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Welcome to the Pine Valley Library

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Hello everyone, and welcome to Greenlee du Pres' All My Children Fan Fiction at the Pine Valley Library. I'm Greenlee du Pres, your webmistress and guide during your stay in Pine Valley.

Just a little info on what you'll find here: The Pine Valley Library is an always growing collection of fanfiction written by Greenlee du Pres (me:)) Each Story is rated from G to PG-13 and may portray drama, angst, comedy, romance, and/or violence, and some of the character pairings may seem strange to some readers. If the story is 'slash' oriented, it will be clearly marked, as some readers are not interested in this type of fiction.All of the work found in The Pine Valley Library is copywrighted! Please do not reproduce this work in part or in whole without the expressed written consent of the author.

Please send feedback after you've read a story. I love to hear what you have to say. Just remember to be nice. Fanfiction writers are people too. :)

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