Along with Watcher, Rupert Giles, the four made up what they affectionately called the Scoobie gang.  Despite her new friends, however, Willow had to deal with the fact that long-time crush and soulmate, Xander had gone gaga over Buffy.  For two years, she endured this infatuation while trying to get him to notice her, and suffering through his various other crushes.  One day, however, she wandered into the book stacks and caught him making out with Cordelia Chase.  Heart-broken, she ran out of the library, Xander close on her heels.  When Xander accused her of overreacting to the situation, she tearfully replied "You'd rather be with someone you hate than be with me."  With that, she ran out of the school, leaving Xander behind her.  When she returned a few hours later, she only had a few words to speak to her best friend.  The most important of these were "Things are not all right between us."
Things started out simply enough.  Willow and Xander had grown up together, throwing parties with scary clowns and slumber parties in which they both wore footy pajamas.  Along with friend Jesse, they constituted what could be construed as a kiddy version of the Three Musketeers.  That is, until Buffy Summers came to town.  At first, Buffy appeared to be like any other new kid.  Then the Musketeers learned the truth -- she was the slayer, and vampires really do exist.  Shortly afterward, Jesse was actually turned into a vamp, and best friend Xander had to kill him.  Buffy replaced the void.
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