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Here is a collection of WAV files of themes, promotions, trailers and commercials of The Monkees TV series, the movie HEAD and beyond. Enjoy!

(theme from) THE MONKEES
The TV version of Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart's legendary theme song. Used as the main title track of the series throughout its full run on NBC primetime (and as its end theme for its first season). (Courtesy of (124 KB)

"For Pete's Sake (Edit 1)"
One of 2 edits of "For Pete's Sake," the Peter Tork/Joseph Richards tune from The Monkees' 3rd LP The Monkeesí Headquarters newly recruited as a replacement for the "(Theme From) The Monkees" as the show's second season end title theme song. This version was heard only during the end credits of the second season debut, Episode No. 33, "It's A Nice Place To Visit...", and No. 52, "The Devil And Peter Tork". (180 KB)

"For Pete's Sake (Edit 2)"
The second and most commonly heard edit of the second-season theme. (175 KB)

1966-67 NBC Fall Preview
From "Two In A Taxi," hosted by Jack Burns and the late Avery Schreiber. (204 KB)

1967-68 NBC Fall Preview
From "Remember Next Year," hosted by Jan Murray and the late Danny Thomas. (78 KB)

Original NBC Promo
Man, they're the most! Man, they're The Monkees! An original 1966-67 NBC-TV commercial for the series. (133 KB)

Audio files of more themes and promos can also be found in the Files section of the MF&TVV Yahoo! newsgroup.

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