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All HTML and pages are made by Rigney, and I'm sure that if you use the leeching method on his pages he wouldn't like it very much, and he might have to tell his cousins Guido and Vinnie that you haven't payed your loan back yet. So please, enter this site, but don't steal it! E-mail me if you have any problems with Guido and Vinnie. This site is best viewed in 1024 x 768 pixels. If the page seems too big for your screen, go to the desktop, right click, and go to properties. Once there go to where it says "Settings" on the far right, and choose the far right (1024x768) pixel size. Some people may have a higher pixel tange, like 1250x1024 or something. Oh well! Or you could just view this website in the pixel range your computer probably is set on and suffer like the whiny little whore you probably are since you're on my crappy web site which hasn't been updated here since December, but don't complain to me!