfaced. You are terminated!
Marty: Terminated! No, no! It wasn't my fault sir, it was Needles, Needles was behind the whole thing!
Jitz: And you co-operated!
Marty: No I didn't! It was a sting operation! I was setting him up!
Jitz: McFly, read my fax!
(The words You're Fired appear on screen, and the Jitz walks away.)
Marty: Please no, I can't be fired - I'm fired!
(Fax machines throughout the house print off You're Fired as well. One is near Jennifer. She takes it and look at it, horrified.)
Marty: Oh, this is heavy. What am I going to tell Jennifer?
(Jennifer watches him, but hears a tap on the window. It's Doc and Einstein!)
Doc: (whispering) Jennifer, Jennifer!
Jennifer: Oh Doc, am I glad to see you!
Doc: Go out the front door!
Jennifer: But it doesn't open, there's no doorknob!
Doc: Press your thumb to the plate!
Jennifer: What plate?
(Doc sees something and he and Einstein hide. Jennifer creeps out of the closet and makes her way to the door. Marty gets his guitar and plays a few chords from The Power Of Love. Lorraine enters, and Jennifer moves quickly before she can be seen.)
Lorraine: Marty, what does this fax mean?
Marty: Oh Mom, it's a joke, an office joke, a joke fax.
Lorraine: A joke? But Marty, I heard you yelling.
Marty: No Mom; Mom, mom, mom, calm down, I wasn't yelling... Needles and I were just kinda joking.
(Jennifer goes to the front door.)
Computerized Voice: Welcome home Jennifer.
(Jennifer is about to walk out when she realizes that her future self has just walked in! 2015 Jennifer, has grey hair - the years have not been kind to her. She's carrying groceries. Both Jennifer’s stop and stare at each other.)
2015 Jennifer: I'm young!
1985 Jennifer: I'm old!
(Both faint, but luckily Doc is there to catch 1985 Jennifer.)

(Biff arrives back in 2015 and parks the DeLorean. He gets out, clutching his chest. Doc calls to Marty.)
Doc: Marty! Marty! Marty! Come quick! Quick!
(Biff gets out of the DeLorean. The top of his cane breaks off and stays in there.)
Biff: Oh, oh, ahh!
(Marty and Doc are running down the street carrying Jennifer.)
Doc: She encountered her future self and went into shock, just as I predicted. She'll be fine - lets get her back to 1985. And then I'm going to destroy the time machine!
Marty: Destroy it? What about all that stuff about humanity? Where we're going and why?
Doc: The risk is just too great as this incident proves. (He opens the door and they put Jennifer inside.) And I was behaving responsibly! Just imagine the danger if the time machine were to fall in the wrong hands!
(Cut to Biff. He groans again and falls over. Cut back to Doc.)
Doc: My only regret is that I will never get a chance to visit my favourite historical era - the old west. But time travelling is just too dangerous. Better that I devote myself to study the other great mystery of the universe - women.
(Cut to inside the DeLorean. Marty is sitting in the passenger seat with Jennifer, still out cold, on his lap. Einstein is behind them. Doc inputs October 26th 1985 9.00PM in the time panel.)
Doc: Marty, Einie, brace yourselves for temporal displacement.
(Marty holds Jennifer. Cut to his point of view. We see the DeLorean get up to 88mph whilst travelling on the skyway, then just as they're about to pass a floating sign, the DeLorean breaks the time barrier. The skyway vanishes.)

(Hill Valley – 1985)
Marty: Did we make it? Are we back? (A jumbo jet just misses them.) Argh!
Doc: We're back.
(Doc flies the DeLorean down a street, lets the wheels down and lands, driving normally to a house - Jennifer's. It parks in her driveway. He and Marty get out, carrying Jennifer. Neither of them notice the wrecked car in the driveway. They put her on her porch swing.)
Doc: Let's put her in the swing! Then I'll take you home and you can come back in your truck and wake her. When she awakens here in her own house and it's dark, you should be able to convince her it was all a dream.
Marty: Wait a minute, we're just going to leave her here on the porch?
Doc: The disorientation will help convince her that it was all a dream.
Marty: How long do you think she's gonna be out?
Doc: I'm not sure, she received quite a shock. Could be for a few minutes, most probably a couple of hours. You'd better bring some smelling salts with you.
Marty: Well you're the Doc, Doc.
Doc: Right. Let's go Einie.
(Doc and Einstein walk towards the DeLorean. Marty stays where he is looking at Jennifer. Doc turns around to face him.)
Doc: Don't worry, she'll be fine.
(Marty walks after Doc and notices bars on the windows.)
Marty: I don't remember bars being on these windows.

(Lyon Estates)
(The DeLorean drives through them into the estate. A pack of stray dogs run across the road after the car passes. The DeLorean drives down the street and stops at Marty's house. Trash is everywhere and most of the houses on Marty's street are empty/boarded up/have got "For Sale" signs in the front gardens. Marty opens the door and gets out of the DeLorean.)
Doc: If you need me, I'll be in my lab, dismantling this thing.
Marty: Right.
(Marty closes the door and Doc drives off. Marty goes to the side gate and tries to open it - but there's a padlock.)
Marty: (surprised) What the hell?
(Marty climbs over the gate.)

(Marty quietly opens the window. He steps inside, but trips and falls onto the bed. The light is turned on and Marty sees a young girl, Loretta, in his bed! Except it's not his bed, this room is completely different.)
Loretta: Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!
Marty: Hey, hey, hey, wait, wait a minute, what are you doing in my room?
Loretta: Mom, Dad, help me!
Marty: Wait a minute, wait a minute, OK, OK!
(The door bursts open and Loretta's Dad enters. He's carrying a baseball bat.)
Dad: Freeze sucker!
Marty: It's OK, I don't want any trouble!
Dad: Well, you got trouble now you piece of trash!
(Loretta's Mom enters and stands by the doorway. With her is their other child, Harold. Dad tries to hit Marty with the bat but breaks some of his daughter's things instead. Loretta is still crying.)
Dad: What are you doing in here with my daughter?
Marty: Hey listen, I'm just in the wrong house!
(Dad aims again - and misses again.)
Harold: Go get him Dad!
Dad: You got that right!
(Dad aims again.)
Marty: Hey look, I made a mistake!
Dad: You're damn right you made a mistake!
(Dad aims again.)
Marty: Argh!
(Marty crawls out of the room.)
Harold/Loretta: Get him!

(Front Yard)
(Marty runs out of the house, and the family chases him until they stop at the end of the front yard.)
Marty: Argh!
Dad: Right, you keep running sucker, and you tell that realty company that I ain't selling, you hear? We ain't going to be terrorized!

(Marty runs down a street. Things are very different to how he remembered. In the distance he hears gunshots and screaming. At a corner there are the outlines of two murder victims. Marty runs down another street and three police cars drive past in the background.)
Marty: This has got to be the wrong year. (He sees a house. He runs over and picks up the newspaper. He reads out the date - October 26th 1985.) 1985? It can't be.
Strickland: (o.s.) Drop it.
(Marty looks behind him to see Mr. Strickland wearing a nightshirt with a bullet-proof vest on top. He's got a gun and pointing it at Marty.)
Strickland: So you're the son of a bitch who's been stealing my papers.
Marty: Mr. Strickland. Mr. Strickland, it's me sir. It's Marty.
Strickland: Who?
Marty: Marty McFly! Marty McFly! Don't you know me? From school, sir.
Strickland: I've never seen you before in my life but you look to me like a slacker.
Marty: Yeah, that's right. That's right, I am a slacker. Don't you remember? You gave me detention last week.
Strickland: Last week? The school burnt down six years ago. Now, you've got exactly three seconds to get off my porch with your nuts in tact. One -
Marty: I just wanna know what the hell is going on here.
Strickland: Two...
Marty: Argh!!!
(A car drives past, its drivers fire gunshots.)
Gang: Strickland!
(They hit Strickland's porch, destroying a few flower pots, and Marty ducks for cover. Strickland comes back with a gun and fires it.)
Strickland: Eat lead, slackers!
(Marty runs off, terrified.)
Marty: Argh!

