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Last updated July 23rd, 2006

"Head of the Class" was undoubtedly one of the coolest sitcoms of the 1980s.  A sort of "Welcome Back, Kotter" for the Reagan decade, the show centered around a group of tightly knit high school honors students.  The cast had a remarkable, fun chemistry that resulted in many clever episodes, including their annual "school musicals."  After star Howard Hesseman (Mr. Moore) departed, the show survived for one more year with comedian Billy Connolly at the helm.  Sadly, there is very little to no information about this classic sitcom on the internet.

Someone had to rectify this.

This is the *first* and (thus far) *only* tribute to the show "Head of the Class" on the web!  Because there is so little information currently available, this page is undoubtedly slim at the moment, but it is meant to honor the show in spirit more than anything else.

Our goal is to make this page the best and most comprehensive resource for "Head of the Class" on the web...but we need your help!  If you have any materials you would like to contribute to this page--photos, articles, etc.--please email us!


Well, dear readers, it has been two years since our last update.  Obviously the HOTC site has become very low priority.  This site was started in 1999 due to a complete dearth of info or graphics available for the show on the web.  Seven years later, this isn't nearly as much of a problem as it once was.  Odds are updates for this site will be few and far between, if at all.  We may even be taking it down in the near future.  We do have a couple of small things we'd ideally like to add, including an HOTC parody that appeared in Mad Magazine, but only if time and interest permits.  Thanks to everyone that has stuck with us throughout the years.  Feel free to contact us with any queries or concerns.

We're slowly but surely getting the new site uploaded.  So far, we've got the FAQ and Joher Coleman page up.  We've also added a multimedia section and a links section!  More on the way...

Wahoo!  A brand spanking new server with 20 MB of space!  Hopefully we won't encounter the same problems we had with Freeservers.  Please have patience as we update all of the links.

Future updates will include a full quality mp3 of the theme song and Mad Magazine's HOTC parody in its entirety.

Thanks to all at for the words of encouragement.  :-) 

For more updates, see the update archive.


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