First there is some info/procedural stuff to submitting stories.

1.  Make sure you check your story for grammar/spelling errors before sending.  Its also helpful to get someone else/ a beta to check your story, too.  They might catch something you missed, or see things differently.  Also, make sure there are spaces between paragraphs so the story is easier to read.  You should also make a new paragraph every time a new person speaks.

2.  Before your story there is usually some information about your story, like the following.

Title:  Write the title here.  This includes parts, use (1/?).

Name: The name you use when writing fan fiction.  This is the name that is used to say who is the author of a story.  Make sure your name is not already being used.

E-mail:  This is just in case I need to e-mail you, and for feedback from readers.  If you do not wish for me to post your e-mail on this page so people can e-mail you, say so.

Disclaimer:  Just saying you don't own any of the characters and Joss, Mutant Enemy, Greenwalt, and Greenwolf do.  That is unless you create some new characters, then I suppose you own them.

Acknowledgments:  Basically, acknowledging anyone who helped you in completing your masterpiece.

Spoilers:  If there are any references back to prior episodes in your story, so that people reading won't be carelessly spoiled.

Rating:  G, PG, etc...

Summary:  Always good to include, so people know what they're getting themselves into.  I usually don't read a story unless I know what its about first.

Author's Notes:  Anything else you want to add.

And as always, you can be creative with the above.

3.  Now you are ready to send me your story.

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