Compliments of the Season, by the Jeanster

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During his supposed death, Sherlock Holmes spent a few years traveling to various parts of the world.

One place he visited was the home of an individual who had a most impressive record-keeping system.

"Remarkable," said Holmes. "You can actually keep track of criminals on a global scale?"

"Indeed I can, my dear fellow. Come take a look."

He handed Holmes a thick tome with a golden cover. Printed on the front cover and on the spine were the words "Naughty and Nice".

The bearded man in the red suit laughed and patted Holmes on the shoulder. "I am having such a delightful time chatting with you, but I really must leave now to deliver the toys. Make yourself at home, my dear Sherlock. The missus is in the kitchen, and she'll be happy to fix something for you to eat when you get hungry."

"I thank you for your hospitality, kind sir, and I bid you a safe journey."

"Merry Christmas, Sherlock."

"Merry Christmas, Santa."


The complete account of Holmes' visit to the North Pole is believed to be inside Dr. Watson's tin dispatch box.

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