The Rangerphile FAQ

This FAQ is meant to serve as an informational guide to Rangerphiles, new and experienced. It contains answers to the most frequent questions asked about navigating the Cafe and the other boards, as well as answers to questions that crop up about the Rangers in general. My hope is that you'll find what you're after here. If not, send me an e-mail or post a question--maybe there's something not here that should be!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Cafe

How do I register?

Registration is easy. On the main page (the one where you see Chip and Dale at the top) click on Message Defaults in the main menu. You'll be taken to a screen that asks for your Nickname and Password. Input a nickname you'd like to be known by here (or use your name if you're comfortable with that) and whatever password you'd like. Write that password down somewhere!. Click on the button beneath, and you'll be taken to another screen where you can put in your Bio information--put in as much or as little as you like, then submit your info using the button at the bottom. Bingo, you're registered!

How do I change/alter my registration information?

Remember that password? Go back to the Message Defaults screen, input your Nickname and Password, and you'll again be taken to the Bio page. Make any changes necessary, and then click the Submit button at the bottom. That's it!

What if I forget my password?

Didn't write it down, huh? Well, if you need a new password to get to your page, e-mail me and I'll access your file and give you a new password. Now, keep it in a safe place this time!

I created a new nickname for myself, but now it doesn't show up as an active link when I post. What gives?

If you change your nickname to anything other than what's already listed for you in the Bio section, it (the cafe's software) automatically un-associates this new Bio link with your nickname. For example, if you substitute "Fish" for "Mayhem", but don't delete "Mayhem" and it was linked then you won't have a link for "Fish".

So how do I change my nickname?

The best practice is first to delete the old one. Go to Message Defaults and enter you old Nickame and password. When the next screen comes up, click the three boxes next to "Delete Record" and then click Set Default at the bottom of the page. Then go through the process of registering again, as described at the top of this page, this time giving yourself a new Nickname.

Why three messageboards?

Good question. It goes back to the origins of this community. Originally, we were on InsideTheWeb and only had one page--the Cafe. One day, a discussion broke out on Star Wars vs Star Trek and it quickly ballooned into a mess. With the realization that a new page was needed for such non-Ranger discussions, the Off-Topic Board was born. Much later, when I took over the Cafe, I noticed that there were a lot of postings about Ranger stories and many of them tended to be big. I decided to create a third board to handle story-specific material, and we've carried on the tradition here.

Who owns the messageboards, anyway?

It's a little strong to say that anyone "owns" them, but Julie Bihn and myself (Indy) maintain the Off-Topic Board, and the Cafe and Story Board, respectively. Stephen C provides the space for these boards to operate on his server, so he might come closer to ownership than anyone. We three keep the boards alive and humming.

Who is this Natasha Kashefipour?

Natasha is one of the veterans of the Rangerphile community, and the inventor of the Acorn Cafe. Before her, all Ranger-related discussion was done over newsgroups or e-mail. She created the Cafe on the now-defunct InsideTheWeb and a phenomenon was born. Natasha got into some personal problems that forced her to leave the web, but we hope she'll return in the future.

Who is Tad Stones?

Tad Stones created the Rescue Rangers series, and is the biggest name in Disney TV animation. From an interview in 1997: Tad Stones started with Disney right out of college in 1974, training under Eric Larson.

After animating a single scene in "The Rescuers", he moved into the story department on "The Fox and Hound" working with Woolie Reitherman. That was followed by a brief stint at Imagineering, where he worked with Ward Kimball on EPCOT's Transportation Pavilion and Tony Baxter on the Imagination pavilion.

In 1984, as one of the first people at Walt Disney TV Animation, Tad was the creative executive overseeing "Ducktales". After that, he story edited and co-produced the third season of the Gummi Bears. Tad created "Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers" with Jymn Magon which he went on to produce and story edit with Alan Zaslove and Bryce Malek respectively.

Tad next created and produced the "Darkwing Duck" series. He produced all but the last eight "Aladdin" series episodes....he's also the current producer of the Buzz Lightyear TV series and will reportedly be overseeing a new series based on the Atlantis movie. Stones frequents Usenet on and usually responds to fan questions, if he's asked nice.

I don't have any Ranger episodes, or just a few. Where can I find them?

Try e-bay for the commercially-produced Disney videos of the Rangers. The only legitimate way to get the rest of the episodes is to ask someone who gets Toon Disney to tape you some episodes and send them to you. Let me point out that bootlegging (taping episodes and then mass-distributing or mass-marketing them) is discouraged at the Cafe.

I've seen a great item on ebay--all the episodes of the Rangers (on VHS/DVD). Is this really a rare collector's item?. Rare, yes. Collector's item, no. At the moment, a bootlegger named LordNaga is selling Ranger episodes on e-bay and other places. I have seen his original website, and he admitted that he was taping the episodes off of Toon Disney and removing the commercials. He portrays his product as a limited-run Disney licensed product, but he is lying. So be aware that you are buying a product that is misportrayed, and that he's had a number of complaints lately. Caveat emptor.

What should I post on which board?

