Sensuous Straker, by the Jeanster

Title: Sensuous Straker
Author: Jeanster
Fandom: UFO
Rating: FRM Fan Rated Suitable For Mature Persons
Category: Part FanFic, Part Real Person
Warnings: Het and slash
Author's Note: I stumbled across an online game where you can (supposedly) make Ed Straker your personal servant. But after reading the page on how to play the game, I realized I would be in way over my head. It appeared to be too complicated and long. I wanted something where I can jump right in and play with Straker right away. Then later I happened to catch an episode of the new Twilight Zone television series about a virtual reality program called "Sensuous Cindy". That gave me the idea for this little fanfic right here.
Dedication: For Sci-Fi Bob, the owner of "SuperMarionation Is Go Go Go!" Yahoo! club

Disclaimer: I do not own UFO.


"Sweet! This 'Sensuous Straker' virtual reality program is amazing!" I said after I removed the headset. I logged on to the Internet and signed in to my Yahoo! Groups.

Now to post my review for this totally awesome experience, I thought. Sci-Fi Bob comes up with the most fun items to share with the SIGGG members!

Within minutes I had posted my review praising 'Sensuous Straker'.

"My compliments to the person who designed this amazing virtual reality program titled 'Sensuous Straker'. It felt like I was actually there in Straker's home. I remember seeing the interior from the episode titled, 'The Responsibility Seat'. It all seemed so real: dining with Straker, tasting the food, drinking the wine, listening to the music. Oh, and many, many thanks for allowing the user to actually go to bed with Straker instead of being told to get out! I'd hate to be forced to play the part of that Josephine what's-her-name who pretended to be a reporter. I swear I'd still be there shagging that adorable man if I didn't have to get up to go to work the next day. Question: Will a 'Sensuous Foster' virtual reality program be in the works? I'm sure there are many fans of UFO who would LOVE to get their hands on that one! And Sci-Fi Bob, thank you so much for dropping off that program and the headset at my workstation while I was away. The audio CDs and DVDs you've given to me and the other group members are appreciated. But THIS is my absolute favorite thing you've given me. Your friend for life, the Jeanster."

I visited a few other groups to see what new messages had been posted. Then I popped back over to SIGGG.

Whoa, I thought. Here's a reply from Sci-Fi Bob. Huh?

"Jeanster, I didn't drop off any virtual reality program and/or headset at your workplace. 'Sensuous Straker'? Wow! Sounds hot!"

What the --???

I had simply assumed it was Sci-Fi Bob who gave me this gem of a virtual reality program.

It was not in a package that had been delivered. It was just the software disc and the headset.

Guess I'll have to ask around at work tomorrow to see if anyone knows who left those on my desk, I told myself.

Was I dying of curiosity to find out who it was? Not as much as I was to get back inside that program for another session!

I signed out of Yahoo! Groups, logged off.

It was only 9:30 p.m. I had time to have another go at that adorable angelic-faced Straker before retiring for the night.


"Incredible," said Colonel Alec Freeman. "Absolutely incredible."

"Now that we know about it, just what are we going to do about it?" asked Colonel Paul Foster.

Commander Ed Straker leaned forward in his chair and clasped his hands in front of him.

"We don't even know if we can do anything about it," said Straker.

"I'm still trying to process all of this in my mind," said Freeman.

"Just think that if that UFO hadn't led our Interceptor pilots to that wormhole we wouldn't know about that alternate world," said Foster.

"I believe those people living there would be just as surprised, if not more so, to learn of our existence as we are of theirs," said Straker.

They were in Straker's office discussing their recent discovery of the alternate universe where their lives and existence were being played out in a television series titled "UFO".

"What do you think of the fellow they have playing your part?" Freeman asked Straker.

"Not bad."

"Not bad?" said Foster. "He has your style and mannerisms down perfectly! He even looks like you!"

"Only when he's wearing that blond wig," said Straker.

Dr. Doug Jackson came over to join them. He was carrying a folder and handed it to Straker.

"What's this?" asked Straker.

"Some new things we learned about that alternate universe. Did you know there are fan clubs and Internet sites devoted to the television show and to the main stars of it?"

Straker opened the folder and read the contents.

"Fascinating. And fan fiction? What's that?"

"There's a report on that on page twenty," said Dr. Jackson.

Straker turned the pages until he reached page twenty. He stared intently as he read. His eyes widened for a moment. Then he looked up and stared at Foster.

"Foster, I'll need to see you privately."

Foster nodded as he said, "Yes, sir."

"Alec, Doug, would you please excuse us?"

Freeman and Dr. Jackson got up and left Straker's office. The door closed behind them.

"What is it, sir?" asked Foster.

Straker showed him page twenty of the folder contents.

"Take a look at this."

Foster read page twenty. A moment later his eyes widened and he looked up at Straker.


"Uncanny, isn't it?"

"How could they know? We were so discreet!"

"We hid it from everyone here, but who knows why or how aspects of our very lives are being played out in that alternate world?"

"Well, that doesn't change things. We're still on for tonight, right?"

"Of course. My place at seven."


The next day at work I found an anonymous note on my desk. It read: "Check out the Slash Mode Feature of the Sensuous Straker Virtual Reality Program."

I looked around my work station, but found no clue as to who might have left the note.

I asked my co-workers if they knew anything about the note or had seen anyone leave it on my desk. They all said they knew nothing about it and did not see anyone leave the note there.

Burning with curiosity, I donned the headset and entered the virtual reality program shortly after I got home that evening.

"Where is that slash mode feature?" I mumbled aloud. I did not have long to wait. I was back in Straker's home. It played out in a similar fashion as the other times where we enter his home and the evening begins with chitchat, listening to music and having dinner. Only this time the telephone rang. He answered it. I wondered it if was Miss Ealand, and if Straker would ask her to run a complete G6 on my voice recording.

But instead it played out like this:

Straker hung up the telephone and turned to me.

"I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to leave."

Well, at least that's a wee bit nicer than saying, "Get out."

"Ed, what's wrong?" I asked.

Before he could answer, we heard the front door open and the sound of someone entering the house.

It was Paul Foster. He had called from his car and wanted to see Straker.

I couldn't take my eyes off of Foster. OMIGOSH! He's GORGEOUS! Those eyes! That face! That body!

But since this was in slash mode, did I get to enjoy Paul Foster? Nope. Turned out these two hot-looking yummy men wanted to be together, just the two of them.

I thought about asking them if I could stay and watch (*slap myself on the wrist* naughty, naughty Jeanster!), but decided against it.

So I left and decided to see if this virtual reality program had any other modes to it.


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