I added a new story. Secret Assignations. You can find it in the Harry/Draco section of Harry Potter. It seems that the only things I can finish lately are those challenges from the HexFiles group. Should I be annoyed or grateful? *G*


I added a new series. Wassail! You can find it in the Harry/Draco section of Harry Potter. I was hoodwinked into writing a ficlet for The Hexfiles yahoo group by our beloved Cassy. The ficlet quickly went rabid and I wound up with 6 rounds to the damn thing *G* Hope You Enjoy!!


I added a new fic. Punished. You can find it in the Harry/Draco section of Harry Potter. Read the warnings. Enjoy


I added a new fic(let). Purgare. You can find it in the No Pairing section of Harry Potter. Just a warning...I cried while I wrote it. Either I'm a sap (yeah, okay...I know, I know)Or, it's kinda sniffle-worthy. Lemme know.


Hey! Look! I'm not dead! I've just decided not to post anything unless it's done. That means I have a crapload of fics in the works and a helluva long time between updates on the site. Sorry. Anyway...I added Owned, a Harry/Draco ficlet and The Note, a Harry/Severus fic written for the Dusk til Dawn FuQfest. Check 'em out. In other news...my BtVS muse has run for the hills, so all of you who belong to the group for the Xan and Spike smut...yer outa luck. Dunno if I'll ever finish up what I have and can't imagine writing something more in that world at this point.


I added To The Moon, an H/D story, in the Harry Draco section. Hope you all enjoy.


I added Corruptela Vox, an H/D story, in the Harry Draco section. I also added a Draco/Neville story, Are You In Love Yet, in it's new section. Hope you all enjoy.


I won something!!!!! Looky Looky Looky!!!!

I also added a new series in honor of Cassy (jameschick) who totally kicks ass, by the way. It's called Pretending For Real and it's a Harry/Oliver/Draco. You can find it in the MultiFic section under the HP stuff.


I added Part 15/15 in His Father's Daughter.


I added Part 14/15 in His Father's Daughter.


I added Part 13/15 in His Father's Daughter. As you can see, it will only be 2 more parts. There will be a sequel. Don't pester me about it, as I haven't written it yet and don't even have an outline for it.
I've added another series as well...Love Hurts (HP) I warn you now...this is about as squicky as I've seen. For those of you who've read Fidelius? That is honeymoon sex and true love compared to this. Don't say I didn't warn you. I'd love feedback, but I'm telling you now that if you just email me to bitch about what a sick fuck I am, you can piss off right now.
Other things...Cassy nominated me in Precious Kisses awards. She nominated Just This Side of Bent for Best Minor Character Slash,Best PWP and Best Humour and nominated Lonely Together (Willow and Anya) for Best Female Slash and Best Willow Slash. Thank you Cassy *huggles* Especially since I've been terribly naughty about dawdling over your Harry/Oliver story--Part 2. *hides blushing face* In other ?brighter? news, I turn thirty-frickin-one on Wednesday. *sigh* Yay me.


I added His Daughter's Father Part 12. Speaking of daughters...my baby turns 7 today. Happy birthday, baby!.


I added another story in the Harry/Draco section...Fidelius. Be warned. It's squicky.


Added several new stories. First, in the Harry/Severus section, is my contribution to the MerryWizards ficfest for the 2003 Christmas season. Second, in the Spike/Other section, is my contribution to the 2003 Secret Slasha fest. It's a Lindsey/Angel fic. Third, in the Harry/Draco section, is a ficlet written just cause I got a wild hair up my arse. It may suck. Dunno. Wrote it REALLY fast and didn't take much time to check it over as I have the bad habit of wanting to extend fictlets into novels. Couldn't risk it. *G* Also, you might have noticed several manips in the HP genre. They are mine. I'm not the greatest manipulator, but I try. If you want any of them, ask me.


