Ahhh . . . The age-old question: Who AM I???  Am I sane or psychotic?  A stud or a geek?  A boy or a girl (tougher for some)?  Since I'm sure you all care so much about who your webmistress is, I thought I'd enlighten you . . . okay, so maybe I'm dreaming, but it's MY webpage, so I can do whatever I want!  So, first . . . let me assure you that I am option B for all the above questions, and then I'll give you some tiny tidbits and show you some cool pics.
Hey, there!  I'm Mikki, and I am your awesomely awesome webmistress.  I've been a Willow/Xander shipper for over three years -- and, yes, I am a purist.  Meaning, THEY DON'T BELONG WITH ANYONE ELSE!!!  Sorry if that bothers some of you.  I am a senior in a California state college, preparing for graduation in March of 2002 (seven weeks away at this point!).  Afterwards, I'm gonna enter the teaching program.  My hobbies?  I LOVE to write, and I'm currently working on my first book.  I'm completely into acting and the theatre.  I've been in films and many plays, as well as directed, stage managed, and served as lighting technician and properties manager.  Finally, I love to travel, and I've included some pics from a recent trip to Rome (Italy).  Well, I guess that pretty much sums me up (not really, but I figure I'll let you look at pics now).
Really, I'm an angel . . . even if I have fallen.  A friend and I at Delta Chi's Mortician's Ball.
No one knew style like the punk rockers in the 80s.  Here, I dress up for my friend's themed birthday party.
Who knew there were so many old things in Rome?  Here, I stand in front of Augustus Caesar's mausoleum.  (Ignore the strange guy on the fencepost.)
Though I don't really take good pictures on four hours of sleep and a head cold, I thought I'd include this pic of me and my best friend.
Me and my life-long friend.  She had just returned from the circus.
Bonding with Santa at a company party.  And they said he didn't exist . . .
Singing my theme song, "People Are Strange," by the Doors.  Now if Karaoke Guy hadn't jumped into the fray . . .
Having a "Girl's Night Out" at (all) the local bar(s).
My sorority sisters and I pile onto a slide.  As always, I managed to place myself smack in the middle.
Dipping my feet into the Tiber River.  If I look nervous, it's because the water is so dirty . . .
Write to Me. (I am determined to ignore flames.)