PDRM's Wannabe a Police ? Roadshow
Miss Royal Police Malaysia 2003

Plaza Bukit Bintang KL, 27 September 2003

Royal Malaysian Police (Polis Diraja Malaysia / PDRM) held the Wannabe a Police ? Roadshow as well as Miss Royal Police Malaysia 2003 at Plaza Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, on 27 September 2003. The roadshow and pageant were aimed to introduce the police career to youth. Among the programs was a career talk by State of Malacca Chief Police Officer, Senior Assistant Commissioner I Datuk Christopher Wan, exhibitions by different units and branches in PDRM dan demonstrations by various units, such as Band, Special Duty Unit, Detection Unit and Federal Reserve Unit.

Champion of Miss Royal Police Malaysia 2003 smiling in the 'turret' of a Commando V-150D armoured vehicle.
Happy Champion and First Runner-up of Miss Royal Police Malaysia 2003 posing in the armoured vehicle.
Cute Awek who won the Miss Photogenic of Miss Royal Police Malaysia 2003.
Those who did not win this time have also received goodies bags as saguhati.
Among the judges of Miss Royal Police Malaysia 2003 is SAC II Koh Hing Sun, Federal Traffic Director (second from the right).
State of Malacca Chief Police Officer, Senior Assistant Commissioner I Datuk Christopher Wan Soo Kee. Currently the highest ranking Chinese Malaysian police officer. Prior to this, Datuk Ang Pheik Chin, ex-Director of Managemenet, retired with the rank of Comissioner (CP). Police Cadets do not wish to miss a second of the show.
SAC I Datuk Christopher Wan congratulating the participants.
Mat Salleh boy ready to launch nuclear missle from missle launcher.
Foreign visitors experiencing the romantic atmosphere in Black Maria. A tourist from USA is very impressed with the sophiscated weaponry developed by Malaysia while being given briefing by Lance Coperal Amran, an armoured vehicle crew.
Red-eye Alien boarding her UFO.
Photographer of the PDRM website. Take note of the flat screen TV and satellite dish available.
Interior of the GKN Sankey AT105 submarine. Fei chai getting into the 'turret' of GKN Sankey AT105 submarine. Janganlah boleh masuk tak boleh keluar nanti..
Lengchai lengluis who just joined the Federal Reserve Unit as recruits. Bomb Detonation Unit's Robot in action !
Daddy overloaded with nutrition but poor girls lacking it.
Narcotics Department displays different types of drugs.
Members of the public are delighted to see the great advantages of drugs. City folks appreciating the beauty of drugs.
Desperate guys who wanna join polis being briefed by makcik. Police Councelling Officer ASP Chong explaining the career prospect in PDRM to interested chicks.
Copy and paste has been the very essence of our spoonfeeding education system.
Assistant Superintendent Police Yuen (left) and Sargeant Khoo of PDRM Air Unit who just came back from bombing assignments in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
Royal Malaysian Police Band Bag-pipers
Hanya yang cukup gemuk dapat pegang yang berat. Aiyah muka kena blocked pulak.
Saxaphone memang nice. Jom kita Jazz....
Karate Kids in action. Every policeman and policewoman is required to pick up martial arts in order to fight gangsters, samsengs or gedebes.
Special Action Unit (Pasukan Gerakan Khas / PGK) showing their superb ability. They formed the elite force of PDRM who are responsible to curb serious crime. A candidate needs to be highly prepared both mentally dan physically to be admitted into this unit. Plans are in the pipeline to replace the cable gliding by bungee jumping for a more efficient effect.
Puppy trainer from Anti-Terrorist Unit exhibiting puppy's ability to go after and bark away fundamentalist Islamic terrorists.
'Troop Commander' of Federal Reserve Unit (FRU). FRU personnels getting ready to conquer the town.
A makcik in the FRU. FRU personnels marching down the road like what Bintang Tiga (Malayan Communist Party) troops did in the movie "Paloh".
Counters to check and pay traffic summons are flooded by those with extra cash and desperately wishing to enrich the Dynasty of Maha. PDRM Band and songbirds.
Hit me baby one more time....


All pictures courtesy of Polis Diraja Malaysia.

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