Added Part 11 of His Daughter's Father


Added Part 10 of His Daughter's Father


Added Part 9 of His Daughter's Father


I added His Daughter's Father Part 8 as well as a couple of manips on the H/D page. I also wanted to let everyone know that they should keep an eye out for the Secret Slasha 2003 competition Go! Well, after Dec 21st, actually. Anyway, check out all the stories. I'll have mine up after the first of the year. I've also joined Merrywizards (yahoo), which is the same thing for the Harry Potter genre. I get my assignment today or tomorrow. Looking forward to that! I've finally figured out what all I've been nominated for. I was getting some shit wrong (imagine that, *rolling eyes*...here goes
Shades of Grey
I've been nominated for Family and Lost in the Drama category
Just This Side of Bent in the Comedy/Fluff category
Striptease in the Romance Category
and Lost in the Most Unique Plot category.
Thanks to all who've nominated and all who will vote. Thanks also to those who've realized I've been buggering this up and still had the patience to correct me. Love you all!


Interested in getting update notification? go here: Velvet Vigilance


I just added His Daughter's Father Parts 5, 6 and 7 as well as a new story...Becoming Bestial. I suck at saying no to my muse. I'm sposed to be writing the finishing chappies to my S/X stuff but what do I do? *sigh* I start writing a Harry/Sev story. See? Not only NOT what I'm supposed to be writing, but not even a ship I write in. *hangs head* I'm such a writing whore.


I've decided on some story plotlines! *pausing for everyone to breathe a sigh of relief* Now, Campout will more than likely just be one more part, probably a PWP with some smoochy talk. Ritual, maybe 2 parts. I'm going with the general consensus of ideas on that, combining them all. My problem is Purr. I seem to have only posted part 1 here on my site and so folks are giving me ideas based on where I should go from there. I actually wrote part 2 in which they discover Spike is the kitty. I don't remember where it is posted (I think Eternal with Kages??? and maybe Kitten Poker???) if that is so, then I'm going to need those lovely archive mummies to yank part two. I've been inundated with ideas that are way cooler than what I wrote myself, so I'm rewriting part 2 and going from there. I'd like to thank everyone who has responded to my whining for help especially: Ashy, Marta, Angela Wake, Kris Me, Marguerite Seifert, Modwyn, and CJ. I've gotten your ideas down in my outline form and will be shoving them all together to make one big happy plot! I love ya'll! *huggles*


I just added Smell of Home parts 7 and 8. The story is complete. No sequels will be written. Don't ask. Now, if ya'll really wanna help...gimme some ideas for Purr, Campout and Ritual. I must complete those three before moving on to any other S/X fics. I promised myself. After that, I have around 5 more plotlines ready to go for other stories, including More Than Family. I also have a shitload of HP stuff to catch up on. So, no help-y? No read-y. Bring on the ideas folks!


I just added Smell of Home parts 5 and 6. I should only have one or maybe two more parts of this story and then it's on to Ritual and Purr. Then I suppose I'll have to finish Campout. After that, I have some stories in the works for S/X that I've been putting off until I could finish the shit I already started. Sorry to everyone for the long delays. But, I really think my muse is back!


I just added Complicated Parts 6 and 7 by Ashley Mist Malachi. I have also begun a new HP series called His Daughter's Father. I have parts 1-4 up now. I was nominated four times in The Candy Store Awards

Twice for Striptease (Best Xander/Spike and Best Romance) and twice for Just This Side of Bent (Best Comedy and Best Fluff)Thank you to my nominators! *huggles* I have also begun a round robin on xandrew. Actually, I've begun two of them. Either I'm insane, or a glutton for punishment. Anyway, I'll be asking for permission to archive those stories here. If the answer is no, then I'll be posting a link to wherever they are posted. Look for them soon!


I just added Strip Tease 10 and 11. The series is now completed. There will be no sequel. I've been continuing to change my format over, however it's a pain in the bloody frickin ass so it may be a while before I get it all done. In addition, I was nominated again in the Shades of Grey Awards
this time for Strip Tease(Best Romance)Huggles to whomever the nominator was!