(Courthouse Square)
(Marty runs up and ends up standing on a sign. It's the "Welcome to the City of Hill Valley A Nice Place To Live" sign. It's been changed so it now says "Hell Valley" and also has bullet holes in it. In the square he bumps in to Red, the bum we saw at the end of Part 1 when Marty re-entered 1955. He's also a bum in this reality.)
Red: Watch where you're going, crazy drunk pedestrian!
Marty: Red!
(Red looks at him and then walks off. Marty gets a look at Courthouse Square. It's now full of strip bars, adult book stores and the like. There are bikers everywhere - it seems Hill Valley is hosting a biker's convention. Marty looks again. There is a toxic plant in the Square and a tank owned by the Hill Valley Police is driving around. Marty looks at the Courthouse. It's now a high rise building. The clock has been removed and extra stories have been built on top. Then Marty gets the biggest surprise - it is now BIFF TANNEN'S PLEASURE PARADISE!!! A neon image of Biff using a money bill as a cigar can be seen. At the top of the building is the word "Biff's" in big neon letters. Big chimneys are also polluting the air.)

(Pleasure Paradise)
(Marty crosses the square and walks to the Pleasure Paradise. To the right of the main entrance is the Biff Tannen Museum. There's a TV screen playing. Marty goes to watch it.)
Narrator: (v.o) Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Biff Tannen Museum, dedicated to Hill Valley's number one citizen, and America's greatest living folk hero, the one, the only, Biff Tannen. Of course, we've all heard the legend, but who is the man? Inside you will learn how Biff Tannen became one of the richest and most powerful men in America. (The TV screen shows Biff driving away from a big house in an expensive car.) Learn the amazing history of the Tannen family, starting with his great grandfather, Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen, the fastest gun in the west. (The TV screen shows a picture of Buford.) See Biff's humble beginnings, and how a trip to the races on his 21st birthday made him a millionaire overnight. (The TV screen shows a racehorse and then Biff after his win with his money. Afterwards a copy of the Hill Valley Telegraph appears on screen – “Hill Valley Man Wins Big At Races”.) Share in the excitement of a fabulous winning streak...(The TV screen shows the Hill Valley Telegraph – “Biff Wins Again”.) ...that earned him the nickname, "The Luckiest Man On Earth". (The TV screen shows the Hill Valley Telegraph – “Biff Tannen: The Luckiest Man On Earth”.) Learn how Biff parlayed that lucky winning streak into the vast empire named Biffco. (The TV screen shows Biff outside one of the Biffco plants.) Discover how in 1979 Biff successfully lobbied to legalize gambling, and turned Hill Valley's dilapidated Courthouse into a beautiful casino-hotel. (The TV screen shows the Hill Valley Telegraph – “Gambling Legalized”.)
Biff: (on video) I just want to say one thing - God bless America.
Narrator: (v.o) Meet the women who shared in his passion as he searched for true love... (The TV screen shows pictures of Biff with women, before cutting to a picture of Lorraine!) ...and relive Biff's happiest moment, as in 1973 he realized his life long dream by marrying his high school sweetheart, Lorraine Baines McFly. (The TV shows the wedding day. As Biff and Lorraine leave the church, a reporter's arm with a mike is seen.)
Reporter: (v.o, on video) How do you feel Mr Tannen?
Biff: (on video) Third time's the charm.
(Biff kisses Lorraine. Marty can't believe it.)
Marty: No!!! (He steps backwards - into the arms of 3-D, Match and Skinhead. Skinhead grabs Marty.) No!
Skinhead: Hey wait, you're coming with us upstairs!
Marty: Let me go!
Match: Sonny, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.
(3-D hits Marty on the head and Marty passes out. As the screen fades to black we can hear “The easy way” quietly.)

(Pleasure Paradise – 27th Floor)
(Marty wakes up in a bed. He wakes up a bit and sees his mother Lorraine.)
Marty: (still half-asleep) Mom? Mom, is that you?
Lorraine: Just relax Marty. You've been asleep for almost two hours.
Marty: I had a horrible nightmare. It was terrible.
Lorraine: Well, you're safe and sound now. Back on the good ol' 27th floor.
(Marty, now wide awake, sits up suddenly! Lorraine turns on the lights.)
Marty: 27th Floor?! (Looks at Lorraine) Argh! Mom, Mom that can't be you.
(Lorraine is thinner than she was when Marty left 1985, and her breasts are bigger - she's obviously had surgery. She's dressed up in a tight outfit.)
Lorraine: Yes it's me, Marty. Are you alright?
Marty: I'm fine. I'm fine. It's just that you're so, you're so big.
Lorraine: Everything's going to be fine, Marty. Are you hungry? I can call room service.
Marty: Room service?
Biff: (o.s) Lorraine!
Lorraine: Oh my God, it's your father.
Marty: My father?
(Biff enters. This Biff is dressed up in a suit, and has a yellowy-ginger hair colour rather than the grey he had at the start of the film. 3-D, Match and Skinhead are with him.)
Biff: You're supposed to be in Switzerland you little son of a bitch!
Marty: (horrified) My father!
Biff: Did you get kicked out of another boarding school? (Lorraine takes another sip of her drink.) Damn it Lorraine, do you know how much perfectly good dough I've spent on this no good kid of yours, huh? On all 3 of them? Lorraine: What the hell do you care, we can afford it! (She walks out of the room, tripping over on the way, during the following. Biff follows her.) The least we can do with all that money is provide a better life for our children.
Biff: Oh, hold on one second. Let's get this straight. Marty is your kid, not mine, and all the money in the world wouldn't do jack shit with that lazy bum.
Lorraine: Stop it Biff, just stop it!
Biff: Just look at him. He's a butthead just like his old man was.
(Lorraine turns to Biff angrily.)
Lorraine: Don't you dare speak that way about George! You're not even half the man he was!
(Biff pushes Lorraine and she falls to the floor. Marty tries to run towards Biff.)
Marty: You son of a bitch!
3-D: Hey!
(Match and Skinhead hold Marty back. Lorraine lets out a cry of pain. Biff walks over to Marty.)
Biff: Always the little hothead, huh? You wanna take a poke at me?
(Biff punches Marty in the stomach. Marty lets out a cry of pain, as does Lorraine. Biff laughs, and Lorraine gets up. She walks over to the stairs.)
Lorraine: Damn it Biff, that's it. I'm leaving! (she starts walking up the stairs.)
Biff: So, go ahead. But think about this, Lorraine. Who's going to pay for all your clothes, huh? And your jewellery and your liquor? Who's going to pay for your cosmetic surgery, Lorraine?
Lorraine: You were the one who wanted me to get these, these things. (She points to her breasts) If you want them back, you can have them.
Biff: Look Lorraine, you walk out that door, I'll not only cut off you, I'll cut off your kids!
(Lorraine turns around sharply and runs back to the banister.)
Lorraine: You wouldn't!
Biff: Oh, wouldn't I? First your daughter Linda, I'll cancel all her credit cards. She can settle her debts with the bank all by herself. (He walks up the stairs.) Your idiot son, Dave, I'll get his parole revoked. And as for Marty, well, maybe you'd like all three of your kids behind bars just like your brother Joey. One big happy jailbird family.
(Biff is now right next to Lorraine.)
Lorraine: Alright, Biff. You win. I'll stay.
(Lorraine goes down the stairs. Biff turns to Marty.)
Biff: As for you, I’ll be back up here in an hour, so you'd better not be!
(Biff leaves, slamming the doors as he goes. 3-D, Match and Skinhead follow him.)
Lorraine: He was right, and I was wrong.
Marty: Mom, Mom, what are you saying? You're actually defending him!
(Lorraine sits down and has another drink.)
Lorraine: I had it coming. He's my husband, and he takes care of all of us. And he deserves our respect.
Marty: Respect! Your husband? How can he be your husband? How can you leave Dad for him?
Lorraine: Leave Dad? Marty, are you feeling OK?
Marty! No! no, I'm not feeling all right! I don't understand one damn thing that's going on around here and why nobody can give me a simple straight answer. (He sits down next to her.)
Lorraine: Oh, they must have hit you on the head hard this time. (She runs her hand through her son's hair.)
Marty: Mom, I just want to know one thing. (He holds her hand.) Where's my father? Where's George McFly?
Lorraine: Marty! George, your father is in the same place he's been for the past 12 years. (takes a sip) Oak Park Cemetery.

