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Yes, dear viewers, you will be seeing more of this new doctor who will be the Great Detective's new flatmate in the weeks to come. Meanwhile I will still keep the pages here that feature the other Klickie I used as the interim doctor. What's that? He didn't know it was a temporary gig? I guess he didn't get the memo. Oh, well.

Below are the earlier pages I did that feature the other Klickie as the good doctor. ~Jeanster

I recently bought a Playmobil Victorian Dollhouse. It is currently my most absolute favorite toy that I own. It took about five hours for me to assemble it, minus two hours when I took a TV break to watch "Gilmore Girls" and "House". I've ordered the expansion floor, too, so it will add two more rooms that can be filled with more accessories. One of the new accessories will be the Playmobil Lite Fireplace that operates on batteries. That should be cool!

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Reasons Why I Like Playmobil Toys

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