The Cafe is for discussing any general aspect of the Rangers. The Story Board is for posting/commenting on/discussing stories written by our local league of authors. The Off-Topic Board is for all non-Ranger topics. On all of these, the Rules of the Messageboards apply and postings should be done within content limits specified on each page.

Why should I post here?

Because we like to hear from Ranger fans, everywhere! Tell us your story--how you became a fan, why you like the Rangers, who's your favorite, etc. That's what keeps this community going, along with the fan contributions. Speaking of these topics, let's address some Ranger-specific questions.

Is it okay to say hello and introduce myself on the boards?

By all means! Most of us lurked here before speaking up, but you're certainly welcome to make yourself known. We prefer you do so at the Cafe, but if you feel more comfortable starting on the Off-Topic board (as many do) that's okay.

Is it okay to post a change of e-mail address or a notice that I'll be gone for a while?

Yes. We like to know what our community members are up to, and current e-mails and/or notices of leaves of abscence allow us to stay current with you. You can post them on the Cafe or the Off-Topic Board.

Is it okay to discuss Ranger relationships, i.e., Chip+Gadget, Dale+Foxglove, etc?

Yes, provided you keep to the rules of conduct. Keep in mind that this is a very polarized issue among the Rangerphiles and everyone has an opinion. Don't press a point here too hard because it could end up stepping on some toes. If you're simply curious to know what we think, just ask. We'll tell you ;-)

I've got a great picture and I want to post it on the Cafe. Can I?

As long as it meets the content standards. When it comes to pictures, there is a wide range in the Rangerphile community. Some are essentially copies of screenshots, while others are wonderful original pictures made in the best tradition of the series. There have been a few pictures that frankly abuse the characters, and while people are free to express themselves, they won't be free to show such pictures here. The guideline I always try to follow is, a picture is decent when it portrays the Rangers in good taste. That's subjective, and I won't pretend it isn't. To my memory, I've only seen about a half-dozen pictures that I'd consider distasteful. If you're not sure, by all means e-mail and run it by me. I'll get back to you ASAP and let you know.

I've got a story I'm working on, but I don't know if it'll make the PG content of the Story Board. Is there any measure to go by?

Yes, there is. To aid the writers and readers of Rangerphile works, I have developed a large Ratings Guide for the bulk of Ranger fanfiction. You can consult the guide through the links here, organized by Author and by Title . I'll try to keep this updated as time allows. Readers can find this a valuable resource for deciding whether to read a story or not, and a writer can consult the guide to see what at least one Rangerphile thinks of the various stories--including the ones that stretch the limits of decency.

Is it okay to modify a story or picture done by another Rangerphile artist and post it here or on a website? And what about derivative works?

Only if you have asked the the author's or artist's permission should you attempt to post a modified version of an original work, such as a colorized version of a drawing or an altered version of a story. This goes for derivative works, too. Yes, I know we post all our work without getting permission from Disney, but on all the Rangerphile websites (hopefully) you'll find a disclaimer acknowledging Disney and giving them credit where it's due. If you take another Rangerphile's work, change it, or do something obviously based on it and post it here or on a webpage, expect to be called on it.

Is there a listing of current Rangerphiles, and where?

There are two sources of Rangerphile information. The first you'll find here at the boards. Click on Mini-Biographies on the main page and you'll be taken to a list of all registered Rangerphiles and the biographical information they're willing to share. Another source is the Rangerphile Directory, maintained by dxkelly. You'll find a sign-up link as you scrool down the page.

Is there a Ranger webring, and how do I sign up?

There is. It's called the Gadget Hackwrench Webring, and currently boasts 34 Ranger fan sites. You'll find the rules for joining and everything else you'll need at the ring's web page.

Where can I find screenshots of the Rangers?

You can find some screenshots, but unfortunately our best site, The CDRR Screen Captures page, which was run by David L. Stone, is defunct. However, I'm leaving the link up in the hopes, as Stones says, that it could return. Under then, there are some at the Russian CDRR Portal and a very good resource for Gadget pics is at Bjoern's Gadget Hackwrech site.

Where can I find a good collection of Ranger fanfiction, art, etc?

The largest collection of Rangerabilia is Matt Plotecher's The RR Database. Here, you'll find most everything Rangerish there is. Another site that also deserves a look is the Foxglove Feature , dedicated to the advancement of Foxglove, one of the one-shot characters from the Ranger episode "Good Times, Bat Times".

Where can I find links to all the Ranger websites?

Due to the dynamic nature of the web, websites are coming and going constantly. The same is true with the Rangerphiles, so no one really has all the sites linked. But you will be able to find most of them if you check though The RR Database, the Gadget Hackwrench Webring, and Dale's Rescue Ranger Page .

How do I chat with/contact other Rangerphiles away from the boards?

There are other message boards occasionally frequented by Rangerphiles, as well as Usenet. As for chatting, you'll find Rangerphiles aplenty on ICQ and AOL Instant Messenger. Rather than list screen names here, it would probably be best for you to e-mail whoever you want to talk with yourself.

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