(Oak Park Cemetery)
(Marty finally finds a gravestone. It reads “In Loving Memory Of George Douglas McFly, Born April 1st 1938, Died March 15th 1973.”)
Marty: NO! No! (Marty kneels down in front of the gravestone.) This can't be happening! (reads) March 15th 1973? No, oh please God no, no, please God, please God, no, this can't be happening! This can't be happening! This can't be...
(A shadow appears on the gravestone. Marty hears a twig snap and turns around. It’s Doc and Einstein.)
Doc: I'm afraid it is happening Marty, all of it!
Marty: Doc!
Doc: When I learnt about your father, I figured you'd come here.
Marty: Then you know what happened to him? You know what happened, March 15th 1973?
Doc: Yes Marty, I know.

(Doc’s Garage)
(It’s a mess. Doc opens a book. ‘Hill Valley Telegraph Archives March 1st - April 30th 1973’. On the page he turns to is a headline – “George McFly Murdered: Local Author Shot Dead.” We stay focused on the paper as Doc speaks.)
Doc: (v.o) I went to the public library to try and make sense out of all the madness. The place was boarded up, shut down, so I broke in and borrowed some newspapers.
Marty: I don't get it Doc, I mean how can this be happening? It's like we're in hell or something.
Doc: No, its Hill Valley, although I can't imagine hell being much worse! (Einstein whines. Doc takes a candle and goes over to him.) Oh Einie, I'm sorry boy, the lab is an awful, awful, awful, awful mess! (He flips over Einstein’s dog bed and the dog hops in.) Atta boy. (to Marty) Obviously the time continuum has been disrupted creating this new temporally venced sequence resulting in this alternative reality.
Marty: English, Doc!
Doc: Here, here, here, let me illustrate. (He finds blackboard and stands it up. He picks up some chalk.) Imagine that this line represents time...(He draws a line on the blackboard.) ...Here's the present, 1985 (He writes “1985” on the board), the future (he writes “F”), and the past (he writes “Past”). Prior to this point in time... (He points to 1985) ...somewhere in the past, the timeline skewed into this tangent, creating an alternate 1985. (Doc draws the tangent on the board and writes “1985-A” on it.) Alternate to you, me and Einstein. But reality for everyone else. (He goes to the DeLorean and gets a bag out.) Recognize this? It's the bag the sports book came in. I know, because the receipt is still inside. I found them in the time machine, along with this! (He holds up the top of Biff’s 2015 cane.)
Marty: It's the top of Biff's cane, I mean old Biff from the future!
Doc: Correct! It was in the time machine because Biff was in the time machine - with the sports almanac!
Marty: Holy shit!
Doc: You see, whilst we were in the future, Biff got the sports book, stole the time machine, went back in time and gave the book to himself at some point in the past.
(Doc draws a line from the "F" on the board to the point where the tangent skewed into 1985-A. He then takes out a copy of the Hill Valley Telegraph, “Hill Valley Man Wins Big At Races”. Next to it is a picture of Biff.)
Doc: Look! It says, right here, that Biff won his first million betting on a horse race in 1958. He wasn't just lucky, he knew because he had all the race results in the sports almanac. That's how he made his entire fortune! Look in his pocket with a magnifying glass.
(Marty does so. He sees the almanac in Biff's pocket.)
Marty: The almanac! (Doc chuckles again) That son of a bitch stole my idea! (He slams his fist on the table.) He must have been listening when's my fault! If I hadn't bought that damn book, none of this would ever have happened!
Doc: Well, that's all in the past.
Marty: You mean the future.
Doc: Whatever! It demonstrates precisely how time travel can be misused and why the time machine must be destroyed - after we straighten all of this out.
Marty: Right, so we go back to the future, and we stop Biff from stealing the almanac.
Doc: We can't! Because, if we travel into the future from this point in time, it will be the future of this reality! (He underlines 1985-A on the board). In which Biff is corrupt, and powerful, and married to your mother; and in which this has happened to me! (He shows Marty another paper. The headline says “Emmett Brown Committed - Crackpot Inventor Declared Legally Insane.” A side story says “Biffco To Build New Dioxin Plant” and “Nixon To Seek 5th Term.” Einstein whines as Marty takes it.) No, our only chance to repair the present is in the past, at the point where the timeline skewed into this tangent. In order to put the universe back as we remember it, and get back to our reality, we have to find out the exact date, and the specific circumstances of how, where and when, young Biff got his hands on that sports almanac.
Marty: I'll ask him.

(Pleasure Paradise – 27th Floor)
(“A Fistful of Dollar’s” is playing on the TV in Biffy’s suite. Clint Eastwood looks up to the camera. The other guy shoots him, and Clint falls into some barrels. The other guy smiles, and fires again - he's out of bullets. Clint gets up and reveals the bullet-proof vest. Cut to Biff watching the movie from his Jacuzzi with 2 other women.)
Biff: Bullet-proof vest! Great flick, great frigging flick The guy is brilliant! (Marty comes up behind and turns the TV off using the remote.) Hey, what the hell's going... (sees Marty) Ah!
Jacuzzi Girls: Ahh!
Marty: Party's over Biff. (He throws the remote in the Jacuzzi.) Sorry ladies.
Biff: How'd you get past my security downstairs?
Marty: There's a little matter we need to talk about.
Biff: Yeah, money, right? Well forget it!
Marty: No, not money. (slowly) Grays Sports Almanac.
Biff: (gives Marty a look) You heard him girls, party's over.

(Biff enters a room wearing a robe. Marty follows him. In the room is a big painting of Biff.)
Biff: Start talking kid, what else do you know about that book?
Marty: First, you tell me how you got it. How, where, and when.
Biff: Alright, take a seat. (Marty stays standing. Biff walks over to the painting of himself. He turns to Marty.) Sit down! (Marty does) November 12th 1955, that was when.
(During the following Biff reveals the painting is really a safe. He opens the safe.)
Marty: November 12th 1955? That was the day I went back... (covering) that was the day of the famous Hill Valley lightning storm.
Biff: You know your history, very good. I'll never forget that Saturday. I'd just picked my car up from the shop because I'd enrolled it in a drag race a few days earlier.
Marty: I thought you crashed it into a manure truck.
Biff: How do you know about that?
Marty: (covering) My father told me about it.
Biff: Your father?
Marty: Before he died.
Biff: Yeah right. So there I was, minding my own business, (he opens the safe) when this crazy old codger with a cane shows up. (He takes a box out of the safe.) He says he's my distant relative. I didn't see any resemblance. (He puts the box on the table.) So he says "How would you like to be rich?" So I say "Sure." (He opens the box and takes the sports almanac from it.) So he lays this book on me. He says this book'll tell me the outcome of every sporting event 'til the end of the century. All I have to do is bet on the winner, and I'll never lose. So I say "What's the catch?" He says, "No catch, just keep it a secret." (Biff puts the book back in the box and closes it.) After that he disappeared. I never saw him again. (Marty takes a "Biff's Pleasure Paradise" matchbox and puts it in his pocket.) Oh, and he told me one other thing. He said some day, a crazy wild eyed scientist or a kid may show up asking about that book. And if that ever happened... (Biff laughs as he pulls out a gun.) Funny, I never thought it would be you.
Marty: Yeah well Biff, you're forgetting one thing. What the hell is that?
(He points behind Biff. Biff looks, and Marty throws the matchbox tray at him. It hits the chair just about Biff's head. Marty runs off. Biff turns back and sees him go. He fires at Marty and misses.)
Biff: You're dead, you little son of a bitch!
(Biff presses a button which calls for security.)

(Marty runs out of the room and sees the elevator. He runs to it, just as 3-D, Match and Skinhead come out of it.)
3-D: Hey, get back here!
Match: Hey, hey!
(Marty runs to the stairs and runs down them. The gang follows him. Marty switches to the other flight of stairs and climbs back up. Biff's cronies do not realize he's done this and carry on downwards. Marty, now back at the top of the stairs, goes out onto the roof. Biff enters. He sees the door to the roof closing and realizes where Marty is.)

