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About the Show

Passions has been on the air for six years now and it revolves around the romances and rivalries of the residents of the fictional New England town called Harmony. The main characters are dominated by the Crane, Bennett and Russell families. When Passions premiered in 1999, it revolutionized the daytime drama by introducing new storylines in the supernatural realm, due largely in part to the show's creator, James E. Reilly.

Premiere: July 5, 1999

Executive producer: Lisa de Cazotte

Supervising Producer: Richard R. Schilling

Producer: Mary-Kelly Weir

Coordinating producer: Jeanne Haney

Associate producer: Denise L. Mark

Consulting Producer: James E. Reilly

Created by: James E. Reilly

Headwriter: James E. Reilly

Writers: N. Gail Lawrence, Marlene Clark Poulter, Darrell Ray Thomas, Jr., Peggy Schibi, Roger Newman, Pete T. Rich, Maralyn Thoma, Nancy Williams Watt

Directors: Peter Brinckerhoff, Grant Johnson, James Sayegh, Karen Wilkins, Phideaux Xavier

Casting: Jackie Briskey

Production designer: George Becket

Costume designer: Diana Eden

Music Composers: John Henry & Wes Boatman

Music Supervisor: Paul Antonelli v Produced by: NBC Studios in association with Outpost Farms Productions

Origination: CBS Radford Studios, Studio City, Calif.v

Here is some background information on these two characters:
Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald - is the son of Pilar. He has worked as a cop to support the family since his father disappeared years ago. Luis takes this role very seriously and is constantly trying to do whatís best for the family. He hates the Cranes with a passion, since he insists they take advantage of his mother and is also convinced they had something to do with his fatherís disappearance years ago. And speaking of his father, Luis firmly believes that he will never be coming back and wishes his mother would acknowledge this. Luis also is the director of the Youth Center.

Sheridan Crane - is the daughter of Alistair and the younger sister of Julian. She is much closer in age to her nephew Ethan, than she is to Julian, and considers Ethan to be more like a younger brother. In fact, Ethan is the only one in the family who Sheridan feels she can trust and confide in. Haunted by a lonely childhood and a dark secret in her past, Sheridan is constantly searching for true love. Thus far, she's only found men who are interested in her money and stature. Sheridan recently returned to Harmony after getting her heart broken, once again, in Paris.

Passions Stats
Passions Number Recaps
Passions 1999
Aired 128 episodes
Passions 2000
Aired 255 episodes
Passions 2001
Aired 251 episodes
Passions 2002
Aired 254 episodes
Passions 2003
Aired 128 episodes +

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Luis (Galen Gering is the first castmember to appear in 800 episodes).
Original Cast Member
Episode Count 800+
Thanks to Jason @ Jason47's Days of Our Lives Website, you can now find out the episode count for each of your Passions actors. Who's been in the most episodes so far? Here's a list of how many episodes each actor has appeared in on Passions from 7/5/99-7/6/03. Included is anyone appearing in at least 10 episodes. An * denotes a tie in the rankings.

Episode Count
Actor/Actress Rank: #
Galen Gering - Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald 880
Lindsay Korman - Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald 859
McKenzie Westmore - Sheridan Crane 854
Brook Kerr -Whitney Russell 693
Travis Schuldt - Ethan Crane/Winthrop # 1 667

*All info on episode counts/stats listed in the bars is courtesy of Jason *webmaster of Jason47's Days of Our Lives Website. Click on the banner below to view his page!