Parents:Bill Taylor and Jackie Taylor Silver

Siblings: Step-brother David Silver and
half-sisters Erin Silver and Joy Taylor

Status: Dating Brandon Walsh

Residence:Melrose Place

Job: Owns Kelly Taylor Public Relations


Kelly Through the Seasons

Season One: The Beginning of Everything

Kelly meets Brenda.  They get fake ideas and "bond".  Kelly's mom goes into rehab(11/22/90).  Kelly is crushed on by David Silver.  She crushes on various guys such as Dylan and Brandon.  Kelly and Brandon go to the Spring Dance together(5/21/91).

Season Two: Junior Year

Kelly spends the summer at the Beach Club.   She has a fling with classmate, Kyle(7/11/91).  Kelly starts to date Jake Hanson(5/7/91) and her mom marries Mel Silver.  She and David become step brother and sister.

Season Three: Senior Year

While Brenda is in Paris, Dylan and Kelly get really close(8/12/92).  They share a kiss or two...or three.  Kelly breaks it off because of her guilt.  This starts the Brenda-Dylan-Kelly triangle which results in Dylan and Kelly's get-together.    When Dylan's dad dies(2/10/93), Kelly and him begin to have troubles in their relationship.  Kelly overdoses on diet pills(3/24/93).  Kelly is voted most beautiful in the senior poll.  Kelly and Dylan go to the prom together(5/5/93). Kelly and the gang graduate from West Bev(5/7/93).

Season Four:  CU Freshman Year

Kelly, Donna and David move into a beach house(9/8/93).  Kelly and Dylan breakup and Dylan is car jacked(10/13-10/27/93).  They get back together shortly after that.   Kelly goes on various retreats with Brandon.  There, she meets Clare Arnold(2/23/94).  Kelly starts to like Brandon but stops her feelings for him before anything major happens.  Dylan and Kelly break up for good(5/11/94).  Kelly then flies down to Washington D.C to see Brandon.

Season Five: CU Somphmore Year

Kelly and Brandon finally tell everyone they are a couple.  Kelly chooses Brandon over Dylan(9/14/94).  This causes Dylan to get back into drugs(11/2-11/16/94).  Kelly is on the cover of Seventeen magazine(11/16/94).  At a rave, Kelly is caught in a fire(11/30/94).  Kelly joins a cult(2/1/95).  Kelly is forced to choose between Dylan and Brandon again.  She chooses herself(5/17/95).

Season Six: CU Junior Year

Kelly comes back from New York with a new boyfriend; artist, Colin Robins.  Colin, who is hooked on coke, gets Kelly on it too.  Kelly finally goes to rehab.  There she meets Tara(2/7/96).  Tara becomes physcotic and later tries to kill Kelly(4/10/96).  Kelly is done with Colin for good on Steve's birthday(5/22/96).

Season Seven: CU Senior Year

Kelly has an AIDS scare while in the kitchen with Jimmy(9/11/96).  Kelly longs for Brandon starting the Kelly-Brandon-Tracy triangle.   Brandon breaks up with Tracy to be with Kelly(4/16/97).  Kelly graduates with the gang(5/21/97).  At a graduation party, thrown by her father, Kelly makes up with him before he goes to jail.  Later on, Kelly has a miscarriage.  

Season Eight:  Life After College One

Coming back from Hawaii, Kelly gets shot in the LAX airport parking lot(9/10/97).  Kelly suffers from amnesia and has no recollection of her relationship with Brandon(9/17/97).  She finally gets her memory back(10/1/97).  When Kelly finds out Brandon cheated on her, they break up(12/1797).  They later get back together.   Shortly after they decide to get married.  They call it off before walking down the aisle(5/20/98).

Season Nine: Life After College Two

Brandon and Kelly break it off for good.  She and Donna open a store, Now Wear This.  Shortly after Brandon leaves Beverly Hills, Kelly is attracted to attorney, Matt Durning.  They start a relationship.  When Dylan returns, he won't hide his feelings for her.  Kelly is raped on her way to see Dylan(5/5/99).  While closing the store, Kelly's rapist, Joe Patch (Matt's client) comes in.  He sees her and wants to "finish the job".  She grabs her gun and shoot him(5/19/99).

Season 10: Life After College Three

Kelly has killed Joe Patch and now faces murder charges(9/8/99).  Thankfully, the charges get dropped.  As a Christmas present, Matt proposes to Kelly. She accepts despite her feelings for Dylan(12/22/99).  Kelly stops working at the store and opens up her own Public Relations firm. She tries to stick to a friends only relationship with Dylan but it does not work.  She decides to break off her engagment to Matt.   Angered by this, Matt assumes Dylan told her about his sleeping with Amy while under the influence.  He assumed wrong.  Upset by the news of his cheating, Kelly holds off on getting with Dylan.  But at David and Donna's wedding, she gives into her undying feelings for him.

Season One: A New Era

Kelly and Dylan are still together, romantic as ever.    Kelly and her PR firms starts successfully. She is quite shocked when Brandon returns home.  Dylan wanting commitment but not marriage just yet, so he suggests moving in together. Kelly thinks about it and then finally, happily agrees.  Dylan buys a house for them outside of Beverly Hills.  They move in.  Kelly and Val seem to be getting along fine, it's Gina she can do without. Kelly hires Megan to be her assistant at her PR firm. Kelly has a little trouble adjusting to her relationship with Brandon since he's returned. In the back of her mind, she still has feelings for him. He has feelings for her too. And Dylan is not exactly Mr.Dependable since he bought the Beverly Royale and misses Toni. Their relationship was far from perfect.

Season Two: Life Back With The Walshes One

After dealing with the shock of Janet's accident, Kelly confronts Dylan about wearing his wedding ring. The discussion ends with their breakup. By this time, Brandon and Gina are well overwith and Kelly can't help but feel attracted to him. They take it slow but eventually get together.

Season Three: Life Back With The Walshes Two

Kelly's PR business is crashing. She is desperate for a case. Finally, she gets one from a man named Jack Lemme. He wants her to help publicize his dieting drug. She tells him that she always has her products tested, before she publicizes them. He says he doesn't want her to, so she is stuck. She does it anyway and finds out a deadly substance is in the drug. She tells him she knows, and he threatens her. Finally after a long awaited decision, she reports him to the FBI.