(Marty runs to the edge of the roof and looks down. Biff approaches him.)
Biff: Go ahead, kid. Jump. Suicide'll be nice and neat.
Marty: What if I don't?
(Biff pulls out the gun and points it at Marty.)
Biff: Lead poisoning.
Marty: What about the police, Biff? They're gonna match up the bullet with that gun. (He looks down again.)
Biff: Kid, I own the police! Besides, they couldn't match up the bullet that killed your old man.
Marty: You son of a bitch!
Biff: I suppose it's poetic justice - two McFlys with the same gun.
(Looking down again, Marty jumps off the roof. Biff looks at him with a "what the hell?" look and approaches the roof. He chuckles to himself. Then he sees Marty hovering in mid-air! It turns out that he's standing on the DeLorean.)
Biff: (re: DeLorean) What the hell?
(Doc opens the door of the car and it hits Biff on the head, knocking him out. Marty climbs in.)
Marty: Nice one Doc! You're not going to believe this, we've got to go back to 1955!
Doc: I don't believe it!
(The DeLorean flies away from the Pleasure Paradise.)

(Doc is inputting the date in the time panel.)
Marty: That's right, Doc. November 12th 1955.
Doc: Unbelievable, that old Biff could have chosen that particular date. It could mean that, that point in time inherently contains some sort of cosmic significance. Almost as if it were the junction point for the entire space-time continuum. On the other hand, it could just be an amazing coincidence. (The time display changes to JAN 01 1885 12.00AM.) Damn, gotta fix that thing! (He bangs it and it changes back to NOV 12 1955 06.00AM.) All right, time circuits on.
Marty: What do you mean, time circuits on? Doc, we're not going back now?
Doc: Yep.
Marty: Doc, what about Jennifer, what about Einstein? We can't just leave them here!
Doc: Don't worry Marty, assuming we succeed in our mission this alternative 1985 will be changed back to the real 1985, instantaneously transforming around Jennifer and Einie. Jennifer and Einie will be fine, and they will have absolutely no memory of this horrible place!
Marty: Doc, what if we don't succeed?
Doc: We must succeed!

(Hill Valley – 1955)
(The DeLorean arrives just outside of where they are beginning to build Lyon Estates. Doc and Marty get out of the car.)
Marty: Ah, this is heavy Doc. I mean it's like I was just here yesterday.
Doc: You were here yesterday, Marty. You were. Amazing, isn't it? (He runs to the billboard, Marty follows.) All right, sunrise should be in about 22 minutes. (He goes back to the DeLorean.) You go into town, and track down Young Biff and tail him. Sometime today, Old Biff will show up and give young Biff the almanac. Above all you must not interfere with that event. You must let Old Biff believe he's succeeded so he'll leave 1955 and return the DeLorean back to the future.
Marty: Right.
Doc: Once Old Biff has gone, grab the almanac any way you can. Remember both of our futures depend on this!
Marty: You don't have to remind me of that, Doc!
Doc: Here's some binoculars and a walkie-talkie so we can keep in contact. I'll stay here and try to repair the shortened time circuits. That way we don't risk anyone else stealing the time machine, and I won't risk accidentally running into my other self.
Marty: Your other self?
Doc: Yes! There are now 2 of me here... (During the following Doc turns to face the camera as if he is talking to the audience.) ...and there are 2 of you here. (He runs down the street, Marty follows.) The other me, is the Dr Emmett Brown from 1955, the younger me...(He turns around and runs back to the camera.) ...that helps the younger you get back to 1985! Remember the lightning bolt at the clock tower?
Marty: Yeah.
Doc: That event doesn't happen until tonight, so you must be very careful not to run into your other self. Let me give you some money. (He pulls out a case, and opens it. Inside are various money bills from different times. He finds a note from 1955 and gives it to Marty.) Have to be prepared for all monetary possibilities! Get yourself some 50's clothes.
Marty: Check Doc.
(Marty leaves, then Doc calls after him.)
Doc: Something inconspicuous!

(Mason Street)
(Marty is in view, wearing a leather coat, glasses and a hat. Very not inconspicuous. From this point on when Marty and Doc talk, they are on their walkie-talkies (w.t).)
Marty: (w.t) Doc, come in Doc, this is Marty, over.
Doc: (v.o) Roger Marty, this is Doc. Are you there?
(Marty looks through the binoculars. He's looking at a house, filled with garden ornaments and a sign - No Trespassers - Violators Will Be Prosecuted. This Means You!)
Marty: (w.t) Yeah Doc, I'm at the address. (looks at the front door) It's the only Tannen in the book...but I don't think it's Biff's house. It looks like some old lady lives here.
(Then to prove Marty wrong, Biff leaves the house. But to prove Marty right as well, the voice of Grandma Tannen can be heard. The following is viewed through the binoculars.)
Grandma Tannen: (v.o) Biff!
Biff: Yeah?
Grandma Tannen: (v.o) Where're you going Biff?
Biff: I'm going to get my car Grandma!
Grandma Tannen: (v.o) When are you coming back? My feet hurt and I want you to rub my toes some more.
Biff: (to himself) Shut up you old bag.

(Biff walks a few yards down the street when a red ball lands at his feet. He picks it and 5 kids come along to him.)
Kids: Give us our ball back!
Biff: What ball?
Kids: That ball!
Biff: What ball are you talking about?
Kids: Give us our ball back!
Biff: Oh, is this your ball?
Kids: Yeah!
(Marty crouches behind a car to avoid being seen.)
Biff: Is this your ball, you want it back?
Kids: Yeah!
(He throws it into a gutter on a house.)
Biff: Well go get it! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. (He walks off.)
Marty: (w.t) Doc, it is Biff's house, I'm on him. Over.

(Courthouse Square)
(Biff walks down the street. Marty follows, hiding behind cars. He is not seen by Biff. Biff walks between some kids throwing a ball around.)
Kid: Hey!
(Biff walks over to his car, where Terry the mechanic has fixed it. It's the same Terry from 2015 who asked Marty to donate money to save the clock tower- of course here he's 60 years younger.)
Biff: Looking good Terry.
Terry: Hey Biff, she's all fixed up just like you wanted, but I couldn't get it started! You got some kind of a kill switch on this thing?
(The camera pulls out to reveal 2015 Biff behind a tree. He watches as 1955 Biff opens the car door and gets in.)
Biff: No, you just got to have the right touch. Nobody can start this car but me.
Terry: The bill comes to $302 and 57 cents...
Biff: 300 bucks? (He gets out of the car.) 300 bucks for a couple of dents? No, hey, that's bullshit Terry.
Terry: No Biff, it was horseshit, the whole car was filled with it.
(We cut to 2015 Biff as he remembers this.)
Terry: (v.o) I had to pay Old Man Jones 80 bucks to haul it away!
Biff: (v.o) Old Man Jones? He probably resold it too! Now I ought to get something for that.
(Cut back to 1955 Biff and Terry.)
Terry: Wanna get something for it? Well, go inside, you can call Old Man Jones and if you want us to give you a refund...
Biff: It's 300 bucks Terry! If I catch the guy who caused this, I'll break his neck!
(Marty gets into the back of the car unseen and covers himself with a sheet. Cut to 2015 Biff as 1955 Biff and Terry enter the Western Auto Stores shop.)
2015 Biff: The manure! I remember that!
(As 2015 Biff walks off, 1955 Biff and Terry come out of the store. Biff pushes past a kid on a scooter. Terry is holding 4 cans. They're in the middle of their conversation.)
Terry: ...4 cans of Valvoline.
Biff: 4 cans for a $300 job?
Terry: I can't even have lunch…
Biff: I should be getting a case or more out of you for a 300 buck job.
(They keep arguing as Biff throws the cans in the back of the car, where they land on Marty.)
Terry: It's the last time I ever do you a favor! Last time!

(Across the street)
(Lorraine and her friend Babs leave Ruth's clothes shop. They have a box and are laughing happily. Lorraine opens the box and pulls out the dress she will wear to the dance that night. Biff is watching them.)
Babs: It's perfect Lorraine!
Lorraine: Oh, look how good it is, it looks so good!
(Terry drives off as Biff goes over to the girls.)
Biff: Well lookie what we got here. Pretty nice dress, Lorraine. (He lifts up Lorraine's skirt.) Although, you'd look better wearing nothing at all.
Lorraine: Biff, why don't you take a long walk off a short pier?
Biff: Hey listen, Lorraine. There's that dance at school tonight. Right now, my car's all fixed. I'd figured that I'd cut you a break and give you the honour of going with the best-looking guy in school.
Lorraine: Well, I'm busy tonight, Biff.
Biff: Doing what?
Lorraine: Washing my hair.
Biff: That's as funny as a screen door on a battleship.

