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The Amazing Kelly Clarkson

Welcome to our site about the most amazing person EVER to appear on TV, Kelly Clarkson. Not only is her voice the most beautiful I've ever heard, she is also very hot! Because our site is just getting started, be sure to bookmark this site and revisit often for pictures and audio downloads!
1/3/04 Updates! Kelly Clarkson scores #2 in the World Idols! Good job, Kelly!! Listen to her sing! (note: plays best with Windows' Sound Recorder)


Kelly Brianne Clarkson, born on April 24th, 1982, wanted to be a marine biologist when she grew up. But, deterred by the movie Jaws and inspired by her former teacher, Kelly began to persue a singing career in her teen years.

At the young age of 13, a middle school teacher heard Kelly singing in the hallway. He immediately recognized her talent, and encouraged her to join the chior.

Throughout her years in high school, Kelly enjoyed singing. After her graduation in 1999, she set out to sell herself to record labels. Despite being rejected many times, Kelly never gave up. She tried her luck in Los Angeles, still with no result. Meanwhile, Kelly made a living as a pharmacy assistant, telemarketer, comedy club waitress, at a movie theater, and at a zoo.

Kelly eventually found a solid job as a promoter for Red Bull energy drinks. This is where a friend told her about the new reality television program American Idol. Kelly signed up, knowing she would probably not be selected.

From day one, the judges really liked Kelly's performance. To her surprise, she made it to the top 30. This made her all the more determined. Week by week, Kelly felt more and more confident that she would win the competition.

Kelly Clarkson officially won the title of American Idol on September 4th, 2002 by earning 58% of the votes over Justin Guarini, the runner-up. Officially, she was awarded a million-dollar RCA recording contract. Unofficially, the fame and noteriety she earned cannot be compared with any amount of money. Her first single, "A Moment Like This", soared to #1 on October 5th, 2002.

Kelly and Justin starred in the film "From Justin to Kelly", which debuted in April of 2003. When asked if she was dating Justin, Kelly responded with, "We're more like brother and sister". Fans everywhere love her beautiful voice and personality, and everyone looks forward to her albums, in the years to come.



Kelly Clarkson Photo Album (click for more pictures)

Kelly and Justin

Kelly and Justin perform during Group 3 of 2nd Season!

Preview of "From Justin to Kelly", as aired in Round of 11 of Season Two.

3/18/03 Kelly's Performance in Round of 11 of Season Two.

5/21/03 American Idol 2 Final Performance with Awards!

5/22/03 Summer Music Mania 2003 Performance!

5/29/03 Kelly Clarkson's Appearence on Late Night

6/11/03 Hometown Premiere

6/13/03 Kelly Clarkson on Good Morning America

From Justin to Kelly Pictures

Fourth of July Performance

American Juniors Performance

8/6/03 Teen Choice Awards Music Performance

10/27/03 Radio Music Awards Performance

Christmas in Rockafeller Center 2003

12/21/03 Jingle Ball Rock

12/25/03 World Idol Performance!

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