I'm back! As you may have noticed...I am in the process of changing the layout to make it more readible. I'm trying to tug myself away from the "oooo, pretty" syndrome that stalks me everytime I look up new backgrounds, and just go with functional. Might I point out that root canals are easier. Anyway, I've also added Triad Part 2 for the HP fans and a new series Just This Side of Bent with the pairings of S/X/Ad. I was nominated in the Shades of Grey Awards
for Lost (Most Unique Fic) thanks to EntreNous!! Huggles to you!


Well, I've updated. Unfortunately for BTVS fans, it's all Harry Potter. *sigh* my S/X muse is in hiding. However...if you're interested...I now have 5 HP fics up. Check them out. I think they're pretty good. Course, I'm prejudiced *snicker*.


I added some amazing pics done for me by fabulous artists. Please follow this LINK to view them...*waiting...tapping foot...clearing throat* Is there some reason you're still here? GO!! SHOO!! SCAT!!!



Okay...I linked my Harry Potter Fic. Not a single flame from any of you!!! I mean it!!! *hmph*
So...check it out if it's your thing...ignore it if it isn't...


Ya'll thought I'd died, huh? *snicker* Sorry. I've been in a funky writery blockish mood for months now. Cassy kicked my ass out of my slump by blackmailing me with Quantum Xander, and so I leaped right into Striptease...of which I have posted chappies 8 and 9 for you.
In other news...*blushes* I have found a new fandom to play in. I know, I know...bad Vel. And I'm even more mortified to tell you that it's Harry Potter. The one fandom I SWORE not to get into. *sigh* Have you noticed that Draco is just really a young Spike? You're not believing me, are you? *hangs head again* Anyway, I'm gonna be putting up a button to link to a Harry Potter page containing my work there if anyone is interested. *blushes again* I even have the button made up for it. *runs fleeing into the night*

1/13/03 (evening)

I was awarded the first ever Outstanding Fic Award for my Spander story "Finding Home" in the Forever Young Awards!!!!
Oh, yeah...I'm hysterical now. *G*

1/13/03 (morning)

Woooo Hooo!!!! I finished Finding Home!
That makes 3 stories I've completed!!!!!!
Okay, so I have triple that to yet complete, but let a girl breathe a sigh of relief can't you?


I finally pulled all my own manipulations off of their various pages and cloistered them together in their own sections. That way, you may poke about the cast poses without being forced to look at my labors of love. However, if you are into self-torture, please feel free to bop on over to My Manipulations under the Spike Collage on the pic page.


Added a new pic in Spike. I added Lost Part 5. The series is now complete and I have no intention of writing a sequel.
I was nominated for Best Romance in the Xander category in the Plot Bunny Awards on Sajinn's site. Thank you to whomever nominated me.


Added some new manips in the groups pics, one in Spike and one in Xander. I added Lost Part 4 and stuck a jpg I created for Family on the bottom of Family Part 1. Check it out.
I was nominated by Kages Eternally Yours...a totally awesome site which you must check out as she re-vamped it...ummm, that wasn't supposed to be a pun.) She nominated me for Best Spike Site and best S/X Shipper site. And though I'm grateful, I'm also surprised, as Eternally Yours is by far the better site between us. Silly Kages *hugs and kisses* Go. Now.


Added Ashley's Complicated Part 4, Complicated Part 5, Spikey the Snow Vamp Parts 1,2,3 and a few new manips in the couple slash.


Added Ashley's Complicated Part 3 and her Thanksgiving tribute, A Cornucopia of Spike. Sorry for the lack of inspiration I seem to be experiencing on my own stories. I'm working on it. *sad look*


Added Finding Home Part 8, a revamped (no pun actually intended) Lost Part 3 cause XanDutch is such a bossy little thing *hugs* I was nominated in The Candy Store Awards for Best Angst on Family. Thank you to whomever nominated me. You really made my day *S*


Added a lovely new author to my site: Ashley Mist Malachi. She's my little green eyed @shy kitten, my muse, and my dear friend. Check her out.


