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Saturday, 4 December, 2004

It's Funky Poaching time!  The LONE GUNMEN series release on DVD is confirmed for 29 March, 2005!!!  All 13 episodes (and the garbage that was the X-Files episode "Jump the Shark") will be included, along with commentaries and extras not yet announced.

(While I still support the boycott of all 10-13 products, I feel it's more important to show our support for the Gunmen... and encourage future projects through strong sales of the LGM boxed set.)

The Lone Gunmen Resuscitation Petition is still up... and waiting for your signature!

            **********We now return to the previously written website archive.**********

Dedicated to "Truth, Justice, and the American Way..."
...and putting The Lone Gunmen back on the airwaves--to stay!

A humongous THANK YOU to all those who've e-mailed, signed the guestbook, and supported me in my little quest...with particular thanks to my long-suffering, loving fiancee, Phil (da man!) who's put up with my obsessions, and to my good friend and Code Master Sean for JavaScript reviews and
advice--I'd never have gotten it right (finally!) without the help.
...but I still haven't given up!!!  Go Gunmen!!!


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