Welcome to recess. You made it through the morning. Recess is a place where you can read Buffy games and e-mail your own in. Afterall sometimes role playing gets you in trouble with your mother (because you beat up your brother) and the actual buffy board games takes a few hours.

So here is the first game I made up. It's called Minions.

Materials: Stickers and sneakers

Players: Hmm a good amount. A good group game to play outdoors. At least 6 I'd say.

Object: For good to beat evil and evil to beat good.

How to play: If you have 6 players 3 are good 3 are bad. 1 bad player is the evil overlord and one good player is Buffy. The characters have to run aroudn with the stickers. If you are a vampire and a good player stakes you (2 stickers to the heart) you are dead. If you are good and you get bitten twice (2 on the neck) you become bad. To become good again you have to be staked twice like any other vampire. The evil overlord has to be staked 5 times to be dead as with Buffy it takes 5 bites. You get it? Go play! See you next period.

The Hush Game

Players: At least 4 victims, 1 Buffy/Riley, and 3 gentlemen, can be more

Materials: water balloons, hiding spots, box

Object of Game: For the gentlemen to collect the ‘hearts' or for the Buffy/Riley to destroy the gentlemen.

How to Play: The victims have to hid with water balloons. No one is allowed to talk. If someone catches you talking you are out. The gentlemen had a minute or so head start on Buffy. They have to take the hearts away and secure them in a box. If Buffy takes the hearts away from the gentlemen then they lose, but if the gentlemen get all the hearts and they don't break between the fights with Buffy then they win.

How to Add Season 5 to your Buffy Board Game Me and my friend were playing and we wanted to play season 5 so we came up with an adaptation to the board. If you feel like it follow my instructions and you can play too!

1. Print out pictures of Doc, Ben and Glory. Make little cards. Attach the Glory and Ben ones together and label their fight dice/Magick dice. Glory gets 4 fight/2 magic, Ben gets 1/2, and Doc gets 1/3.

2. Label your board or just tell the others players. Glory is Ben on the plain moons. (IE when it isn't new, full or sunrise.)

3. Glory starts with 21 life points, Ben has 8, and Doc has 7. When playing for evil use Glory, Drusilla, Vamp X and Doc. Doc takes the place of the red player. (For playing purposes we left Spike out because it was kind of difficult.

4. What we did for cards was we took one of the dumb artifact cards and changed it over. We called it the Key, story card of Glory. It read: When an evil player acquires this card they have to save it until the time comes to use it. If a good player gets this card then they have to destroy it.) Then we took an evil card and called it The Portal Card with a picture of Dawn. We also said that sire a vampire cards could be used as Suck a brain cards. They work the same. If a character is paralyzed then the Restore a soul card can debrain suck them.

5. How to win: For evil to win they have to have the key card, the portal card and they have to roll 2 magick symbols. They have to perform the ritual at sunrise. If 5 sunrises pass then you can't do the ritual. For good to win they have to kill Ben, destroy the key with the living flame or wait for 5 sunrises to pass. Even if evil fails to open the portal everyone is still dangerous. If the portal doesn't open then either side has to kill all of the other side.

6. Any questions please e-mail me. It's kind of confusing.

Now it's Your turn.

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