Added Lost 3. Changed some of Lost 2 cause XanDutch said I made no sense lol. Just kidding! I love the unofficial betaing you do, XD. I also added some new pics.


Added Finding Home Part 7, and Lost part 2. Check out the wicked cool links that go with the story. *nodding a thank you to Mad Poetess for the idea.* Turned Lost part 1 red like the rest of the site. Added a couple more manips in couple slash.


Added Finding Home 4, 5, and 6.


I've been nominated!!: Family, for The Anguished Award, and Strip Tease, for The Exotic Award.

Thank you, Ashley, My Muse...my little green-eyed kitten. *wink*


Added Smell of Home 4. Added Finding Home 3. Added Family 19. Changed some pics.


Fixed link to Smell of Home 4. Also added a new couple slash manipulation.


Added Strip Tease 6 and Smell of Home 4. Also added a couple of new couple slash manipulations.


Betcha all thought I up and died! Or...maybe you were all plotting my demise for stalling on the stories. I know Ashley has *wink*. Anyhoo, I uploaded pics. Lots more Xander, a few Wills, one or two of the others. Oh, I added a Giles section. Mostly, I added Couple Slash pics. *blush* I've been playing. Yeah, yeah...I'll get back to the stories in a minute (grumble grumble)


Added Strip Tease 5. Re-uploaded Strip Tease 1-3 and Finding Home 1-2. A big thank you to Lumenara Dhahm for the beta. Added a link to another fabulous (and really kind) place which is archiving my stuff: flaming-stakes.com. Thanx Trixx. Added another button for award sites. *Looking pointedly at them* Just kidding lol...sort of *s* Thanx to all of you who have been asking for my addy from nummytreats. I appreciate all the hits and all the comments I've been getting.


Added Strip Tease 3 and 4. Sorry about the slow down on the writing. I'm waiting for my roomie to start college classes on Monday. He keeps lurking behind me trying to read as I write. I don't know about you, but that annoys the shit out of me. So I've been avoiding the computer when he's home.


Added Finding Home Part 2.

Futzed with layout for Family so I don't have 9 bazillion lines in my table, added a link to Amykins site: Quiet Violence cause she was sooooo nice to ask for my stories on her site. Also added Family 17. ;)
Whoooohoooo!!! Posted Family 18.:)
I decided to make the next parts more Hellmouthy and smutty (that would be for KT who thinks I'm not smutty enough *G*) So, gimme some time to think of evil nasty things on that, and I'll write some more on the other series in the interim.

I'm sorry I've been lax in posting. I've had a really screwed up work schedule this last week.
But enough of my whining! I upgraded my account to get NO ADS and a wider bandwidth. *squealing in glee* and I added Smell of Home Part 3.;)

Added Strip Tease 2.
Just wanted to thank everyone who's given me feedback and ideas. I really appreciate it. You're all kick ass ;)

Added Family 14, 15, and 16. Had a request to work on some of my other stuff too and stop focusing so blindly on Family. So I'm off to catch my muse ;)
Added Strip Tease 1.

Added Family 13. Tis about it. ;)

Added a few more link-to-me buttons. Added Family 12. Been trying to kick my muse in the ass again. I have all the outline for Family 13 done, I just can't get the oomph to start on it. You should all send me nasty emails that make me feel horribly guilty, guilting myself isn't working. ;)

Well, obviously I updated the look of the site today. I guess that means I go back to writing. ;)
I added the Stuff page and this Updates page. Yesterday, I added a guestbook and a few days ago, I added the counter.
This may seem trivial, but considering that I am a complete computer black hole, I felt all fluffy about my success!
I wanted to thank everyone who's been to my site. I could have been knocked over with a feather when I saw how many hits I had. Please, don't hesitate to come again! ;)