(Biff’s Car)
Marty: (under his breath) It's "screen door on a submarine," you dork.

Lorraine: Look Biff, someone already asked me to the dance.
Biff: Who, that bug George McFly?
Lorraine: I'm going with Calvin Klein, OK?
Biff: Calvin Klein? (He grabs Lorraine by her shoulders and turns her to face him.) No, that's not OK. You're going with me, understand?
Lorraine: Get your cooties off of me!
Biff: When are you going to get it through that thick skull of yours Lorraine, you're my girl!
Lorraine: Biff Tannen, I wouldn't be your girl even if... (pause) even if you had a million dollars! (She kicks Biff in the leg.)
Biff: Argh! (Then she hits him over the head with the box.) Oh! (Lorraine and Babs run off. Biff runs into the middle of the road, causing a car to swerve slightly to avoid hitting him.) Yes you will, Lorraine! It's you and me, Lorraine!
(A car narrowly misses Biff.)
Car Driver: Watch your back!
Biff: It's meant to be! Someday you'll marry me! Someday you'll be my wife!
(Biff turns to his car after Lorraine and Babs run off to see 2015 Biff in his car. 1955 Biff doesn't recognize him as his future self.)
2015 Biff: You always had your way with women, Biff.
1955 Biff: Get the hell outta my car, old man!
2015 Biff: Do you want to marry that girl, Biff? I can help make it happen.
1955 Biff: Oh yeah. And who are you? Miss Lonely Hearts?
2015 Biff: Just get in the car, butthead.
1955 Biff: Who are you calling butthead, butthead? (2015 Biff starts the car. 1955 Biff is surprised.) How did you know how to do that? Nobody could start this car but me.
2015 Biff: Just get into the car, Tannen. Today's your lucky day.

(Tannen Residence)
(The car, driven by 2015 Biff, drives up towards the garage. The backs of the heads of both Biffs are visible.) 1955 Biff: (v.o) Hey, hey, hey, hey, watch where you're going old man! If you break this car I'm gonna kill you! (The car enters the garage and 2015 Biff stops it. His face is visible, 1955 Biff is facing away.) This cost me 300 bucks!
2015 Biff: Would you shut up about the car?
1955 Biff: Ay, and another thing, how do you know where I live?
2015 Biff: Let's just say we're related Biff, and that being the case I got a little present for you. (During the following Marty peers up from the back of the car to witness what's going on - he is not seen.) Something that'll make you rich. You wanna be rich, don't ya?
1955 Biff: Oh yeah, sure, right, that's rich, ha ha, you're gonna make me rich!
2015 Biff: You see this book? (Marty ducks down again.) This book tells the future. It tells the events of every major sports event til the end of the century. Football, baseball, horse races, boxing...the information in here is worth millions, and I'm giving it to you.
(He passes the book to 1955 Biff. Obviously 1955 Biff thinks this is a load crap.)
1955 Biff: Well, that's very nice, thank you very much. Now why don't you make like a tree and get out of here?
(2015 Biff gives 1955 Biff a slap across the head.)
2015 Biff: It's leave, you idiot! "Make like a tree, and leave." You sound like a damn fool when you say it wrong!
1955 Biff: Alright then, leave! (He throws the book in the back of the car. 2015 Biff catches it.) And take your book with you!
2015 Biff: Don't you get it? You could make a fortune with this book, let me show you.
(2015 Biff turns on the radio. During the following he's looking through the sports almanac to find the result.)
Radio Announcer: (v.o) UCLA trail 17 to 16! It's 4th and 11 with only 18 seconds left of this game. I'd say it's all over for UCLA!
2015 Biff: Bet you a million bucks UCLA win at 19 to 17.
1955 Biff: What, are you deaf old man? He just said it was over! You lost!
2015 Biff: Oh yeah? (He turns the volume up.)
Radio Announcer: (v.o) Here comes Decker with the kick, it's up, it looks good folks, it looks very good, field goal! UCLA wins 19 to 17!
(As the announcer keeps talking, 1955 Biff looks at his future self in amazement.)
1955 Biff: Alright pops, what's the gag? How did you know what the score was gonna be?
2015 Biff: I told you, it's in this book! All you gotta do is bet on the winner, and you'll never lose. (He hands the book to 1955 Biff.)
1955 Biff: Alright, I'll take a look at it.
(He throws it in the back, it lands near Marty. Marty is about to grab it when 2015 Biff grabs the book without seeing Marty.)
2015 Biff: You damned fool! (The two get out of the car.) Never, never leave this book lying around! Don't you have a safe? (realizes) No, you don't have a safe. Get a safe! Keep it locked up, and until then keep it on you like this. (He puts the book in 1955 Biff's back jeans pocket.)
1955 Biff: Hey, what're ya doing?
2015 Biff: And don't tell anyone about it either. Oh, and there's one more thing. (During the following 1955 Biff closes the garage door, and the Biffs leave the garage.) One day, a kid, or a crazy wild-eyed scientist who claims to be a scientist is gonna come around asking about that book...
(They walk off, continuing their conversation. Marty tries to open the door - but it's locked! And we see the outside padlock to prove it. Marty looks up at the windows, but they're far too small for him to climb out of.)
Marty: I'm trapped! (He gets his walkie-talkie out.) Doc, come in Doc!

(Lyon Estates)
Doc: Marty, what's the report?
Marty: (v.o) Biff's gone!

Marty: (w.t) He's got the book, the old man's gone too. I'm locked in Biff's garage.

(Lyon Estates)
Marty: (v.o) You've gotta fly the DeLorean over here and get me the hell out of here. (cut to Garage) The address is 1809 Maple Street.

(Lyon Estates)
Doc: I can't take the DeLorean out in the daylight, but don't worry Marty, somehow I'll get over there.

Marty: (w.t) Whoa Doc, wait a minute Doc. Hey Doc! (No answer, Marty puts away the walkie-talkie and sighs.) Perfect!

(Time Lapse – Evening)
(Biff leaves the house and heads for the garage.)
Grandma Tannen: (v.o) Biff! Biff, where're you going now?
Biff: I told you Grandma, I'm going to the dance!
(We cut to the garage, where Marty is listening.)
Grandma Tannen: (v.o) When are you coming home?
Marty: The dance!
Biff: I'll get home when I get home! (He enters the garage.)
(Marty hides in the back of the car.)
Grandma Tannen: (v.o) Don't forget to turn off the garage lights!
(Biff gets in his car and drives off. As he leaves the Tannen house, Doc rides past on a bicycle. Doc rides up the driveway to the empty garage and rings the bell.)
Doc: Marty, Marty! Marty!
(Doc leaves the garage.)
Doc: Marty, Marty? Damn! (He tears the price tag off his hat.) Where is that kid?

(Biffy’s Car)
(He's driving to the dance. A tunnel lies ahead. Marty gets the walkie-talkie.)
Marty: (w.t) Doc, Doc, come in!

(Courthouse Square)
Marty: (v.o) Come in Doc!
Doc: (w.t) Marty, Marty, come in!

(Biff’s Car)
Marty: (w.t) Doc!
(The car enters the tunnel, meaning the radio and the walkie-talkies are cut off temporally.)

(Courthouse Square)
Doc: (w.t) Marty? (normally) Oh my...(We see what Doc has spotted. It's the DeLorean from Part 1 under the covers! Doc goes over to it.) Great Scott! (He lifts up the covers and peers in.) Oh my God.

(Biff’s Car)
(The walkie-talkies seem to be working again.)
Marty: (w.t) Doc, Doc, come in!

(Courthouse Square)
Doc: (w.t) Marty, what happened to you? I went to Biff's house and you weren't there.

(Biff’s Car)
Marty: (w.t) You must have just missed me. I'm in the back of Biff's car. He's on his way to the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance.

(Courthouse Square)
Doc: (w.t) Marty, listen, we're going to have to abort this entire plan, it's getting much too dangerous!
Marty: (v.o) Don't worry, the book is on Biff's dashboard.

