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What's This About?

Hi there. You can call me Shippy.

I was born and brought up in Hong Kong until I turned 19 years of age. From there on, I went to Birmingham, England to study Tourism Business Management, which I completed at June 2003. At June 2002, my parents moved to New Jersey, USA. And finally, on August 2003, I will go to Australia to work.

What motivated me to become so interested in politics and to make this site?

I think it was when George Bush declared war in Iraq, in late 2002, to early 2003, that I finally cracked. I had wanted to go on for my MBA, but what with the war in Iraq, when I was in my third and final year at university, that I drastically changed my mind. I couldn't sleep, eat, drink or talk and nearly failed university because of George Bush's aspirations. I had a new goal, a goal that gave me passionate, endless enthusiasm: the pursuit for justice. Neither am I muslim, Middle Eastern or American, so I am in a position to give an independent view. Searching on the Internet, I found a shortage of alternate, more accurate facts on news, and I decided that I would make this site.

So, what is this site about?
Well, this site give news from different sources, as well as articles from me, an opinion, on these news. It also gives you, my viewers, a chance to comment on the news of the day and my articles, as well as feedback. Additionally, you can have your say and debate on important issues. If you should want any links of news sites and related links, they are displayed on my site, too.

This is an anti-war and anti-Bush site, and is not an Anti-American site . Racist comments and fundamentalism is not tolerated. This site however, though anti-war, gives the other point of view as well, with my articles of my opinion on the issue.

Thank you, and enjoy!

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