The Web Page That Made Me Want to See UFO

This is the web page that made me want to see UFO.
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It was that photo of those two gorgeous men that made me want to see the UFO series. How could I resist the slash potential? So I rented the first DVD disc and viewed the first episode. To be honest, that first episode was very slow. If my friend Dave Sheridan hadn't encouraged me to give it another try, I might have not bothered to view the rest of the series. So I watched the second and third episodes on that first disc, and decided to rent the rest of the series.

I love the series even more after seeing Colonel Paul Foster. What a hottie!

After I saw all the episodes I went back to see that first episode again. This time it didn't seem so slow to me, now that I had a chance to get to know the characters and like them.

From that I was inspired to write my UFO fanfics.