(Biff’s Car)
(The car has just left the tunnel.)
Marty: (w.t) I'll grab it as soon as we get to the school.

(Courthouse Square)
Doc: (w.t) Marty! You must be extremely careful not to run into your other self.
(1955 Doc appears. He makes some adjustments to his "weather experiment." Neither Doc sees the other.)
Marty: (v.o) My other self?
Doc: (w.t) Yes! Remember, your mother is at that exact same dance with you! Yeah!
Marty: (v.o) Yeah, this could get heavy Doc.
Doc: (mutters to himself) Heavy, heavy. (w.t) Whatever happens, you must not let your other self see you. The consequences could be disastrous.
1955 Doc: Excuse me, sir. Yes, you with the hat.
(1985 Doc pulls down his hat so that the 1955 Doc won’t recognize him.)
1985 Doc: Who me?
1955 Doc: Yes, be a pal and hand my five-eighths wrench out of that toolbox.
1985 Doc: Five-eighths? Don't you mean three-quarters?
1955 Doc: Why, you're right.
1985 Doc: I presume you're conducting some sort of weather experiment.
1955 Doc: That's right. How did you know that?
1985 Doc: Oh, I happen to have a little experience in this area.
1955 Doc: Yes, well, I'm hoping to see some lightning tonight, although the weatherman says there is not going to be any rain.
1985 Doc: There's going to be plenty of rain all right. Wind, thunder, lightning. It's going to be one hell of a storm.
1955 Doc: Well, thanks. Nice talking to you. Maybe we'll bump into each other some time again in the future.
1985 Doc: Or in the past.
(1985 Doc gets on his bike and ride off, ringing his bell. 1955 Doc looks up. That ring sounded very familiar!)

(High School)
(Biff gets out of his car. Marty watches him walk off, and tries to grab the almanac. Biff suddenly remembers it, and comes back for it. Marty hides away just in time. Biff re-enters the building, and Marty follows him in. He watches Biff enter the hall where the dance is being held, but Marty stays outside.)
Marty: (w.t) Doc, Doc, come in!
(Marty notices something. He uses the binoculars to check. It's his father, George, dancing by himself! George is there waiting to go and meet up with Lorraine and "Calvin". Marty enters the hall and travels through the dancers. He spots Biff and his gang - 3-D, Match and Skinhead - drinking liquor and reading a naughty magazine called Ooh La La. The Almanac is in Biff's pocket. Marty uses the binoculars to see Skinhead nudging Biff. Marty sees that Skinhead saw Mr. Strickland watching them. Biff and his gang walk off as Strickland walks to them. Marty pulls down his hat and follows them. Outside, Marty spots Biff and his gang standing on some stairs. Biff is reading something. 3-D is holding a bottle of liquor.)
Biff: (o.s) Where's that punk Calvin Klein?
Skinhead: (o.s) How am I supposed to know? I ain't his secretary.
(Cut to the Gang)
Biff: Well go find him. He cost me three hundred bucks damage to my car, and I owe him a knuckle sandwich. Get going!
3-D: (offers Biff the bottle) Here you go Biff! (The gang start to walk off.) You coming?
Biff: I'm reading.
(The gang walk past Marty but don't see him. Marty sees a familiar car approach. It's 1955 Doc's Packard - with the Marty from Part 1 (1955 Marty and 1955 Lorraine inside! Marty turns to Biff. The almanac is in Biff's pocket. He jumps down and falls behind Biff. Biff hears a sound, but thinks nothing of it and goes back to his book. Marty almost has the almanac when Mr. Strickland walks up.)
Strickland: Well, well, well, Mr Tannen. How nice to see you here.
Biff: Why Mr Strickland, it's nice to see you sir.
Strickland: Is that liquor I smell, Tannen?
Biff: Uh, I wouldn't know, I don't know what liquor smells like 'coz I'm too young to drink it.
Strickland: I see. And what have we here? Sports statistics, interesting subject. Homework, Tannen?
Biff: No, it ain't homework, 'coz, uh, I'm ain't at home.
(Biff chuckles. Strickland doesn't find it so amusing and pushes Biff.)
Strickland: You've got a real attitude problem, Tannen. Watch it! Or one day, I'll have you right where I want you, in detention. Slacker!
(Strickland walks off. Marty follows him (Biff goes the other way). Strickland walks past the Packard, Marty freezes beside it.)
1955 Marty: (o.s) Jesus, you smoke too?
Lorraine: (o.s) Marty, you're beginning to sound just like my mother!
(1985 Marty creeps past the car unseen as we hear Lorraine and 1955 Marty speaking.)
Lorraine: When I have kids, I'm going to let them do anything they want. Anything at all.
1955 Marty: (in the car) I'd like to have that in writing.
1985 Marty: (outside the car) Yeah, me too.
(1985 Marty walks off to catch Strickland.)
Lorraine: (o.s) Marty, why are you so nervous?

(Strickland’s Office)
(The sign says "S S Strickland, Discipline." Marty pears in and sees Strickland pouring himself a drink He puts the almanac on his desk. Marty quietly opens the door and creeps inside, unheard. The door slowly closes. Marty gets to the desk. He moves a little American flag on the desk out of the way and leans forward to grab the almanac. However the door closes and Strickland gets up. He goes to the door, wondering what happened, then opens and closes it again before sitting down. As he walks past his desk, we see Marty underneath it. Strickland hears something outside and moves his chair to the window to take a closer look. Marty tries to grab the almanac, but just as he does Strickland moves back again, hurting Marty's hand. Strickland finishes his drink, as Marty has his hat in his mouth to stop himself from making a noise and giving himself away. Strickland leans forward and Marty "rescues" his hand. Strickland gets up and takes the almanac. He leaves and throws the almanac in the bin. Once he's sure Strickland has gone, Marty gets it out of the bin.)
Marty: Yes! (He flicks through, but it's not the almanac! It's Biff's girl magazine, with naked women in it, called Ooh La La. It seems Biff was hiding the magazine inside the almanac cover.) No! Ooh La La? (pause) Ooh La La? Ooh La La? (He gets out the walkie-talkie.) Doc, Doc!
(Marty is standing by the window, and we can see Doc's Packard from Part 1 outside. Outside, George walks up to Lorraine's car. Marty does not see or hear him.)
George: Hey you, get your damn hands off her! (realizes who's in there) Oh!
Marty: (w.t) Doc, dammit, come in.
Doc: (v.o) Marty, what's up?
Marty: (w.t) Doc, Doc, I'm in trouble, I blew it!

(Lyon Estates)
Doc: (w.t) Where's the book?
Marty: (v.o) I dunno, Biff must still have it with him, all I have is the cover.

(Strickland’s Office)
Doc: (v.o) But where's Biff?
(Outside, Biff has confronted George.)
Biff: Alright, McFly, you're asking for it, and now you're gonna get it.
Marty: (w.t) I dunno!
Doc: (v.o) Well, do you have any idea where he is?
Marty: (w.t) No, he could be anywhere by now!

(Lyon Estates)
Doc: (w.t) Marty, the entire future depends on you finding Biff and getting that book back!

(Strickland’s Office)
(Outside, Biff gets out of the car. George tries to punch him, but Biff grabs his arm and twists it, causing George to let out cries of pain.)
Marty: (w.t) I know! I just don't know where...
Lorraine: Stop it, stop it Biff! You're gonna break his arm! Stop it!
(Marty has heard her this time!)
Marty: Of course! (w.t) I gotta go, I got one chance, my old man's about to deck Biff!

(George hits Biff in the face. Biff falls down to the floor. George looks at his fist with a "I can't believe it! I did it!" expression and then turns to Lorraine.)
Marty: Yes!
Student: (o.s) There's a fight over here, come on guys!
Marty: Talk about deja vu.
George: Are you OK?
(He helps Lorraine up and they walk hand in hand to the gym. A crowd, including 1955 Marty and the Wallet Guy has developed. 1955 Marty checks his photograph and runs off. 1985 Marty goes over to Biff once his parents and 1955 Marty have left.)
Marty: OK everybody, let's back up now, huh, let's backup, just everybody back up. Give him a little bit of room, OK, a little bit of air. It's OK. I know CPR, (to Wallet Guy) I know CPR.
(Biff is beginning to wake up.)
Biff: Hey...
Wallet Guy: What's CPR?
(Biff wakes up and looks at Marty.)
Biff: (to Marty) You!
(Marty punches him again - he falls unconscious. Marty takes the Almanac out of Biff's jacket.)
Marty: He's fine. (He runs off.)
Wallet Guy: Hey, did you just take his wallet? He just took that guy's wallet!

