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We had a wonderful summer reunion event for the show's ex-cast, crew and fans. It was held where the show was originally filmed- Whitefish Falls, in the heart of Ontario's breath-taking LaCloche Mountains. The Red Dog Grill and Rainbow Country Rec Hall were our venues of choice for the weekend of Aug 11-13, 2006. As well, there was a tour of Rainbow Lodge and Dreamer's Rock (now owned by the Whitefish River Nation, who staged a pow wow, sage smudge and story for us).

Our attendees included: Buckley Petawabano (Pete Gawa), William Davidson (Producer), John Sadowski (Officer Nixon), Harry Makin (Director of Photography), Martin Lager (Script Writer), Tim Gallagher (Race Contestant), Sandy and Wilfred Cywink (Thunderbirds band member), Jerry Cormier (Stunts), Gary Trimmer (Stunt Diver), Dave Marshall (Assistant Editor), Richard Foucault (son of ex-Mayor of Espanola), Corrie Roque (son of Production Aid Dan Roque), Jon Butler (local Photographer from Willisville), and the former head of the Cree Nation, Ted Moses.

A great article was written in the Manitoulin Expositor about the weekend-long events, which details everything that happened from the beginning plans back in 2005 up to the final day at Dreamer's Rock. If you go to the links at the bottom of this page you can read the article and also view some great photos we took for your viewing pleasure.

Event organizer Denis Belton wrote a song called "The Bush Panic Blues" which he shared with us all at Saturday night's bonfire after the reunion banquet:

The Bush Panic Blues copyright (c) 2006 by Denis Belton

I've got the blues since I wandered in the bush
I've got the blues since I wandered in the bush
I might have also lost my marbles
But I haven't lost my tush.

Can't anybody tell me how to make it to the lodge
Can't anybody tell me how to make it to the lodge
I used to be a Boy Scout
But I never earned a bodge.


I should've heeded McGubgub. Cuz now my world's in a hubbub.
I don't know what happened to Gawa. But I wish I could find him a-now-a!

I got the blues,
The Bush Panic Blues,
I got them low-down, strung-out, washed-up Bush Panic Blues. Oh yeah!

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