The Adventure of the Empty Doghouse, by the Jeanster

The pair of kittens who are living with us will be playing the parts of Holmes and Watson.

Sebastian as Sherlock Holmes
Oreo as Dr. Watson

"Watson, please come down here," said my friend. "I need you as a sounding board." I was happy to help my friend with his latest case.

Holmes paced as he spoke. I followed him and mentally took notes.

I noticed it had been a while since he had eaten a complete meal, so I was concerned for my friend's health.

I convinced my friend that he needed nourishment if he was going to stay focused on solving his latest case. He ate his meal, no doubt pondering the facts of the mystery with each bite.

He decided that we would need to take a journey to the estate where the mystery took place. "We'll ride over there first thing in the morning."

We arrived at the estate. I checked around back while Holmes investigated inside and near the front.

After more searching, we still couldn't find any clues.

We were having so much fun. Perhaps too much fun. Would the client think we weren't taking the case seriously?

"We're not accomplishing much here, Watson. Let's head back to Baker Street. Well, one more chase around the house, then we'll go."

We arrived back at Baker Street where our landlady had rearranged some of our furnishings to do some cleaning.

I was not sure how to write about this case. The dog eventually returned to its owner of its own accord. Perhaps the next case will prove to be an exciting and satisfying one.