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procrastination station

Come on down!

UPDATED 05/18/01

How do I waste time? Let me count the ways.

Apologies for the lame poetry riff, but what can I say? I'm lame. Anyway, the methods I undertake to waste time are many and varied, but none are as harmful to the tasks I truly need to complete than fan fiction. Here you'll find a collection of the stuff I've written, as well as some recommendations and links to sites that are far more conducive to fun-having than this one.

So, check the place out. It's small, it's boring, it's unimportant -- what more can one ask for? E-mail me (Jess is the name, by the way) with your thoughts or suggestions.

Fiction -- Stuff I've written. Read, enjoy, marvel at the crappiness. Feedback is appreciated.

Recommendations -- Fic I've come across and especially enjoyed.

Links -- Places I go while cruisin' the net. Places that are infinitely cooler than this joint, and are maintained by people who therefore would never use the phrase "cruisin' the net."

Journal -- So you've been to the site, read the fic, checked out the links page, and are thinking: My God. I must know more about this incredibly fascinating phenomenon that is Jessica. Here's the place to go! Read about my wacky adventures. Comment. Brighten my day. You can even mock it, if you like. I'll never know. (But do try to keep the mocking at a minimum, ok?)