(Lyon Estates)
Marty: (v.o) Doc, success, I got it!
Doc: Thank goodness. (w.t) Great Marty, as soon as I reload the fusion generator, I'll meet you on the roof of the high school gym.

Marty: (w.t) On the roof, 10-4.
(Marty turns the corner to meet up with Biff's gang.)
3-D: Hey, it's him!
Skinhead: And he's in disguise!
Marty: Guys, what's that?
(He points in the other direction, they turn and look, and he pushes past them like he did with Griff's gang in 2015. Marty runs off. The gang gets up.)
3-D: Come on, let's get him!

(Lyon Estates)
(Meanwhile the DeLorean takes off and accidentally hits the Lyon Estates billboard.)
Doc: Damn!
(He accidentally turns the time circuits on, and the bump causes the Destination Time to turn to JAN 01 1885 12 00. Doc doesn't notice though. The DeLorean flies off with a flag pennant attached to the rear wheel.)

(School – The Dance)
(Marty enters the dance. Marvin Berry is on the stage singing. 1955 Marty is also there, playing the guitar, and George and Lorraine are there dancing. George waves to 1955 Marty up on the stage. 1955 Marty waves back.)
Marvin: (singing) I'm just a fool, a fool in love, with you.
(George and Lorraine kiss. Biff's gang enter the dance and Marty hides underneath a table, his hat falls off and he grabs it just in time.)
Marvin: (o.s) Let's do another one!
Skinhead: Where'd he go? He just came in here?
1955 Marty: (o.s) Something that really cooks.
(3-D spots 1955 Marty on the stage about to play Johnny B Goode.)
3-D: Look. How'd he get up on stage?
Skinhead: I dunno, but when he gets down we're gonna nail him.
Match: How the hell'd he change his clothes so fast?
1955 Marty: (o.s) oldie where I come from. (to Starlighters) All right guys, it's a blues riff in B, watch me for the changes, and uh, try and keep up, OK?
(Biff's gang goes up to the side of the stage as 1955 Marty starts to play. They're there waiting for him to finish the song before they nail him. Only 1985 Marty sees them. He gets out his walkie-talkie.)
Marty: (w.t) Doc!

Marty: (v.o) Doc, come in!
Doc: (w.t) Marty, come in!

(School – The Dance)
Marty: (w.t) Listen Doc, Biff's guys chased me into the gym and they're gonna!

Doc: (w.t) Then get out of there!
Marty: (v.o) No Doc, not me, the other me, the one's that's up on stage playing Johnny B Goode!
Doc: (w.t) Great Scott! Your other self will miss the lightning bolt at the clock tower, you won't get back to the future and we'll have a major paradox!

(School – The Dance)
Marty: (w.t) Wait, wait, a paradox? You mean one of those things that could destroy the universe?
Doc: (v.o) Precisely!

Doc: (w.t) Marty, you have to stop those guys at all costs but without being seen by your other self - or your parents!

(School – The Dance)
Marty: (w.t) 10-4!

(Parking Lot)
(Biff wakes up again.)
Biff: Where is he?
Wallet Guy: Who?
Biff: Calvin Klein.
Wallet Guy: Who?
Biff: The guy with the hat. Where is he?
Wallet Guy: Oh. (He points towards the gym.) He went that away. (Biff runs to the gym.) I think he took your wallet! (He turns to the crowd.) I think he took his wallet.

(The Dance)
1955 Marty: (singing) Go Johnny go, go, go; Johnny B Goode.
(1985 Marty hums along for a few moments, realizing that he’s not half bad, then sees Biff's gang again. They are on the side platform, with weapons, waiting for 1955 Marty to finish so they can beat him up. 1985 Marty spots sandbags above Biff's gang. He climbs the rigging above the stage and slowly crawls across it. We see a view of 1955 Marty playing his guitar solo with 1985 Marty, almost hidden, climbing along the top. He is unseen. Marvin makes his phone call to his cousin Chuck. 1985 Marty tries to untie the rope holding up the sandbags.)
Marty: Come on....
(He manages it, and the sandbags fall on Biff's gang. They fall unconscious. 1955 Marty goes a bit overboard, and by the time he's finished playing some rock music, the dance is silent, looking at him. 1985 Marty climbs down. 1955 Marty looks at the crowd. Strickland is covering his ears.)
1955 Marty: I guess you guys aren't ready for that yet. But your kids are gonna love it.
(1985 Marty leaves the stage and gets out the walkie-talkie.)
Marty: (w.t) Hey Doc, success, everything's cool.
Doc: (v.o) Great, I'll be landing on the school roof in about 1 minute.
Marty: (w.t) I'll be there.

(1985 Marty exits through the door. 1955 Marty exits, but sees Lorraine before he gets to the door.)
1955 Marty: Lorraine!
Lorraine: Marty, that was very interesting music. (1985 Marty watches this through the door.) I hope you don't mind but George asked if he could take me home.
1955 Marty: Great good, good, Lorraine. I had a feeling about you two.
Lorraine: I have a feeling too.

(Biff appears at the door next to 1985 Marty, who is still watching them.)
Biff: Hey butthead! You think that stupid disguise will get by me? Let's have it out. You and me, right now.
Marty: No thanks. (He starts to walk away.)
Biff: What's the matter, where are you going?

(1955 Marty heads for the door, and then turns back to the couple.)
1955 Marty: Oh, one other thing...

Biff: Are you, chicken? That's it, isn't it? Nothing but a little chicken.
(Marty turns around.)
Marty: Nobody calls me chick-
(1955 Marty exits the gym, slamming the door on his future self's head and causing 1985 Marty to fall over. Neither Marty sees the other, and Biff luckily doesn't see that there's two of them. Biff turns to 1985 Marty. He can sees that Marty has the almanac.)
Biff: What the hell? (He takes the almanac.) You steal my stuff? (He kicks Marty in the stomach.)
Marty: Whoa!
Biff: And this one's for my car!
(He kicks Marty again. Marty watches Biff get into his car. Marty gets up, minus his hat (he just leaves it there) and tries to follow Biff, but Biff drives off.)

(The Roof)
(Marty heads for the high school roof by running up the stairs, where he sees Doc with the DeLorean.)
Marty: Doc? Doc, I blew it. Biff nailed me, he took the book and he drove away with it in his car. It's my fault Doc, I should have gotten out of there sooner.
Doc: No time for that now, which way did he go?
Marty: (pointing) East, towards the River Road Tunnel.
Doc: Get in!

(River Road)
(The DeLorean flies above Biff's car, unseen. Marty gets out the binoculars.)
Marty: There he is, Doc. Let's land on him and cripple his car.
Doc: Marty, he's in a '46 Ford. We're in a DeLorean. He'd rip through us like we were tin foil.
Marty: So, what do we do?
Doc: I have a plan.

