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Llinos and Poppy's Hawkeye and Margaret Site of Love

Hawkeye and Margaret,
Love bloomed in the dark of war,
Now life is complete.

Welcome to our Hawkeye and Margaret Site of Love. This is a site to share our love of, and devotion to, M*A*S*H. It is also a place for revelment in all things Hawkeye/Margaret.
We're both very busy at the moment with various things, and we're very sorry that there have been so few updates recently! We haven't forgotten about the site, and hopefully we'll be able to take some time to work on it soon!

LATEST UPDATE - January 31st, 2006

Personnel Files, Episode Guide and Picture Galleries Links, Updates, About Us and Disclaimer Fanfiction and Poetry Quizzes, E-Cards, M*O*U*S*T*A*C*H*E, Soundtrack

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