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In the episode "Musso and Frank," David Faustino
makes a cameo appearance claiming that
Frank had given him detention even though
he went to a different school, Polk High.
This is the high school his character Bud
attends in "Married... with Children"

In the episode "Home Alone with Annie" the
mobster/interior decorator Joey Pants steals all
of Parker's furniture and belongings while Parker
is away. This is a reference to the movie Risky
Business, and it's the same thing that Guido
did to Joel in that movie. Guido was played by
'Joe Pantolino' , whose nickname is "Joey Pants".

In the episode "Saving Grace," Shelly must quickly
think of a false last name and comes
up with Nemec. The show's star is Corin Nemec

When the students showed up with signs at a rally
to greet a visiting alumnus, one sign read,
"Thank you for not watching Hull
Hugh." "Hull High" (1990) was NBC's high
school show, on opposite this show

In episode 26 (Parker Lewis Can't Win), Ferris
Bueller and Cameron Frye make a cameo apperance.
Probably after their terrible tv series
was cancelled (after 13 episodes).
Parker Lewis was actually inspired by the Ferris Bueller movie.