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The Broca Divide

This website is dedicated to Colonel Robert F. Makepeace, USMC of the SG-3 Marines

The Broca Divide


Colonel Robert F. Makepeace (played by Canadian actor, Steve Makaj) is the commanding officer of the SG-3 Marines at the Stargate Command in the television show Stargate SG-1.  He appeared in the episodes "Broca Divide" (season 1), "The Tok'ra:  Parts I and II" (season 2), "Into the Fire" and "Shades of Grey" (season 3).  The last episode he appeared in, "Shades of Grey" he was revealed to be a traitor who was helping to steal alien technology.  Me and many other fans of his believe this to be a ploy to get to the real people behind stealing the technology and that he is working undercover.  We are hoping that this will be revealed at some point in the future.


Steve Makaj has finished filming episodes for two new shows, Cold Squad and Jake 2.0.  More information to follow as soon I get it.

Level 3 Conventions has created a new Yahoo! Group dedicated to Steve Makaj for his fans.  The SteveMakajFans group is open to all.  This group was created with Steve's blessing and his official website is still being created.  I will post information on that as well when I receive it.



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