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Tia Carrere at the LA premire of the movie "Idenity". Photo from


Week of Feb. 24
Show: Relic Hunter
Rating: 1.1
Episode: "Unknown"

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Updated: September, 15,2004


<< Wednesday, September 15,2004 >>

Hey everyone! Sorry for the LONG DELAY! School is insane right now. Im busy on the weekends and my summer was busy. I'm going to change domain registers and that's going to eliminate that gay fronth page that I have. I'm going to switch to the one with the free webspace so, nomore anglefire=no more ads! I'm going to redesign the site(make it simple but nice) and add my pics to it that I have collected for the past 3-4 years. I updated the links page by adding a brand new RH site! RH might be gone but the fans arn't. Check it out, it's .Check back for updates. See ya!

<< Saturday, January 03,2004 >>

Hey everyone! I know I haven't updated in a while. I really wanted to but I have been busy. Today seems to be the only time that I could really update. I'll try to update tomorrow but I have people coming over, so I don't know how that will work out. Later on tonight I'm going to add a new poll. I also had part of a new layout for this site done and a new seperate relic hunter picture gallery but...EVERYTHING GOT DELETED! How? I'm not sure but I think it was a virus so I had to erase my harddrive and start from new. So I'm pissed. I have nothing saved on disks, except for a few things. I don't know what I'm going to do. I think I'm going to work on a new layout and scrape my orginial lost plans. I already want to get a Relic Hunter gallery up, so I think I'll use one of those automatic gallery things for now so you don't have to wait anymore. I don't know when this will happen but I hope I'll have some progress done soon. So today I'm planning on updating the poll, get a new chatroom, add a new pic, add two articles, and Relic Hunter DVD reviews! Wow, that's alot lol! Merry belated Christmas and New Years from RELICHUNTER.ORG!


<< Wednesday, August 06,2003 >>

I updated the star news portion of this page. I also added a new pic to the new pic part and I added all the old pics under it. I also added a new counter(like you guys really care). I'm going away on vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (like you guys really care, lol). I'm gonna be gone for a week so there won't be any updates. My flight leaves tommorow early in the morning(after 9:00 am) so I can't update tommorow. I'm gonna have some fun! See ya, Max

<< Sunday, April 14,2003 >>

Updated the new photo area. Go check it out! Also vote in the two new polls that are up (you might have to load the page a couple of times to see the second one). I also fixed the right side of the table so that the info will be closer to the top. See Ya! Max

<< Sunday, April 13,2003 >>

I know I said I was going to update this site yesterday but, my plans changed. Today I added to poll results into the results page(And no those 100+ votes that were done overnight were not added in). Right now a new poll is up, well TWO new polls are up. Once your done taking that one, click on the poll page again and it should refresh to a new one. I also added RH ratings for the week of Feb. 24. I also updated the breaking news section. I wish I could update more but, I have to study for a test. See Ya! Max

<< Friday, April 11,2003 >>

YES THIS SITE IS FINALLY UPDATED! I know I haven't updated this site in a long, long time but, I have been really busy with school work and other crap. I will now continue to update this site on an regular basis. Just to let you all know this is site isn't dead, and it won't be dead. Now to the updates. I don't really have alot of time right now, but I was able to add a new picture of Tanja Reichert. It's located on your left. Tommorow : New poll, new chatroom(maybe),will try to add some articles, start of bloopers page will begin and construction on episode pictures will start. See Ya! Max

<< Saturday, November 16,2002 >>

Add a new poll and I updated the poll results. I also added the newest ratings. They can be located to the right of this page. See Ya!

<< Sunday, November 10,2002 >>

Added a new article to the article page. It's article #13. I have a bunch of ratings (100 or more) to add to the ratings page. I'm not gonna do it today because I don't know how I'm gonna set up the layout for them. I'll try to update more today. Also the 14th is the last day to vote in the poll so go voice your opion. See ya!

<< Friday, November 08,2002 >>

I don't really have alot of time to do some updates but I WILL UPDATE TOMMOROW. I just want to let you know that I will add the original layout up. I just need some time and webspace so for now you have bare with me and this old layout. Thank you.

<< Monday, October 14,2002 >>

Updated the Episode Guide, next week's Relic Hunter episode, and breaking news section. I'll try to update some more stuff later.

<< Sunday, Octobar 13,2002 >>

I'm doing so updates right now...currently I updated:
-poll results
-added a new poll
More too come soon!

<< Saturday, September 14,2002 >>

Added a new section to the left side of this page. It's called NEW PHOTO. I added a picture of Lindy Booth. More stuff tommorow. See ya!

<< Monday, September 09,2002 >>

Hey how are all of you doing? Well as you can see I have the tables up! :-) Okay it all works like this... The breaking news is if I have any breaking or important news on the show. Star news has some information on the stars of the show. I will add more stuff to it when I get some time and ideas! Also I want to let you guys know that This week's RH episode migth be it's last. Also RH's official message board will be killed off on the 13th of this month. I'm jsut wondering if the official site will also get hacked. I still having found some other webspace so be just wait! :)
See Ya!

<< Wednesday, August 21,2002 >>

You proboly know what happened to my site so I won't explain again why I haven't updated...
I'm still looking for some space. This is the most of my focus on this site, but I do have some good news.


<< Tuesday, June 30,2002 >>

Added a new CHAT ROOM! I also added an new article about TIA. It's article number "12" Article Page

I know I know that I was suppost add the tables to this page but I will really! More updates tommorow and more articles(saving the best for last or till the tables are up). Seeya!

<< Monday, June 29,2002 >>

I added a new poll and added the last poll's result in the Poll Results Page. Tommorow (if time permits) I'll add the tables to this page and add another poll. I migth add a little "suprise". Seeya then! Max

<< Sunday, June 23,2002 >>

BREAKING NEWS: I just found an article that said that the show is over. Check it's on top.

So it looks like the Hunt is over...we will all try to continue to survive in a world with out Sydney Fox, Nigel and Karen. But remember will CONTINUE THE HUNT and Relic Hunter will not be forgotten.
P.S: Can the fans e-mail me their thoughs/reactions about the ending of relic hunter. It will be used on an new page for this site. My e-mail is RELICHUNTERTV@AOL.COM

This website is a fan page about the TV show Relic Hunter. This site is not endorsed with any member,worker,anyone assosiated with the show. All pictures done by me are my property. All other pictures were borrowed from other site. If any harm was/is caused from this site than Please contact me before you do anything. This disclaimer is for all the pages on this site (not including Poll or Message Board). Any page on this site that has my own opinion like REVIEWS is only my opinion and not anyone else. If there is something wrong with this site or if there something you want removed please contact me. This site was made for entertainment and awareness of RELIC HUNTER and to info relic hunter junkies :)