(Biff’s Car)
(He drives along, not noticing the flying DeLorean almost right behind him. Biff has the radio on.)
Radio Announcer: (v.o) Repeating tonight's earlier weather bulletin, a severe thunderstorm is heading for Hill Valley.
(Marty opens the door to the DeLorean and puts his left foot on the hoverboard, through the strap. He then takes off and grabs onto the back of Biff's car.)
Radio Announcer: (v.o) Serving Hill Valley and all of Hill County, you're tuned to KKHV, the voice of Hill Valley. (Biff adjusts the tuning a bit. Marty looks at Doc and gives him a thumbs-up. Doc gives one back and then the DeLorean flies off.) Turning to the community calendar, the Hill Valley Women's Club Bake Sale will be held tomorrow afternoon from 2-5 at the Community Center on Horace Road. (Marty appears in the background. During the following Marty moves around the car until he's hanging onto the side of it.) For you sports fans out there, there was a lot of action today in college football. Here's what happened in the top 10. UCLA narrowly defeated Washington 19-17. (Marty sees the Sports Almanac in the back of the car.) Michigan State crushed Minnesota 42-14. (Biff grabs the almanac just as Marty tries to grab it.) Ohio State beat Iowa 20-10. Michigan blanked Indiana 30-0. (Biff is checking these results in the almanac.)
Marty: (muttering) Shit.
Biff: Son of a bitch!
Radio Announcer: (v.o) Oklahoma ripped Ohio State 52-0. (Biff puts the almanac on the seat next to him. Marty spots his chance!) West Virginia lost to Pittsburgh 26-7. (Marty quietly opens the car door.) Maryland defeated Clemson 25-12. Repeating tonight's earlier weather bulletin, a severe thunderstorm is heading for Hill Valley.
(Biff looks around and sees Marty. Marty tries to grab the almanac. Biff turns to face the front again, before suddenly realising who it is and turning round again. He grabs the book, as does Marty, and they are having a tug of war over it.)
Biff: Don't even... give me that book! Let it go! (He kicks Marty, and the almanac flies in the air, landing on Biff's windscreen. Marty is still holding onto the car, and Biff spots some barriers ahead.) Let go of the car! (He drives around in circles, but both Marty and the almanac stay attached to it. Biff drives forward, passing a sign - "Tunnel Ahead". Biff drives towards the tunnel edge, hoping to force Marty off. Marty gets to the back of the car, and the side of the car id dented by the tunnel. Biff looks around - no Marty.) That'll teach him.
(Biff tries to grab the almanac, but as he does so he looks in the mirror and spots Marty. Marty makes his way towards Biff. Biff elbows and punches Marty, and then spots a truck approaching in the other direction. Biff drives past, and Marty uses the hoverboard to escape - and then grabs the almanac. Letting go of Biff's car, he stops in the middle of the tunnel. Biff gets to the edge of the tunnel and turns around. Marty looks at the other end - it's some distance away! Marty puts the almanac inside his jacket and sets off. Biff revs up his car, puts his foot on the pedal and sets off after Marty.)
Marty: Argh! (Biff is getting closer, He pus the pedal down again and laughs evilly. Marty is almost at the end of the tunnel but Biff is almost on him.) Woah!
(He's at the end of the tunnel, when the flag pennant trails down and Marty grabs onto it. Doc, in the DeLorean, pulls Marty up to safety. Biff looks up in amazement.)
Marty: Go Doc!
Doc: Hold on Marty!
(Cut to Biff’s point of view. He sees a flying futuristic car and a kid on a hovering board. He's so mesmerized he doesn't see the truck in front of him until it's too late.)
Biff: Shit!
(He crashes into it, and finds it's a manure truck!)
Marty: Ha, ha, ha, yeah!
Biff: Manure! I hate manure!

(Lyon Estates)
(The DeLorean flies to the billboard, and Marty lets go of the flag ribbon. He takes his foot off the hoverboard and speaks to Doc over the walkie-talkies. Note: the lightning storm is starting.)
Marty: (w.t) Doc, is everything all right, over?
Doc: (v.o) 10-4 Marty, but it's very miserable flying weather.

Doc: (w.t) I'm going to have to turn and make a landing from this direction. I'll have to circle round and make a long approach from the south. Have you got the book?

Marty: (w.t) In my hands Doc, I got it in my hands!
Doc: (v.o) Burn it!
Marty: (w.t) Check!
(Marty kicks up the hoverboard and spots an old bucket. He puts the almanac in the bucket and takes out the matchbox he took from Biff's Pleasure Paradise. He lights a match and starts to burn the book. He then looks at the matchbox. The words are starting to change! Eventually they change from “Biff's Pleasure Paradise” to “Biff Auto Dealing”. Marty then pulls out the newspaper. The headline changes from “George McFly Murdered” to “George McFly Honored”.)
Marty: (w.t) Doc, Doc, the newspaper changed! Now my father's alive! That means everything's back to normal, right?

(Doc pulls out the newspaper he had. The headlines change from “Emmett Brown Committed” to “Emmett Brown Commended”, “Nixon To Seek Fifth Term” to “Reagan To Seek Second Term” and “Biffco Builds New Dioxin Plant” to “Mayor Wilson Vetoes Zoning Bill”.)
Doc: (to himself) Mission accomplished.

Marty: (w.t) That means Jennifer's OK and Einie's OK, right?

Doc: (w.t) That's right Marty! It's the ripple effect, the future is back. Now let's go home!

Marty: (w.t) Right Doc, let's get our asses back to the future... (Lightning strikes, bringing down a tree.) Doc, Doc, are you OK?

Doc: (w.t) That was a close one Marty, I almost bought the farm!

Marty: (w.t) Be careful, you don't want to get struck by lightning-
(But Doc does. The DeLorean is struck, causing it to spin around and accelerate until it reaches 88mph. With a flash the DeLorean disappears.)
Marty: Doc? Doc? (w.t) Doc, come in Doc. Doc, do you read me? Do you read me Doc? Come in Doc! (The pennant, which had been attached to the DeLorean, lands on the floor.) Oh no! (It starts to rain.) He's gone! (In the background, a van is approaching Marty. He doesn't notice.) The Doc's gone!
(Marty turns round and sees the van pulling to a halt. A man gets out. )
Western Union Man: Mr McFly?
(Marty turns around to see the man. He's wearing a hat and a trench coat and looks very mysterious.)
Marty: Huh?
Western Union Man: Is your name Marty McFly?
Marty: Yeah?
Western Union Man: I've got something for you. A letter.
(He pulls the letter out.)
Marty: A letter for me? That's impossible. (He hides the walkie-talkie away.) Who the hell are you?
Western Union Man: Western Union. Actually a bunch of us guys at the office were kinda hoping maybe you could shed some light on the subject. You see, we've had that envelope in our possession for the past 70 years. (Marty starts opening the letter.) It was given to use with the explicit instructions that it be delivered to a young man with your description...(He gets his umbrella out.) ...answering to the name of Marty, at this exact location, at this exact minute, November 12th 1955. We had a little bet as to whether this Marty would actually be here - looks like I lost! (laughs)
Marty: Did you say 70 years?
Western Union Man: Yeah, 70 years, 2 months and 12 days to be exact. Here, sign on line 6 please, here you are.
(He gives Marty a clipboard and Marty signs on line 6. He reads the bottom of the letter - it says "'Doc' Emmett L Brown, September 1st 1885".)
Marty: It's from the Doc! (reading) "Dear Marty, if my calculations are correct you will receive this letter immediately after you saw the DeLorean struck by lightning. First let me assure you that I am alive and well. I've been living happily these past eight months in the year 1885. The lightning bolt-" 1885?! (at bottom of letter) "September 1885!" Argh!
Western Union Man: No wait kid, wait a minute, what's this all about?
Marty: He's alive! The Doc's alive! He's in the old west but he's alive!
Western Union Man: Tell me kid, are you all right? Do you need any help?
Marty: There's only one man who can help me.

(Courthouse Square)
(1955 Doc is at the clocktower. He's on it holding the cables. He watches the DeLorean from the first movie, with 1955 Marty inside, approach the clocktower. Doc finishes connecting everything and then slides down the rope.)
Doc: Argh!
(The DeLorean hits 88mph and lets off blue flashes - it's about ready to travel through time. Cut to Doc. Doc gets the cable out of the branch. Lightning strikes it, and the lightning causes electricity to go down the cables, which Doc reconnects just in time, getting himself a slight electric shock as he does so.)
Doc: Ahh! (The lightning enters the flux capacitor. 1955 Marty gets sent back to 1985. Doc dances with delight because the experiment was successful.) Yoo! It works! Ha, ha, ha! (And then he turns to the Courthouse. After looking at it, he turns to his car - and 1985 Marty comes running up to him.)
Marty: Doc! Doc! Doc!
Doc: What?
Marty: Doc!
(Doc turns and sees Marty.)
Doc: Argh! A ghost!
Marty: OK, relax Doc, it's me, it's me, it's Marty!
Doc: No it can't be you...I just sent you back to the future!
Marty: I know, you did send me back to the future, but I'm back, I'm back from the future!
Doc: Great Scott!
(He faints, and Marty bends down to tend to him.)
Marty: Doc. C'mon Doc, wake up...
(We zoom out from Marty and Doc.)