Welcome to the New Site! Hi, Everyone! Welcome to the new location of Elizabeth's Friends Page! The site has had some small modifications done to it, but otherwise is pretty much the same as always. I was thinking of adding pictoral backgrounds to the different pages, but decided that would slow the loading of everything. If you think I should do this, let me know. I have been working on this relocation since late September. I'm pretty sure that all the links and images are working. I'm still checking on the soundclips, but decided to open the site in the meantime. If you find something that doesn't work, please e-mail me and tell me what doesn't work and where you found it. Anything that requires a form to be filled out has been left on my old server as Angelfire seems to be having issues with theirs. Please note that some of the links on those pages may not be working, but you should be able to find your way back here. :-) Thanks for visiting and enjoy the site!

Elizabeth, January 1

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