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The Alternate Universe

Ed. Note: I FINALLY FINISHED A FANFICTION!!! GO TO STORIES AND CHECK OUT: "Reflection Not My Own". Please lemme know what you think!

WELCOME! No, DON'T SAY IT!!! I know what you're thinking... Okay, so I lied, I don't know. SO SUE ME! But before Phil leaps at the chance to, allow me to explain where you are. If you got to this page then you've been to the Mighty Ducks' ALL ACCESS ZONE (since this is a RARE link and webpage). This is it's sister page, the Alternate Universe created in order to provide a new intresting perspective on the ducks...changes in the way they met, the people they knew, even in some of their character traits. (Truthfully, this page was created because we, the creators, can't make up our goddamn minds about anything.) So take a look might see something you like... if certain two editors would remember to press upload instead of spend months for nothing!

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Come on...I know you want to...

Now where was I? Oh yes, ranting and raving as usual. As if you didn't guess, this webpage belongs to me: Amber VanDrake, and my older half-sister, Mara Jade. I'm the one with the brown hair. We have joined the Mighty Ducks in their crusade against the evil saurians and, of course, static cling... or was that just a commercial I saw? Actually, I cant quite remember now...

As usual. Try to ignore my sister... she's crazy. I used to think she was just a unique, creative child, but no... she's just totally off her rocker. It's sad, really.

Shut up! It's not true! I'm NOT nuts! You're just jealous because the voices speak to me and not you!!! ALL OF YOU! YOU'RE ALL JEALOUS! MUHAHAHA! Sorry... I'm better now... really!

So go ahead! Snoop around! What are you waiting for, an invitation?! Oh wait... I just gave you one, didn't I? Oops.

It's just pathetic...someone get me a pack of ice... I feel a migraine coming on. How could I possibly be related to her?!

Just lucky I guess, huh Mara?

Yeah, you could say'd be WRONG, but you could say it.

There's a lotta love in this room right now...

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Things the Ducks WOULD Say


I'm so confused! Where am I?! Auntie Em, is that you?

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