Robert Knaus -

As for Deborah Walley, sad to say I only know her from her work on Rescue Rangers, but Foxglove and Lawhiney couldn't have existed without her wonderful voice. She will be missed. [wipes away tear]

Rennod -

As for a memory of her, I'm afraid I'm a member of that crowd that unfortunately arrived too late. I've enjoyed seeing each of the episodes she's voiced; she was definitely extraordinary at giving more than just a mode of speech to her characters.

May she rest in peace.

Painless Doc Johnson

I wasn't in the fan community when Deborah Walley was around, but I really love her work in the rescue rangers. Both Foxy and Lawhiney were incredibly funny, and well done. My favorite quote is probably (I'm a gadgephile, what did you expect?)

Monty: But Gadget, you don't *wear* makeup!
Lawhiney: You're KIDDING.

Good times. I'm so sorry for the loss of Deborah, but I'm glad she has so many people who cherish her memory.